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Have you been shrunk down to size, or trying to pour new wine into old wine skins?

Good afternoon! Grace and peace to you in abundance from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. We are continuing our discussion on our Lord's parables and searching out the meanings to each one. Please comment if He gives you a  revelation about them, it always helps us to know him more when we all share our revelations He gives each of us! Today we are discussing the parable of the new cloth on a old coat and new wine I old wineskins. Mathew 9v16-17. No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment, for the patch will pull away from the garment, making the tear worse. v 17 Neither do men pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst, the wine will run out and the sins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.
Again, when I first read this many years ago I got a different meaning than I do now as everyone who reads the Bible receives more wisdom and knowledge His word of knowledge and wisdom grows within along with our faith in Him. There is no wrong answer when you have faith in Christ Jesus being your Lord, what He reveals to you today will not be the same he will reveal to you another day about His word. His power is in the word not the words themselves, and His power continues to grow in us. When I first read this I thought of new cloth not mixing with old cloth and new wine not being able to stay in old wine skins. It made since but I did not understand what this had to do with Jesus Christ being our Lord and Savior. Today I think of the cloth as the new covenant, Jesus Christ, our new person in us the Holy Spirit, and the old garment as  the law, or our old person within us that has not been saved by faith in receiving the gift of grace, wanting to be repaired. If we have received the new person in us meaning the new cloth, then we are not going to be able to keep the old ways we posses, we are going to have to be shrunk down to fit in our old cloth that needs to be prepared, it is torn. If we are not shrunk down, humble as little children, than the new will always pull away from the old and still leave a tear in us not being repaired. Many of us walk today with holes still in us thinking we have been repaired with a new cloth not realizing we are being deceived, we have patched up our holes with our own ideas of who God is, our own understanding saving us by our own minds repairing the old person, our own accomplishments giving us our new identity, holding on to pride guiding our way, and still walking around with holes not knowing we are making our lives worse for manufacturing our own cloth not letting God shrink it to size. We are making ourselves Lord's of our lives, making ourselves into his disciples.  We are tolerating and accepting sin as a part of life, and not listening to Him guiding us into being His servant for Him to work through. The shrinking down process we are not allowing God to do! We do not serve Him with our own hands, He serves through us with His hands, we are His cloth to shrink so He can work through and repair our old garment.  We are shrunk to fit Him we do not shrink Him to fit us! We are to let Him shrink us to fit in where He wants so our new person can repair us, fill in all the holes. His love shrinks us down to size! This is a perfect relationship, the new cloth is shrunk, and the old accepts it as their repairing cloth, just as we accept our Savior shrinking us down to size  so He can repair us more and more the new garment will never pull away!
     The second part of this parable also gives us the same meaning. New wine will always burst open an old wine skin just as the new cloth not shrunk will always pull away from an old garment. Just like the wine skins will be ruined we also will be ruined if we do not put new wine in new wine skins meaning new wine is our new way of thinking if it does not come from the new person in us meaning the Holy Spirit. If we try to mix our new way of thinking with our old person it will not be compatible, it will throw the new out, it will burst and run out not producing good wisdom to be shared. What we are sharing will be meaningless. The old has to be done away with just has the new garment had to be shrunk, the old wine skin has to be a new one along with the new wine. You can not mix our old self  meaning the law, our own works or sin with our new person the Holy Spirit. There will only be confusion going back and forth like the waves. No true faith in Him being our Lord if we try to always mix the lies of the world with the truth. New wine, meaning a new way of thinking goes with your new person the Holy Spirit, they mix perfectly together giving you His peace within to confirm it! This sounds complicated but Jesus told us parables because if you do not have His understanding you will never be able to understand what they mean, and when he speaks these we who have the Holy Spirit can now understand them more and more each time we read them. His disciples did not understand them until they were given the gift he promised, the counselor and teacher that teaches us all things. Please do not hesitate to reveal His revelation given to you, I would love to hear from you!

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