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Hurled insults

 Through our trails we face each day our faith is proven. When we belong to God our sufferings will take on another meaning. When we do not know God our sufferings we go through will reveal their is a God. When we belong to God and He has put a seal of His ownership on us our sufferings we go through take on another meaning. We may have to suffer grief through all kinds of trails but they have come now so that our faith may be proven genuine. Jesus said we will always face persecution that is in my opinion the only suffering we need to ever go through after our faith has been proved genuine. This depends on our full surrender to God and if we don't we will have to go through more and more until we do. The hold up  on us receiving more of His blessings is not do to Him in withholding anything from us, it is because we are with holding ourselves from Him.
      I had been helping a person for months who had the knowledge of God in who He was but did not know him personally. We had talked many times in how God brings us into circumstances and relationships that we have to look at ourselves and understand who we are and who He is making us. It is always going to be a battle between the natural and the life giving Spirit within us. The life giving Spirit of God is naturally what our soul is constantly seeking and crying for. However our natural selves is Satan's greatest weapon He can use against us. Our best is God's worst enemy that Satan uses. Satan has created the best plan, and He knows it because he knows what our weaknesses are and that is our spirit of pride deceiving us by telling us our best is the best we can be. Today that is all I here people telling children, "You are so special, You are unique, and God has given you so many talents to use". I here all the time people saying, "God has created you to be what you want to be all you have to do is ask, and you can be what and who ever you choose! You can be the alpha and the omega, you are it" They forget to mention Jesus Christ and what he did for us, and through the eyes of God He sees His son because of what He did for us. That through Him we are more special, through Him we are made and reborn by His life giving Spirit, not the unspiritual natural children, but the life giving Spirit children through Jesus Christ. All of us are God's children loved by God but it is through Jesus Christ we are made whole and complete with our Body, Spirit and Soul. We all are His but we all are not made His life giving Spiritual children He can live eternity with, until we believe in His Son Jesus Christ and are made Holy through believing in Him making us who we truly are. I know this may sound foolish to some but unless you have received the life giving Spirit of Jesus Christ you are not going to understand this mystery of Him living inside you. Well my dear blog readers today was a special test of His wisdom, she was proven right once again. This time He used two "Christian" women that claimed they knew the grace of God. I stood back and saw the devil do his work! I am going to only speak about what God has revealed to me from my environment of know most southern women. In our natural up bringing, natural meaning no personal relationship to God, we are very prideful, opinionated and sassy when we need to be. We are farm raised, strong within, but delicate in outward appearance. A perfect example would be Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the wind.  For the younger generation that does not know "Ms. Scalett," I can not think of someone else you may know on the media screen that represents a southern women so well. I believe in the media we natural southern women are a dying breed but in real life some of us are still living and by the grace of God I saw two of them today!!
    These southern women knew each other but I did not know how they knew each other. I only knew one, and I was helping that one and the other one was helping someone else that knew both of them and that is how we all were brought together. We will call one Debbie and the other Betty. I was helping Debbie get her belongings out of her storage building and Betty brought someone else that was sharing Debbie's storage building. We drove up first and a few seconds later Betty drove up. I felt the tension, I was feeling good because God had done many miracles through prayer in Debbie's life and I was rejoicing within myself and then the unexpected happened. The destroyer came in and the women started talking disrespectfully to each other by lying, cussing,and hurling insults at each other! They both were telling each other about the grace of God and how He works through both of them!! While cussing each other out and hurling insults at each other!! It was the funniest display of satan's power I have ever seen! Finally after I had listened very carefully to the Spirit of God in me; He began to speak through me. I ask both of them to be quite and look at their selves for a moment. I asked with great concern for Debbie, "Debbie, how is it that you let Betty come along and still the joy God had given you and also, why do you think  the grace of God would talk to anyone like you are talking to her? I began to tell her grace is a gift of God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I said, "When people hurled their insults to our Lord and Savior he did not retaliate, when he suffered, he made not threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly, which was himself, the power of the most High in Him. He himself bore our sins and insults so we could live for righteousness; by his wounds we have been healed. So, Debbie why are you letting your pride, your way, your anger get the best of you. Why are you not letting grace, His grace be the best of you? They both apologized and received the love of God and both were changed at that moment. I told both of them that we can let the flesh or our natural in our mind as quick as we can let the Spirit of God in, but when we fully surrender to Him the Spirit will guide us every minute of everyday and we will know His perfect will because His voice will be the only one we respond to. I cannot count the times people tell me I am not a door mat, I am not suppose to be around people that treat me terrible, I am only suppose to be around people that love me and accept me, that give me praise, that tell me I am wonderful, and build me up. Sure we are suppose to be around people that think like we do but if we are going to be used by God we have to be used into he darkest,  hurled insult places to prove our faith and to prove who we are so they too can be changed by His grace. God is not using you if you are only being used by people who love you. The unbelievers are around people that love them all the time, they do not like to be around people that have the light of Christ showing through them, it exposes their evil deeds. We are separated from the world. we are  aliens, strangers,, and we do not react the same as the world would react. When people hurl insults at you and you are touched by His grace only grace will come out of your mouth. You will still tell the person you love them, you will pray for them, and you will be there for them when ever they need you. It is only by His grace we truly receive that we are able to be him for other people. 
     This was not a typical day for me, mostly I see suffering through unbelief in sickness. There is too much suffering in our world because of weak willed women and men not  having faith believing God's will of wanting us to be healed spiritually also means we are healed physically. By FAITH we are healed physically by the Holy Spirit giving our mortal bodies true life. We will end it here because that is another story for another day! I love everyone with the love God gives me for you, peace I give you through Jesus Christ our Savior, not the peace the world gives, the peace he gives!
Many prayers,
Vicki Gann

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