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Who is saving you?

My dear and faithful friends that have faith in Jesus Christ being their Lord and Savior. I am giving you are warning today because so many are being deceived into having faith in saving themselves through the "self-help" deceiving information overflowing today. There are very successful "self-help" business men that have made faith in ourselves a business. As Paul told Timothy there is a time when people will not longer put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear, they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. Paul tells Timothy continue to fight the good fight of keeping the faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and to use all of His gifts He has given Him. (2 Timothy 4) Today we have to be careful who we follow. There are great stories that seam right but if we are close to the Lord and He is not acknowledged as being the only one who saves, no matter how popular or successful the person may appear through the eyes of the world, He is not a workman approved by God. The "self-help" industry has gotten a new voice that sounds a lot like the principles of Christ but it is given to those that believe they can save their selves. It sounds good but the truth of Him being the only way, the only truth and the only life we live, is no where in their message. This is an example of their principles. We only have one to follow and it is to have faith in Jesus Christ being our Lord and Savior and all is freely given to us, all the credit of the giving is given to Him for making us who we are, not ourselves. This new voice of the "self-help" industry says we can do this own our own..
1) He says we can free our own heart from hatred- we can forgive.
He does not mention Jesus Christ being our Savior by His sacrificing himself for us by Him dying for us and taking our sins for us, is the only way we are forgiven and know how to forgive, is not mentioned. You will never receive your forgiveness for your sins if He is not in your plan for your salvation, He is the only way, truth and life giving plan for salvation. You will still fall short of what God has planned for you now and for eternity. You will not experience grace, joy, and true Christ giving peace, if you think you can forgive without His forgiveness you are being deceived.
2) He says we can train our own minds to be free from worries-Most never happens. 
We go through life knowing this ourselves, that most things we worry about never happens, but some do, but we will never not worry without the grace of God given to us that gives us His self-control, patience and perseverance to endure so He can overcome, and our faith be proven genuine. He gives us faithfulness to keep us faithful as long as we remain in faith in Him, we receive His peace. His peace goes beyond any peace we can understand without faith in Him. Christ gives us a peace we can have even when things around us seam the worst, freely gives it to us, we do not have to work for it only have faith in it!
3)He says we can train our minds on our own to live simple and appreciate what we have. Again, we can train our minds but there will be no true peace or comfort there will be a time we are so tired of trying to keep ourselves strong we will fall internally and externally from exhaustion in making ourselves be "this self-help person"!
4)He says we can give more on our own.
This to me is the most deceiving, giving to others will always make us feel good, lift ourselves up, the "look at me" being all I can be self-help person, look at all the people I help, look at all the people who love me, I feel great about myself until I can't help, or until I do help. When we give, we give freely from a cheerful heart of Christ, their may be times we are suppose to receive and not give, what happens to those that have trained themselves to always give more, you will fall apart as a failure and start all over again. With giving yourself to Christ you will never have to start over, or give more because it is a "duty to give" because it makes you feel good to give, or because it has become your out lit of guilt. Christ is your only outlet of guilt, He is the only one that can take away what ever is missing in your life, giving is a way to express your love for Him for others. He gives through you not you give for yourself!
5) He says we can train our own mind to expect less from people but more from ourselves.
Christ says we are to give to everyone and do not expect payment. We are suppose to think others are higher than ourselves. We are to love our enemies, those who hate us and don't help us, so maybe they will see His love in us, and reach out to Him and He will heal them. We will only be able to be this person, this identity through receiving His grace. When we go on our own with this principle we always expect more from ourselves, but we will always be less of ourselves always seeking more, more and more never experiencing the peace and love from God once again that guards our hearts from ourselves. We will be like a hamster in a spinning wheel never getting any where from within ourselves. We are His humble children is why He exalts us to be His utmost for His highest, not our highest for Him. His highest created in us. Our highest on our own digging ourselves out of the pit of despair or failure, will never measure up to his digging us out of our failure or despair . We often are deceived by thinking we know ourselves better than He knows us, and fall into the "self-help" philosophy drawing us close instead of the Love of God drawing us close. It sounds great but no truth is in the self-help philosophy of today or any day to come. This was written for you so you can be very careful who you listen to today and all the days ahead. There are a lot of people going their own way and it sounds good so be very careful you are not deceived. The Holy Bible, and the Holy Spirit of truth go together, they form His wisdom that gives us the mind to fear Him and wanting to please only Him. So train your ears for His word by reading it and meditating on it by having faith in Him revealing to you who He is, our Savior Jesus Christ our God and the power of understanding it will come to you from Him, you can not and will not ever understand it on your own, it comes through faith in Him being your Savior and Lord before you receive all that He wants to give you to become His child and live a life of faith in Him guiding you by His love! His love is what renews your mind to follow Him by faith! If you follow these principles without having faith in our Savior you may be doing the right thing but He will not know you and you will not know Him, everything you are accomplishing means nothing. Right believing in our Savior creates right doing! Right believing in yourself creates nothing that truly means anything to Him for you to be with Him now and for eternity. You might have success here but your life and my life does not last long on earth as long as they last in eternity! The choice is always yours to mediate on this message deep into your heart and receive Him as your Lord and Savior by faith in Him being your Savior through His sacrifice for you, or you can walk your own walk into a place today with out true love, peace and joy for today and every day for eternity. You can also pass this message on to someone else that is following another way for completing their purpose for their lives when you have found your true one!

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