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By faith instructions God gives us to follow

The instructions we embrace, through faith in Jesus Christ making us who we are, are given to us in Mathew 10. We are called His disciples, his brothers, his sisters, and friends when we have given ourselves or to our Lord and Savior we will be doing and living through His authority and become children of God made in the image of Christ. We will be God's to use the same way He used Christ, we will be continuing His work because He is working through us. Freely we give and freely we receive all He wants to give. We freely give him all we are, He freely gives us all of himself to live the life we were all destined and made for. Here are the steps by faith in Him we will be following if we have given ourselves to Him. Mathew 10 v5 These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions:
The first step He creates for us to accomplish is we have to receive  his authority to accomplish His instructions. His will is for everyone to be sanctified and made whole physically and spiritually and he has given us his authority to do this by faith not by works. We also will always have opposition when we are trying to accomplish his will. Their will always be doubters among us. Satan will always be working in the circumstance trying to tie us up.
1) by faith we will be able to heal the sick - this means sick spiritually and physically, Jesus has also told us there is no difference in saying your sins are forgiven and pick up your mat and walk. This same authority He has to say this he has given to us. Our sins are forgiven through Jesus Christ and so is our physically body when we believe in His authority He has given us. (Mark 2 v1-
2) by faith we will be able to raise the dead- this means we can raise the dead when we have faith in His authority He has given us. This means the lost that are dead in themselves and have not been made alive through God's grace given to them on the cross. This also means we are able to have his authority by faith in bringing the dead physically back to life. We do not know if He will choose to complete these miracles but by faith we will always believe in His authority he has given us to accomplish it. Every opportunity he gives us we have to have faith in His authority, but today we do not have faith in his authority He so desperately want to give all of us.
3) by faith we will be able to cleanse those who have physically hurt their bodies because of sin in their lives. By faith in his authority given to us we are able to do this also.
4)We are able to drive out demons, any evil spirit that has taken over anyone. We are able because we have faith in his authority He has given us to accomplish what he has asked of us.
4)By faith He is doing all these amazing miracles through us, we do not  need anything, he will provide all we need while we are accomplishing His will in our lives.
5) By faith we will search for someone who is worthy to receive us. That knows they need a Savior, for me that is everyone, but all do not know they need Him. If they do not receive your authority to save them then shake the dust off your feet and go to the next person.
His grace is sufficient enough to take care of your discouragement, you are blessed when you keep going through precautions, pray for them while you are dusting your feet off. Remember he told you there will be persecution but you will be blessed when you keep going! This can be anywhere he puts you, no place is exempt for Him to use you. The darkness of Satan is everywhere, do not put the Spirit's fire out, He will make His light brighter in you!
6)By faith we are being sent out like sheep among wolves. He will only use you where He is needed. If you are idle, fearful, or doubt he is not using you. The fire in Him will continue to burn as long as you let it burn, do not put it out by fear, idleness or doubt, the devil will always tell you are not worthy for Him to use you in this manner, he will always ask you, "Who are you to do God's work?" Do not listen, God has chosen you and given you what you need to accomplish all He ask. His love, His patience, and self-control, stay close to Him and His truth of who you are. We true disciples of Christ by faith  worship in Spirit and truth, not by the lies of Satan.
7) By faith we will always be on our guard against evil in men, they will want to take us away and stop you. Jesus tells us here not worry what to say when people do try to stop us, look to the Holy Spirit in you and He will guide your words, God's own words will be speaking through you! Words that break strongholds. (2 Corinthians 10v4 The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.)
8)by faith when we are persecuted in one place flee to another, their is always people that need to know the Lord He will always lead you to them.
9) By faith we will remember to be humble knowing none of what I give you is from yourself and you will never put yourself above me. He tells us he will always be our teacher and we will never be above Him, but we has students will be like Him, our  teacher and the servant will be like his master because the master is working through the servant and the teacher is teaching through the student. He tells us again we have nothing to fear from people because we have been given the same authority he has through faith.
10) Next instruction by faith He gives us, is not to be afraid of people or the evil that is in people, they cannot harm us. He tells us to be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell which is God our Father. As long as we are doing His will, like he says, not one sparrow falls to the ground apart from his will, we surely will not fall, we are much more use to him and worth more then many sparrows.
11) What ever he tells us in secret by faith we are to proclaim it from the roof tops, I promise you, you will not be able to keep quiet, the fire burning within you will compel you to proclaim it! (Acts 2v3 They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.) The Holy Spirit enables us to speak what He wants us to speak.
12) By faith whoever acknowledges him before men, he will acknowledge them before our Father in Heaven. This we know and are daily driven to proclaim from the roof tops through the Holy Spirit of truth.
13) Next he tells us he did not come to bring peace on earth but division. This is where most of us stop receiving His instructions, we would rather have peace from men then have peace from God. He tells us he wants to give us a different kind of peace, not the same peace the world gives, His peace is all together a different kind of peace. (John 14v27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.) Most of us make him to be another kind of Jesus here. We do not want to put our children, friends, church, jobs, community and ourselves and the life we want on earth above Him. This is where most disciples turn back and He quits using them. He goes on and tells us who ever finds his life he wants and is not willing to loose it for Him because of what He did for them on the cross,  they are not worthy to be used by Him, to be called by him to be his disciples. He does go on and say whoever loses his own life, his wisdom, his teachings of what they want, their own love for others, their own happiness that fades, if they are willing to loose it all for His sake we will find our true lives to be used by Him for His purpose in all that we do and be living a blessed life and living who we truly are. Most of us do not find our true life because we are not willing to give up our false life for Him. Most of us are living lives we think are right but we are being deceived.(Matthew 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.)
14)Our last instruction He tells us is whoever receives us receives Him, and whoever receives Him receives the one who sent Him which is our Father. We also can say this, who ever receives us receives Him and the Father who sent us through Him. And last but certainly not least because when we have completed all these instructions He calls us His disciples. Whoever gives us even a cup of water because we are his disciples they will certainly not loose their reward. Many of us do not understand this because we think if we give water for any reason we have a reward. We can give someone a drink of water for many reasons, because we love them, because we feel sorry for them, because they are asking,  to make ourselves feel better, or out of duty. Jesus says if anyone gives us water because we are his disciples then they will receive a reward because they will be receiving Him!
These are a lot of instructions from our Lord and Savior but by faith in the Holy Spirit God will be able to make us into His disciples. We will crave His word, we will crave being with others to encourage and keep us remaining in His teachings and His narrow path. We will be untied with other disciples going through the same persecution we experience in the mission field where ever our Lord has placed us. Our field can be our families, our churches, our communities, our jobs and our whole world. I hope this helps you to understand our instructions, we can accomplish what He has given us by faith in doing all that He has instructed us to do and He will do it, he is faithful and wants to save the whole world through us.... so today by faith turn to Him and receive all He has for you at the cross! He will create you to be who you truly are and you will live the life you were destined for! It will be a perfect fit  for you!

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