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What condition is our hearts in?

Good  afternoon! Grace and peace to you in abundance from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Today we are continuing to discuss the parables of Jesus Christ our Lord, we want to thank you Father for giving us the wisdom of yourself that gives us our approval  from you so we can correctly divide the word of truth and grow more in your revelations given to us through your word to know you more! With this said we are now going to discuss the parable of the Sower.  The ones of us that know the word of God because we have been given the craving desire to study it have read this parable and discussed it many times. Luke 8 1-15.We all know the word of God is the seed but for me I did not realize it is the shape of our hearts determines how the seed grows. God wants it to grow, and God will make it grow everyday but it is the condition or the identity of our hearts that we have faith in that allows Him to make it grow. When we look at each heart in this parable we can receive a different revelation from God about the condition of our hearts due to what our faith  in the identity of our hearts is in. Jesus tells us the over flow of our mouth comes from what is in our hearts, meaning who and what our faith is in, what and who we believe in determines the condition of our hearts. It can be recognized by how we speak and by how we live. Jesus tells us we can recognize the fruit of our spirit and others to be able to tell who is  a true follower of Jesus Christ. We take the first seed out of the four that has been planted in different hearts, the first is on the path, this person's heart condition believes in their identity being supported by what the devil says and does, and does not keep their faith in what God says, they are easily moved in different directions, their hearts are easily hardened by being deceived with the devil and His lies. While their hearts remain in this condition God says, they can not be saved. The next heart is one that God's word as been planted in is planted on a rock. The heart that is like a "rock" is different from the heart that is like the "path" because the one that is like the path never experienced joy. This heart that is like a rock  experienced joy, it grew and bloomed for a while, the heart that was like the path it never grew, it was destroyed immediately by believing the lies of Satan. This heart that is like the rock has no root, no deep roots that can go deep. This heart has joy but as soon as it is tested their heart  is taken over by their fear, pride, doubt, and unbelief and they fall away from grace, not because God leaves them but because they leave God. What ever they are tested by, they have faith in something other than God our Savior being their life giving Spirit that enables them to receive their true identities. Again faith in Him and His word comes through a heart that remains in Him no matter what tests us in life, our faith in Him will always be tested. Our tests that God allows may come from a world that may sound wonderful and great for us to follow, being tested this way may seam hard to not follow. The temptations of pleasing people and ourselves over pleasing God may have us deceived in going the wrong direction. Jesus asked us, what good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? When we have faith in God and receive all the gifts of himself that He gives us, His gift of himself through Jesus Christ our Lord out weighs any thing we can receive from the world and from ourselves!!! The next heart we will exam is the heart that is among the weeds and thorns. It is not the soil itself that kills the word in this heart, it is things we let in the heart. Like the other two hearts they were a path with no root at all, and a rock that had some root but not enough. Each heart was destroyed by the root this heart was not destroyed by its root, it was destroyed by the things on the outside, not giving the heart or the root enough room to grow. The other two hearts were destroyed from within never growing within long enough to see growth on the outside. This heart can keep the weeds away if it chooses, but this heart was destroyed by the weeds, it was choked on the outside that enable the inside to suffer enough to kill the growth, this heart stays the same and never matures, because their growth is compromised by tolerating sin in their lives. This heart that is choked by sin can live a life they think is not being compromised because they justify the sin in their lives, and do not realize what they are missing because they will not face God's truth and continue in faith, their worries in this life have kept them from overcoming them because of their lack of faith in Him overcoming them. They have accepted a different kind of growth. Their worries, pleasures or other riches in this world over faith in Him giving them all they need have choked their growth in Him so they do not experience their true path and true life God has for them. Today this is many Christians, so we need to examine our own hearts to see which heart accepts the seed in faith and holds on to the faith He gives us through each trail he allows us to be tested by. Which leads us to the final heart that is good soil, soft, rock removed, no weeds and accepts the seed willingly by absorbing what ever it needs to absorb of God to make it grow. What we need to absorb is more of Him, because only faith in Him giving us all we need is the only way we can hear the word through his ears he gives us, retain it, and receive the perseverance to produce a good crop. If He is planting the seed of his word, it is through the Holy Spirit we can only receive the understanding of it. We have received a new heart through the Holy Spirit we will know all the gifts God is giving us. If we truly have kept our faith in Him by His peace and love guiding us, a peace and love that goes way beyond ourselves, the world and our own desires, then He will produce a good crop through us that has a abundant life giving Him all the glory. If our faith is in Him then our heart will always be good and soft yielding to Him, because we know without faith in Him we can not please Him to keep Satan away through His word, He will not deliver us from evil, He will not take our worries of this life and care for us, and He will not give us perseverance through our trails to produce a good healthy crop that is healed by His love. If we could do all this ourselves we would not need a Savior and this message is for all of us to examine our own hearts and the hearts of others after we have examined ours. If we have yielded to God for Him to perform His surgical removing of what we do not need in ourselves by His grace given to us, then he will use us to work through in examining others through us, this is His crop of producing more of Himself through us. If we are not producing a crop of healthy hearts then He is not producing through us. Examine your heart today while I examine mine, we can help each other to know our hearts and the condition of each one by how it grows. I love everyone with all the love He gives you through me! Peace, love and many prayers to all who read His messages through me! They are for you and me to learn more about Him from!

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Vudan on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 4:27 AM
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