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Have you been clothed by His majesty and glory because you are doing His will?

Good morning! Mercy and peace be yours in abundance. Today we are testing ourselves with God definition clothe. 
Job 40v10 Then adorn yourself with glory and splendor, and clothe yourself in honor and majesty.
When we are going through a storm like Job was, and we all do, if we are living a life worthy of God to be called His Son's, we will go through storms for His purpose to be known through them. We will have the same authority Jesus had to go through every storm, he is our right hand, he is our savior and our deliverer. Because we have been crucified with Him through our sinful nature by His blood on the Cross and surrendered our life to Him, he has adorned us with glory and splendor with His Holy Spirit of truth. He has given us honor to be called His children and we have been clothed with his majesty by His love, peace and all the riches of Christ, all of our storms will be silenced. We will look at every proud man and bring him low because it is Him doing it. We will look at every proud man and humble him, we will crush the wicked where they stand because He is doing it through us through His authority He has given us. Our God admits to us, that our own right hand, the right hand of God He has given us through His Son Jesus Christ; has saved us! We are His workers and His laborers He works through for His church. How many of us today are truly willing to work for the church of Christ? To be used by Him, through persecutions, through suffering, through giving up ourselves for His glory and not our own glory. If we are His workers, the body of the Church is what we work for, in bringing them to knowing Christ, the mystery that is within them. Because it is Him working through us we will go through many storms if He is using us, just as Paul did, for the glory of God's church, for God purpose not for Paul's glory or purpose.He did all he did for the glory of the church, for making disciples of Christ, and we will too. When we have become the fullness of Him and are being used by Him we will proclaim Him. To this end we labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in us. (Colossians 1v28 We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.) This is the only reason we struggle with all of his energy, which powerfully works in us because we are doing His will no our own. How many of us today are willing to struggle for Him? By letting Him work through us for the making of His church? Are we willing to struggle through admonishing and building up each other up in His truth through His power? How many of us truly care about His interest in other people? How many of us truly love others enough to tell them the truth, and still love them after, and keep loving and praying for them no matter their response? How many of us are so close to Him that His power of love can bring down the proud with His truth and His wisdom? Many will try to deceive us with fine-sounding arguments. We hold on to each other through our storms and delight in seeing how firm each others faith in Him is. We have been given all authority of Christ to demolish every storm we face, because we have the fullness of Him and His power living in us. Have we put off our sinful nature. Have we been clothed by His majesty, by His glory, because we have been circumcised through our hearts not by man's love but by the love of God through Jesus Christ. (Read Job 40 and Colossians 1 and 2.) I love you with all the love God gives me for you!

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