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Having faith in His purpose

When I walked in my house from Church this past Sunday afternoon, I was asked by my beloved husband, "How was church and Sunday school this morning?" You see, my husband has been right by my side and struggled with me, he has known about my struggles, and my persecution all during my church life at this church and a few others. I have been going to this church for over 2 years. I visited few while I was praying for His guidance a couple of Sundays. He always led me back to this church. This church Christ is and has been creating for over hundred years. God has created this church by His hands and heart given to His members through His Son Jesus Christ. He is not going to let it go in any other direction! He works through His servants to bring it back glorifying Him in all His ways made in them! For the past two years I have been told many negative things about myself that were false to bring me down at this church and others. Every time I rose Him up, I would be cast down. I went home to my beloved husband many times discouraged and His comment would always be, "Didn't God tell you that it would be this way?" Didn't He tell you when you are living and being blessed by Him people will persecute you for His righteousness, because of Him, not because anything you have done"? I would always tell Him thank you for being the person God has sent to help me and to keep me going so I would keep my eyes on Him and not on myself or others. My husband knows how much I love people and take care of them through the love God gives me for them. He knows the change in me and how I crave different things in my life because God has given me new desires and a heart to only please Him not others. Well yesterday, all His work he had done through many people these past two years came to a head!! People worshiped and received the message differently because I posted what I had been going through at this church for the past two years. I kept everything to myself until God said, "Go and write the message I give you to share about your relationships and circumstances at this Church of mine." So I did, and last week I got response I could have never imagined, it was His workers and His people stepping up for Him and glorifying who He has made them in their lives! I received comments from people I did not know because of His message that He gave me. I had no idea but God knew all the work He was doing through all these people and He used my circumstance to make His work in this incredible church known. I know God is in everyone but sometimes they do not know it. I love and pray for all people that God has brought into my life, I pray for them to know His knowledge and His wisdom that His love can only give by His sacrifice on the Cross. There were so many people at His incredible church yesterday that showed His love for being there and worshiping in a new freedom way! You know who you are, and the music in both services was incredible! I was over whelmed several times and could not hold my tears back! Everyone who knew the words and took them in their hearts, His light was shown through them. Everyone that listened to His message and took the words into their hearts, His light was shown through them! It was the best day I have experienced in a church in all of my many years of going!!! I had changed through His power along with everyone else that know and truly love Him, it was a hard narrow road, but always revealed to me from the response of His message and why yesterday morning! My faith has grown once again in His power, His perseverance and patience through the love He has for all of us! What a wonderful and loving God we have when we rely on Him guiding us and using us for His purpose!! I love people more today than I did yesterday and yesterday I love them more than I did the day before! I will continue to always love and pray for those that do not know His love and the knowledge of who He is in their lives. I love everyone with the love Christ gives me for you! I will never quit praying for and loving those that do not show the fruit of the Holy Spirit living inside them. The proof showing through their words and their actions is the fruit; Jesus said we would recognize them. My hope is in Jesus Christ, I know His hope never fails. I pray that He will send and use people like Him for them to see His love through. It may not be right now they see Him through us so we pray that He may send someone else they may see Him through. We do not care which of us God uses for a person to see and hear Him through, only that they know and believe in Him our Savior so they can become one with the Father has Jesus is one with the Father. I always pray for God to use His power in me so others can know His healing power and know His love that can heal the whole person, just like His love did for me! I saw His love this past Sabbath day heal many to a new and loving level of worship, including me, in our hearts and mind!!! We praise you God for your mighty works that you prove over and over again is the only works we have faith in and count on, for your purpose to be known in who you truly are in each one of us!
Many prayers,
Vicki Gann -September 30, 2013

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