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Is telling people the truth made you an enemy?

Good morning! Grace and peace to you from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord.  Today we are testing ourselves with God's definition of telling.
Galatians 4v16 Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?
Many of us know the truth, that is not what is hurting the church of Christ as much as not telling it. We can't help others with the truth until we know the truth in ourselves. Most of us know the truth but do not want to tell ourselves what that truth is. We don't face it and we still try to accomplish what we need to accomplish through our own wisdom and understanding of who God is. Formerly, like Paul says, when we did not know God we were salves to those who by nature are not gods. This for us can be anything we put above God, and for a brief moment we intended by faith to put all things below him. But has Paul says, more importantly God knew us. That is what is most important, we had a small brief moment of God seeing us as we are and giving him all of ourselves then when we were faced with  fear, doubt or temptation we begin turning back to those weak and miserable principles. The not seeing, the not truly standing firm in faith in Him being our Savior will always lead us to turning back to a god that is not a god. When we have family, and friends that are believers in the church body of Christ that are turning back to their old way of life, the old way of worshiping, the old way of following people, and the old way of counting on themselves bringing themselves out of the pit, the Holy Spirit is always telling us to tell them the truth, but do we? We have to many disciples making themselves disciples, making themselves teachers, making themselves Pastors, and making themselves Christian. If we are true Christians then we do not make ourselves anything God does and by Him being our Lord he tells us when and where to speak, when to teach, when to be a Pastor, and when we are a Christian. We have come to a place in our church body, that it is not a body Christ as built. Our body is based on our own body not his, we would rather  have praise from people and pride in ourselves  other than praise from God. We would rather risk God being an enemy we can not see instead of people being an enemy we can see. He is making us aware of the nature of our church but most of us are not following Him in telling the truth, we are turning our backs to Him by over looking the lies people believe. When we are being led by Jesus Christ this will be our purpose of telling others the truth when they begin to fall or lack faith in Christ. We will tell self seeking Pastors, self-seeking teachers, self-seeking apostles and self-seeking Christians.We who are led by the Holy Spirit should suffer great pain over the lost in the Church, but are we? We are not because we are not lead by the Holy Spirit. We are not led by the Holy Spirit because our faith has become faith in ourselves instead of faith in our Savior being our Creator. Are we in so much pain that we have to tell the truth? Have we become a church pleasing the world by making Him be who we want Him to be for ourselves? For it is freedom that Christ has set us free. We are free in Him to speak, tell the truth, fearless, bold and loving everyone enough to tell them the truth. It is by His grace that we stand firm in faith expressing itself through love for Him by letting Him serve others through us. There is no fear in God's love for us and their should be no fear in God loving others through us. We tell them the truth because God is telling them the truth through us out of the love He has for them. How that person reacts will reveal who they are, eager to turn back and thankful for you loving them enough, or prideful making you an enemy. How you react to God in him telling you to tell the truth reveals your relationship to Him. If we tell them the truth out of the love we have for God and He has for them through us we will let His  seed fall where ever it is received and pray for them to receive it on good soil. This is who Paul was, this is who we are, living to please our Father no matter what relationship he puts in our path that needs His love and guidance, we tell them the truth of who our Savior is, for us and them.  Read Galatians 4 and 5

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