Love4Love Ministry   -  One drop of Christ's love will go a long way
   My name is Vicki Gann.  Christ is the beginning and the end of Love4love Ministry and I was His first servant He worked through in this ministry He gave for answering prayers to Him from others. My hope is in Christ that more will follow Him, and join Him with me! When I started this website I only had a service ministry, and it began in 2008 and lasted till 2011. In 2011 my service ministry turned into a writing ministry, and it grows in and through Him daily for others.

The name, "Love4Love" came from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and me that makes four, even though they are One God there are 3 parts of Him, and me makes 4 freely receiving and giving His love to one another. Which our LORD Jesus Christ tells His first disciples in Mathew 10, we freely have received His love and we freely give His love to others. "His love is given to His Son through us, and through us His Son's love is given back to the Father. His love for His love, and we follow and testify that our spirit is following His. Each of us will experience this transfiguration within ourselves.

Although I thought I was a "Christian" I was being deceived! I let my guilt and shame consume me until one day I realized their has got to be more out of life than I was experiencing. This "God" everyone was proclaiming was not true in my life, nor did I see Him in others that lived around me. 

He opens us a whole new and truthful world we have been hidden from within ourselves. We can only know the love from our Father through the Son, and we can only know the son's love for the Father through the Son. This is why for Himself He gave His son to the world so through Him we could realize the love our Father has for us.We finally realize through His life giving true Spirit, His love molds us and shapes us perfectly to know our Father's love, and without the Son we can never know the Father and His love for us that molds us into who we truly are. Only through Him is our sins forgiven, and given His righteousness to live in and through for others.

Before I met my Lord personally I never wrote a word and I surely was not an avid reader. I was an average student and a less than average reader or writer. I had no craving for His word, or was I led to judge all things, or to test every spirit in the world!  I hate to use human terms to describe what was going on with in me but it was magical, mysterious, and cannot be explained in human terms only through another person experiencing His Spirit through their own relationship could they understand what I was going through.  His Holy Spirit was real and actively changing me because I only wanted to gratify Him, and not my sinful nature. He knew that more than anyone. 

My identity was nothing I wanted control of any longer, and I was willing to give all control of myself to Him to be used for His purpose no matter what it cost me, I only wanted  to glorifying His name. All I wanted was to continue pleasing Him because of all He was giving me of Himself went far beyond my own understanding of myself.  His plans for me was turning out to be a perfect match because of the new person that was leading my life! My body, spirit and soul was transforming into something I could never have imagined, and so was the people He was putting in my path! 

Me being a woman, and uneducated like many of the first disciples were, I have admit it has been challenging in this world for many to accept His truth of who He is within me and through me for others. He has given me many writings to share with the world and I hope what He has given me to pour out for you helps you to know Him more.

He has given me a ministry that has many missions to help everyone learn to know who He His through the love and the power He has given each one of us to proclaim his name! Look more in my web-site and learn how He helps others; how he guides others to Christ through the love He freely gives, so they can freely give His love through them for others that never ends!! One drop of His love truly can grow a long way in and through all of His children that truly love Him above all others, and things of this world. He will always get the glory and praise in His Holy name in word and deed through every work he does in and through his children that love Him!  Come join Him through out my website and blog that He has worked in and through His other children that He has led me too that truly love Him above all. He will change you as you only can, and should be changed as He changed me!

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