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To the Homosexuals that do not know they are lost

     For those that do not know, I have a son that is a homosexual. He is thirty one years old. He did not live most of his life as a homosexual. He went to a private Christian college, he grew up raised by His grandparents with  his own parents, his father and me doing the best we could not knowing our best was far off from being the best for him. I have learned through life not to make excuses for myself the truth  has become a part of me through my Savior Jesus Christ. You can find the truth about yourself through all kinds of different ways but only through Jesus Christ can you truly be changed into knowing the love and peace you were made to receive. I have someone greater than myself and the world living in me and I have given Him full access to myself and He has created in me who I am suppose to be.  This message is for those that think they are on the right path in life but are being deceived, and for those that have found grace and have embraced it, I know the gift of grace has changed you. Praise our Father for our one and only gift of grace we receive through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!
     We go through life trying to find the love that completes us, we are all born into a family of identities  that complete our coming into the world. Today it has become a village of many identities that start of our lives with many temptations of completing ourselves. Our families have become foster parents, adoptive parents, no parents in an orphanage, divorced parents, single parents, other family members being parents and same sex parents. For my son, it was me taking care of him until he was two, then His grand parents, back to me and a new step father sharing custody with his father, back to his father
 and a new step mom, then back to his grand parents. Does it sound like he was loved by his parents or grand parents? Not knowing all the damage this was causing our son, we thought at the time, no matter how stupid we were at the time, we were doing the right thing. This is called being deceived!! The devil loves this kind of situation. First He has gotten the parents, and the grandparents. As long as we continue to please him by pleasing ourselves the devil will have the child and all who are connected to him also! Well, that is what exactly happened! After my son got out of college, got married, had two boys, he announced to the world he was gay. About a year before he made this announcement I surrendered my whole body, spirit and soul to my Lord and Savior! I did not say anything judgmental to him in a condemning way, only through discernment of knowing the truth about what is right and wrong in God's eyes, not my own, did I tell him that a man loving another man or a women loving another women this way was not the natural relationship God created man and women for. He knew the Holy Bible, God's word, very well. He had studied it in school, he is very knowledgeable in the word study of it, not the spiritual receiving power from it. He has the knowledge of it but not God's knowledge of it and God through Jesus Christ has not given Him the understanding of it. He has an excuse and his own opinion for everything that is written pertaining to his life style. God has revealed to me many things about himself through His word, as most of you know, and I was one of the worst sinners in the world's eyes, so if He can change me to being His servant to work through,God's grace can change anyone to know the truth of who they are; ANYONE! You can be the most stubborn, the most educated, the most opinionated and the the most prideful; He will still change you. You can be caring the most hurt, the most guilt, and the most shame, it will not make any difference to Him. He will save you where ever you are and what ever you are doing or have done or will do. He can change the hurt into His grace! He can change your unbelief into His believing! He can change your sorrows into His joy. Are you the type like my son that has no patience, He can change your patience into His patience!!! He changes your attitude to be His attitude so you can love others enough for Him to work through so He can continue to change others through you. Do you realize how many people He could change through you, by His grace working through you?  Do you realize how many Christ could change through you? Do you realize how many dead lives he can change through you, into truly living lives, for Him! A more abundant life, so all of you can live forever praising His never ending love that surpasses all understanding!!  With a live of one blessing after another! A life of His comfort through troubles, a life of His undisturbed peace.They are living their lives pleasing their sinful nature because they are being deceived into thinking they are living a life that was made for them. So many people live a life think there way is good and pleasing when they truly have no idea what they are missing! So today, what have you got to loose, deny yourself truly, and give all you have to Him, so He can give all He has to you, the grace that is sufficient enough for all of us to live a life of one blessing after another. Give up your unnatural relationship for the most natural one we can receive through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! Get down on your knees and ask Him to forgive you, receive what He has for you, and live an abundant life with many blessings while He works through you to save others! Stop and look what you have to loose compared to what you have to gain. Your true self living forever with continued blessings after another being healed made into a complete person. Your body healed, soul healed and a new person to live all eternity with, the Holy Spirit. There is no comparison, take the step of faith and receive God's grace that gives you all you need! This is for all the lost that think they are living the right path that only a few will live throughout their life. I missed a lot of years living my own way, but I know the rest are His, because His way is the only way!
Many prayers,
Vicki Gann

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