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Has God brought us or are we bringing God?

Good morning! Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Today we are testing ourselves with God's definition of brought.
1 Chronicles 17v16 Then King David went in and sat before the LORD and said: "Who am I, O LORD God, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?
David just found out through his prophet Nathan that His Almighty God was giving him a promise of a kingdom through his offspring that would last forever. David's first response in prayer to our Almighty God was, "Who am I, and my family that you would bring me this far from pasture to place?" Then on top of that as if that was not enough for God to do for him, God spoke about a future Kingdom through his offspring that would live forever. We find out why God did all this for Him a few words later because God knew him and His love for Him. God knew David loved  him and wanted to please him this is why God brought him from pasture to place. David proclaims his thoughts to us in his prayer, O LORD. There is no one like you, and there is no God but you that love his people and  do wondrous things for his people and redeem them to make a name for yourself. We know David made mistakes, committed sin but He always repented and lowered himself before Him, took his relationship with God very seriously. We see in chapter 16 David worshiped God regularly according with each days requirements with his kingdom and followed the laws of worship and sacrifice. When we look back in God's word at David's plan to build a house for God because he lived in a house made out of cedar and the ark which represented God's presence at that time lived in a tent. David wanted to give God a place of worship other than a tent. God's response was, I brought, I have moved, I commanded, I took, I have cut off your enemies, I will make your name, I will provide, I will plant, I appointed leaders, I will subdue your enemies, and I declare to you that I will build a house for you. Like David we often want to jump ahead of God and build something for him when we need to rest in our relationship with Him and let Him bring us where He wants us to go. We often get in his way we think we do anything for him. He does everything through us, he arranges our circumstances for his purpose, he changes us for his purpose, we are the clay he is the potter, we are the grapes he is the wine press. We are his pottery design and his poured out wine. What we are used for and where we are poured out is his doing. When we have faith in Him through our own relationship He has given us through Jesus Christ and build it on his promises we begin a life  where he has brought us to a place we could never imagine because of the faith and love we have in him. He to will give us visions of our future when we have faith in Him bringing us there. We need to have faith in Him bringing us there by having faith in our own relationship with Him growing each day. He is our Almighty God, His plans are best for us we need to stay out of his way in thinking we can do things for Him instead of letting Him lead us by His gift of himself, and trust what ever happens is a part of our journey of getting  us where ever it may be. Through the Holy Spirit he will speak to us and give us our own revelations. He will take us each step of the way, he will tell us what to do, when to do it, and how. He will make a path smooth before us and give us the abilities and gifts to accomplish what ever He gives us to do. This is our Father, our Almighty God, we are his sons and daughters he has brought us where ever we are! Read 1 Chronicles 16 and 17.

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