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Thank You God

Thank you God

   Thank you God for giving me a choice to believe; because when I say I believe, you know I truly believe.  Thank you for teaching me how to believe out of love and not duty, guilt or getting my belief from someone else in the world.  Thank you for giving me the chance to know you intimately and in truly knowing you I have found out how powerful, creative, merciful and loving you truly are.  Thank you for letting me know your son Jesus Christ, getting to know your son I have learned how much you love me.  Thank you for giving me your knowledge of knowing why you sent your son to me, to save me from my sins through being renewed in your image through death.  Because knowing He died for me to save me, I could not give anything less than my total self to you.  Thank you for teaching me about my weaknesses and my brokenness and how I can give them to you and you will turn them into gifts from you.  Thank you for your gifts of mercy, joy, peace,kindness,wisdom,knowledge and many more that are limitless through the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much for showing me how to receive all of your gifts because if I didn't learn how to receive your perfect love for me I could not receive anything and to know I am truly your child. Thank you for teaching me to love mercy so I can show mercy to others.  Thank you for giving me your strength to give up myself, my own life so I can find my true self and my true life in you.  Thank you for my parents that you have given me that have always believed in you and who first told me about you. Thank you for my children and through the love you have given me helps me to grow to be a better mother to know guiding them to you is the most important thing about being their mother.  Thank you for teaching me how to guide them by keeping you in my heart I have learned more patience, kindness and gentleness in my communication with them.  Thank you for my husband that you have given me and for you teaching me to be a better helper for him and to have more patience and encouragement for him to be a spiritual leader.  Thank you for my brother and sister through you I have become a better sister to them.  Thank you for putting more people in my life that love you as I do and they have become my brothers and sisters.  Thank you for giving me a strong desire to help others through all the abilities you have given me so I know my true purpose in life  Thank you for your vision you have given me and all of your knowledge and wisdom to use so that I can have faith in the vision and know in my heart it will come true.  Thank you for your gift of faith because without faith there is no hope and without hope there is no perseverance.  Thank you for not giving up on me in the past and for being always faithfully waiting patiently for me. Thank you for bringing me here to this place where you have put so many wonderful people in my life that have brought me closer to you. Thank you for my church and teaching me the true meaning of what a church is. Thank you for giving me the knowledge of knowing where ever I go my church lives within me.  Thank you for the people in my life that have given out of love, not for any other reason and don't expect any thing in return. Thank you for helping me to listen to you so I would know where to go and how to follow you.  Thank you for giving me the gift of faith to follow your will and not to follow my own.  Thank you for letting me be born in a God willed country, a country that was formed by your will and not the will of man. Thank you for giving me the courage to stand up for you and to help change my country back to your will, one person at a time through Love4Love. Thank you for giving me your ministry Love4Love that glorifies you each day.Thank you for giving me the wisdom to know there is no greater treasure in this world than to be taught by you and to be loved by you.  Thank you for helping me stay the same each day regardless of my circumstance.  Thank you for everything good in my life but I also thank you for the hard times because without the hard times I would not know your power and gifts to overcome them. Thank you for giving me the feeling of joy when hard times do come because I know it is a opportunity to get closer to you and reveal a little more of my true self you created me to be. Thank you for always answering my prayers, talking to me and giving me a new day to rejoice and be glad in. Thank you for your discipline each day because without it I would not change and become more obedient to you.  Thank yo so much for the Bible, I know you have created it through the right people you have chosen.  Thank you for giving me a strong desire to read it every day and some days many hours, without that desire I know I would not read it and if I did, it would not be for the right reasons.  I know without the Bible I would not have learned how much you love me through your Son Jesus Christ. Thank you for answering some questions I have asked you and the ones you did not answer thank you for telling me they were not important.  Most of all my Heavenly Father thank you for showing me how to put you first in my life because by doing that each day everything has its place, everything makes since and everything is held together by your unimaginable unfailing love you give to me and the most possible love I can create given back to you to share with others. 
   Happy Thanksgiving and love to all. I wrote this Thanksgiving 2010 and it stands true today as it did a year ago and will always be true!
Many prayers,
Vicki Gann

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Karen Holbrook on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 9:32 AM
Wow- Thank you Vicki! I am so thankful that God brought you into my life- you are such a wonderful blessing to me and to so many others. Love you my sweet Sister in Christ!
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swiss army watch sale on Friday, December 26, 2014 6:46 AM
Very well written article. It will be helpful to anybody who usess it, including myself. Keep doing what you are doing - can'r wait to read more posts.
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