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Are we being opposed by God or given more grace?

Good morning! Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.
Today we are testing ourselves with God's definition of opposes.
James 4v6 But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble"
The humble people of God have no battle with themselves, they are clothed by the Grace of God and they know they do not have wrong motives behind every prayer and work He has led them to do. It is His battle to fight not our own. Those of us that are humble do not care who gives the message as long as the message is being given. We do not compare ourselves with others or with ourselves, only to Jesus Christ and what He desires of us. We rejoice in everyone learning from our Savior and we do not compare ourselves with anyone. We submit ourselves to God so we know the devil will flee. We have no pride in who we are in the flesh, there is no anger behind our motives in wanting to get our way. It is not our way we are proclaiming it is the way of Christ that we are proclaiming. We do not say one thing to someone's face and then think of them differently from within. We do not lie with flattery and then hate underneath, this is double minded. We repent and ask for forgiveness because when we submit to God with the truth of our sin He will lift us up so we can love others in the right way. If we are wrong we say we are wrong and ask for forgiveness, we do not keep going in the direction of our pride and keep being deceived, we change direction and go in  the right direction, the direction of Christ. We need to ask ourselves are we being a friend of the world by thinking the way of the world? What is the fruit we possess? Are we angry, fearful, and prideful in our own accomplishments? Is our true joy from others and our own accomplishments instead of from Him?  Have we become a lover of ourselves in who we are making ourselves or have we become a lover of God in who He is making us because we love all people in a new way, with a pure heart? (1 Corinthians 16v 14 Do everything in love) Do we welcome the Holy Spirit of others to glorify Him even more by working together or do we have fear of comparing ourselves with one another?  Do we have fear in speaking with someone, or do we feel threatened by someone? We need to submit ourselves to God so God will reveal the truth to us. We need to ask ourselves in His view of things, not our view or the world's view. What have we been afraid of? Is it me speaking out of pride or is it God speaking? Has my disposition been God's disposition in worshiping Him in His Spirit and truth because I am not prideful in the flesh, but loving and speaking from a new pure heart? When I am being attacked what is my response? Do I slander them by speaking false about them, when I do not know them personally. Do I change my love for them when I  truly do not know them, out of fearful pride of what they have, or did I not love them from the start? Do I  have a desire to love them more because I want them to know how much I truly love them? Am I more at a distant because I am not being heard or do I love them regardless if they hear me or not? God will reveal to us what we need to learn or unlearn in each relationship we face. We need to come near to God and He will reveal the truth and He will guide us to purifying ourselves with His grace and create in us a humble pure heart that glorifies Him in who He is making us to be. We will love people as He loves people never condemning one another but always leading them to the truth of who He is in our lives whether they listen or not it will not change how we love them, this is how we know we are true children of God. Read James 4 and 1 Corinthians 16. I love everyone with the love God gives me for you because I submit to Him every minute of everyday!

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