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My Thansgiving day with my family

Before I begin telling you about my day I must tell you about my relationship with the Lord. Some of you may know already but for those that don't I have to tell you before we begin.He has given me wisdom and knowledge for me to be able to be a spiritual women and judge all things. At first when I received these gifts my flesh wanted no part of them but through faith in Him, my Lord, He soon killed the power of my flesh, I no longer listen to the old women any longer, the voice of the Holy Spirit tunes her out easily now.His wisdom and knowledge are certainly not my own, and those that know Him know me and can testify that all I am is through the grace of God. His wisdom and knowledge of who He is gives me my mind to know He is all in all.
     This was the first "Thanksgiving Day" that our family has talked about scripture and the word of God with His definitions of our salvation through our lack or abundance of faith each one of us have or do not have. With our conversation came strong opinions with a right or wrong attitude. This is the way we all become divided and can not handle any discussion's because we are not willing to be taught by our Savior and submit to Him, our beliefs become our own. Paul tells us that there are no wrong or right beliefs in our Lord with the ones that are truly seeking His wisdom, there are things God has not revealed to each one of us, and we must ponder and meditate on what each other is giving us for God to reveal a new revelation has come to our well willing minds to receive more of him. We do not box Him in to our own mind in what it wants to receive. We all have one purpose but He may use us in different ways with different gifts but it is His way and we all can receive all the gifts, He shows not favoritism in His giving, we hinder his gifts of limitless giving by who we are. This is why for me I never get angry, compare or refuse any knowledge of what a person may want to reveal to me, but I do come across others that do not want to here, listen or have a open mind to listen to the truth through the Holy Spirit that always is backed up by His word. I have learned who these people are through His wisdom and sometimes He does not let me stop even though I want too. During our discussion, which was cut off because of people not being able to discuss anything with out getting angry, I learned a lot about the different ways we believe in our Savior due to the relationship some of us have created Him to be. This is a few that was revealed to me. First my dear and beloved brother is beginning or has begun to believe we have to go to seminary school to be able to receive the wisdom to be a preacher, pastor or counselor for our Lord and Savior out of what the world has told him. School and education is good and gives us a chance to only concentrate only on Him many hours of the day where those of us that do not go to school may concentrate more on the world than on him. There are those that do drop everything including their jobs or spend all their spare time no matter what and focus on what the Lord is giving them through their everyday lives through His word. They can receive as much wisdom from God has someone who goes to school and gets a education the worldly way. It is the Holy Spirit that gives us our education and teaches all things, through our faith in our Lord and Savior making us who we are each day not through "education" from the world's point of view. It is said today those who go through the "education process" have more opportunities in the world to be heard because we do in the world base everything on the world's education process much like the Greeks and Romans did in Biblical times,  but I promise you if God wants you to be heard he will give you all you need and place He wants you to be heard. That is why God used a humble birth for His son with a humble life with no worldly education, fishermen, a shepherd boy, an outcast, an elderly man, a prostitute, a seven demon possessed woman, and a man that had a worldly education that did not mean anything, to make His power known! This to me is a God that loves all people and wants to save all people, wants to give all of himself to all people regardless of who they think they are! The foolish man in the world he makes wise and the wise in the world he makes foolish, that is how incredibly different His wisdom is from ours! This is faith in Him; that he creates things out of nothing and makes all things possible out of the impossible! Not one time has the Holy Spirit of God told me that I have to go to a worldly school to get the right meaning of Him and the will of Him in my life, and neither does His Holy word. All we receive from Him comes through faith in Him from right believing, that is what separates us from the world!
     Another family member believes that we all continue to sin everyday and we all will continue to fall and have to be picked up over and over again, never being what God expects us to be. Again, I tell you the truth, the Holy Spirit within me has never told me I will continue to sin, and I will have to be picked up over and over again because I am going to always fall. God tells us He keeps us from falling over and over again when we stand firm in our faith in Him and not rely on other voices that want to keep us from hearing our Lord. As soon as we rely on ourselves and our own voice, the voice of the world, or the voice of Satan we will always fall but He will not always pick us up, sometimes if we continue sinning he will leave us alone until we rot a little while and become rotten with sin before we will truly  call to Him, or come to Him asking in a humble broken and poor spirit knowing His way is the only way. What we go through suffering in this way is due to our unwillingness to believe in His power to forgive us and keep us from sinning.  We often focus more on our weakness than His power. It may seam humbling to the world to say you are a daily sinner but to God if you are in Christ to say this sounds like we do not believe in his power of grace working through us. It is a insult to Him in what He wants to give us that keeps us from sinning continually. The way we continually talk about our own sin is an insult to our Creator. We can not and will not be able to save ourselves but He can. He who is greater than me and the world is within me making something that is higher than the world. There is only one relationship that matters, our personal relationship with our Redeemer and Lord.  We let everything else go, but we maintain our relationship to Him at all costs and leave everything else behind. Then and only then will we get use to hearing his voice and discern from the others so we can put them behind us. God tells us through him we will not continue to sin. It is grace that teaches us to say no to ungodliness not anything or anyone else including ourselves. It is a gift from Him to those that have faith in Him, those who don't do not know the power of grace and they will continue sinning. God tells us the reason he sent his son was to destroy the devils work, and if you continue sinning the work of the devil is not being destroyed. 1 John 3v 8 He who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's work. v9 No one who is born o God will continue to sin, because God's seed remains in him; he cannot go on sinning, because he has been born of God.) If we do sin we ask for forgiveness and we are forgiven no guilt or shame is there and more grace is given to us for us not to do it again, whether we receive His grace  and acknowledge it depends on the faith  we have in our Savior completing His work in us, and not receiving His grace in vain for our use instead of His use. We who are in Christ Jesus and have been saved through faith by the grace we have received know we were the least of all the believers and do not deserve to be called an apostle, because of the sins we have committed, we all are abnormally born. But by the grace of God we are who we are, and his grace to us was not without effect. We know we work harder than all of them-yet not us, but the grace of God that is with us. Whether, than it was I or they, this is what we preach, and this what you believed. For what we receive we pass on to you.
     My aunt Dee is one that I can talk to all day long and can discuss what God has revealed to her and what He has revealed to her without getting mad or angry. Those people are very few on this earth for me. I pray to God that He gives me more and more of them. I am so thankful for the ones He does give me and the number is growing. I do not mean those I minister too, they are growing everyday and I could not grow in the relationship with my Lord with out you because He would not be using me if I was not ministering to those around me. We all have to remember we all are members of a royal Priest hood and He gives all of us gifts to us so He can work through us to complete what He has asked of us!!
     This is part of my Thanksgiving, the discussion got stopped with a loud halt because there were some that were not mature enough to handle the discussion. I am so thankful that we had one and it was started!!! I soon found out later from my son that he had discussed God's blessing and opportunities He  had given him with his cousins, but for us to discuss our relationship in what He reveals to us personally of himself was a new conversation. I hope and pray we have many more and we do not let the world and all the other voices we hear put out the Spirit's on going  fire within us.I hope and pray for your families to learn from my family that it should be something we all do who are in Christ Jesus. Peace, and love will always come to you with His truth of who He is in our lives through me because His voice is the only one I hear! Passing on His love, wisdom, joy, peace and knowledge that he gives me to you with a thankful heart pouring out to God for all he gives all of us!

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