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Has "church" become the least place you feel loved?

God has put many people in my path that ask me questions about "church" and why has it gotten to the point that they do not feel comfortable when it should be the most comfortable place to be. I have prayed about this subject for the last two years, and during my praying life to God on this subject, He revealed some interesting relationships to me from my "church" organization. First of all, I must tell you that my church is the same as Christ's church, it is the people in my world that do the will of God, it does not matter where or who  they are or how they carry out their "church". From a house, a school gym, a mission field, a neighborhood, or a traditional church building. Christ said, "Where there are two or three come together I am with them. Of course He also said, "The Kingdom of God is within you" meaning where ever we go we bring the whole Kingdom of God with us and share it with the world. Most people that discuss this with me think the "church organization" has become a social "religion" club where people think of themselves as pure Christians and you have to be a pure Christian to enter. Kind of like the most "popular" Christian gets the welcome and the hospitality. I would rather be in a Christ led Church with three people that love Him and know Him than be in a church that has 10,000 people that do not know Him but love each other.The "church" God wanted us to have was a universal church with the same mind and spirit glorifying who He is in their lives by worshipping Him out of the love they have for Him, but as we know, His church has not turned out that way. From the start  there were great division that divided His church with one person believing this and another believing that and it has created one division after another. Now most of the divisions are now  called denominations. It has become where the non denominational churches have created a separate church with more rules to follow, but more people following them. Most people I talk to know there is no perfect church because there are no perfect people. I do not understand this comment when I look through the mind of Christ, of course their are no perfect people, but Christ is perfect and if Christ is leading your Church and He is your foundation, then of course your church is going to be a perfect Church. People will be building each other up, no condemnation, forgiveness, purging out the evil with the love and truth of God, people are becoming and desiring to be God filled Christians, filled with His love, peace and joy. With His ever lasting hope that never fails. Like God says be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.  The leaders will be living a life with His light of love shinning in them, so others will be changed by it. There will not be anger growing, resentments growing, jealousy growing, condemning growing, self-reliance growing, and pride in themselves growing.  There will be no divisions in the church because everyone will be confirming or defending His presence in them building each other up, forgiving and worshiping in Spirit and truth. This is what a perfect church looks like, but they are far and few left, or maybe there was never many. I know a few and believe they are growing in number because the grace of God is growing and not by the understanding of people in their ways but through the faith in Jesus Christ and His ways. If you are at a church that is led by people that do not truly know God then you can change that church, and like Jesus said, you will recognize them by their fruit. If you are filled with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit in you brought you to that church for a reason, you being a true child of God has been brought there for that purpose. It may take a while and you may get persecuted every time you go, stay humble in His love for others and yourself, and you make Him known by letting His work of love come through you by His words and deeds. Be bold when you have to be bold and be gentle when you have to be gentle, He will always guide you if you hold fast to Him and His love He has stored up for you for this very purpose. It will be hard, you may be lied about, yelled at, disliked, compared too someone you are not, talked down too, made fun of, and questioned. Hold fast to who He is making you and He will change that church through you!! Always show the fruit of the Spirit working through you so no one can point fingers at you and say you did anything wrong. If you do by letting your flesh come through than ask for forgiveness and be the example He has made you to be. Their deeds will be brought into the light, when you put your trust in Him. The true Christians in that  church will follow you because you follow the truth of Christ, and then all of you together will change it, with Christ leading all of you and all of you praising Him for all His work ! I have seen this happen and it is now happening as we speak. You have the power to do the impossible because the power to do the impossible is living inside you! The power of God working through His fullness in you! Jesus said, "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. We look at this message and think it is for the "unchruched" but it for all the people who do not know His love because their lives are not changing from His love by them not living out His teachings and His commands. If you love Him you will be living out His love by living out His commands.  Remember to always have faith in the fruits of the Spirit God has given you to compete everything He has given  you, never take your eyes off Him and His work will be complete in you to share with others no matter where He sends you! I am sending you love, peace and mercy from the Father through me to all who are given God's Character to complete all of His challenges.
Many prayers,
Vicki Gann

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