Love4Love Ministry   -  One drop of Christ's love will go a long way

Each mission will be representing Christ through Love 4 Love Ministry any where they are. Each person and church body can receive a mission from the missions He gives all of us to share.The reason for this is to tell people how one drop of Christ's love for all of us goes a long way.  If you would like to be a part of Love 4 Love Ministry please contact us from your church organization of people from one person to thousands we are all on this journey together and we are all His church where ever we go! You can receive to use one of these missions at your church and choose to not contact Love4Love Ministry, that is your choice also. The purpose of Love4Love Ministry is not to claim our own missions but to claim Him through them! God knows our deeds and how we share them and for what purpose so all can enjoy this ministry any way they choose.


A scripture based letter will be written for anyone that needs guidance, love and faith. If you know anyone that needs guidance, faith lifted through prayer in any situation including having doubt, fear,  or just need to know how much our Heavenly Father loves them, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page and let me know. Please let me know a little about their situation so I can give them appropriate scripture in my letter to them.  God tells me what scripture to use to fit each situation they are going through. He will never put a person in front of us that we are not equipped by Him to help. He gives me the scripture personally for every circumstance a person is in, He intercedes through us.

A Blog is being provided through the web site to "stir Up" conversation through devotionals, personal essays, worldly temptations, worldly sins and traditions.
This Blog is going to produce some heart and mind changing conversations we can all learn from! Pleas reply so we all can help each other learn more about Him. If He is within you He will intercede for others always. He lives to live through us so we must trust and obey what He is telling us to say or do for others.

A "Teaching our children how to love the Bible" writing mission.  This is going to be fiction based short stories written by children, parents and myself (Vicki Gann) about personalities in the Bible. I would love your help!  Such has "The Little Fisherman"  "Little Martha and Mary" the "Young Pharaohs" the "Young Profits" the list goes on and on.  Each story will be published through Love 4 Love Ministry and proceeds will help the ministry grow and develop our children learning to love the Bible.  The art work for each book will be done by children also.  This is a great opportunity for our children to love the Bible, and learn through their desire He gives them to learn more about who He is. Their stories and art work will promote interest in new heroes and heroines in the future. This mission project will bring more of His joy within them for any family to participate in.  Please fill out the form on the Contact Us page and let me know if you are interested in writing a story or provide art work for a story.


"Coats for Kids"
This is a mission for elementary school children that need coats.  Each elementary school will be introduced to this mission by parents volunteering to give and receive without either one knowing who is doing what!  Each family will experience growing in Christ with giving and receiving.  No one will know who received the coats or who gave the coats except Christ and school officials. The money will be collected by a family filling out their personal "giving form" and each family that needs a coat will fill out their personal "receiving form" with sizes and gender. We all need to learn from Christ how to give and receive without any judgement, or boasting.  This is a great mission for each elementary school to grow in Christ from within without telling everyone what they are doing. Each coat giving family will give $20.00 and someone from Love 4 Love Ministry will purchase and take the coats to the school officials to give them to each receiving family behind closed doors. No has to know, and know should have to tell what each one is doing. What a great way to show Christ how much He personally means to you without having to boast about what you are doing!

Feeding the "lack of a snack'
This mission is for the children that lack a snack after school.  Once a week someone from Love 4 Love Ministry will provide a snack after school in their own community. With your snack (I suggest peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and an apple) in boxes drive to the community that needs assistance and hand them out from your car or truck.  It is easier with a pick up truck and you can let the tailgate down  then pass everything out.  You might want to do this in pairs.  It is a great way for you and your friends to experience the miracle of giving through Christ. You need to go to the community before hand and let the parents know what is going to happen on what day and what snack you will provide. You will open up a giving atmosphere with a less fortunate community and soon you will find out we are all the same in one mind and one heart in Christ.


This mission is a huge undertaking.  I am in the process of starting two homes under this mission.  One home is under renovation through yard work, cleaning out and painting.  It is a slow and long process for you to see the end result. It has been well worth the wait and many life changing, never ending relationships made through the power of Christ. The other home building project is building a house from scratch.  I will provide you through the mail information on this project.  The Build a Home project is a more private project due to the privacy of each receiving family.  You may receive information through the mail about each one of these missions.  I hope to have more with your help and guidance. I know through Jesus we can help each other more than our government or "TV" shows to give someone a better life. We have Jesus based communities that each one of us can give a little to create a lot! One little drop goes a long way! Please go to our Contact page and fill out the form if you would like information on this mission. If you know of someone that needs help with their home please let me know.  You can be the one that starts this mission in your community, I will guide you and send you the information you need.  You however have to already have the heart and mind for it, only Christ can give you that. This is a huge mission, it takes a lot of confidence in Christ to start it, work it and complete it.


Transportation  may be provided through this ministry for the elderly who can not drive.  You will have to take someone to the doctor, grocery store, church or on a fun outing they may not get other wise.
House cleaning can also be provided through this ministry.  There are elderly people that are handicapped and can no longer clean their house like they once cleaned it.
Visiting can be added through this mission to show the love for Christ you have to share with the lonely and sick.
Reading can also be provided through this ministry to many elderly that can not see as well as they once did.

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