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Have we rememberd who He is?

Today we had communion and I was touched in a different way than I ever had been before. I have always known about the meaning of the bread we eat and the wine (grape juice) we drink. Knowing of a meaning or a person is different than receiving the meaning of the person making the promise and the covenant through the Holy Spirit. I have felt the Holy Spirit each time I receive communion but He revealed a remembrance I had never experienced before and I am not sure if anyone is going to understand but I pray deep in my heart that someone will know the love I felt the presence of. I do dedicate everyday what I do to the Lord but Today I am dedicating my devotional in remembrance to my Lord and Savior, to Him alone in saving me.
Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Today we are testing ourselves with God's definition of remembrance.
Luke 22v19 And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, "This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me."
I remembered when I received His body for mine, and I remembered when I received His blood for mine. I remembered the day and how His love changed my life. His blood rushed over me like a water fall that brought me to my knees, it cleansed me free from all guilt and shame in an instant. I remembered how much I have wanted to please Him everyday since because of how powerful His love was to erase years and years of shame and guilt and give me a new way of thinking and a new way of loving others in a way I could never imagine or dream of; I remembered. I remembered how He has brought life changing relationships in my life that I would not have experienced before Him. I remembered the love He gives others through me and all the gifts I have received since then that I have used for all the relationships He gives me. His love, His joy, His peace, His patience, His kindness, His goodness, His faithfulness, His gentleness, and His self-control are all gifts I have used through out my days since He gave them to me. They are not mine to keep but His work that He did in me, that I have to work out for others. I remembered all the test of the relationships and circumstances He has brought me to show that I am His. I remember when I could not talk to people out of fear of them seeing what I saw in myself, now I love people and can not wait to talk to them about Him and His salvation. I remember when I quit my job because my Lord did not give me another choice but to follow Him, after my husband lost his job, and the economy was going down in a hurry. I remembered when my Lord provided my husband better job than he has ever had with an income greater than He had ever received because I followed. I remembered a day having no faith in anything including myself and now I am full of faith in Him in who He is making me. He has molded me everyday with His love since that day He saved and forgave me. There is more of His love always to come; I remembered. I remembered the miracles of His salvation I have seen Him give other people through me, and how He has grown in me while He has grown in many around me that share His word through me. I remembered when I started teaching His word and His ways to others and how He has changed our lives from me writing, speaking or living out His word. I remembered how we could help many people from our surplus. All these came into my mind from my heart in an instant today in remembrance to my Lord and Savior; I remembered. Thank you Lord for all you have given me and for the revelation of all you have given me, there are not enough tears I can cry to thank you, I can only love you by letting you love others through me everyday of my life and you have given me faith in that pleasing you!
Many prayers,
Vicki Gann

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