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What are we, a single kernal of wheat a sleep or are we a multiple kernal of wheat killing weeds in our feilds?

Good afternoon! Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Today we are continuing our discussion on God's definition of our Lord and Savior's parables. We are discussing the parable to the weeds found in Matthew 13v24-43. We notice Jesus often starts of a parable with, "The Kingdom of Heaven is like..." In this parable it starts of with a man that planted good seed in his field. Jesus tells us who the man is that plants the good seeds, what the good seeds are and what the field is they are planted in  v 37-38. He says he is the one who plants, so us being His servants, He still plants good seeds  through us. He says the field is the world that He plants his good seeds in. This for us means what ever world God places us in, because we are His servants He still works through us  planting in our big or small world that He has given each of us. If we have not given our selves fully to Him, He does not plant through us, we are not His good seeds to plant if we are not full of faith in Him being our Lord. This leads us to the next meaning which Jesus says nothing about in his explanation wanting us to receive the meaning of this on our own through our own personal relationship with Him and His word. v25 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. This has become our down fall as Christians, most of us are a sleep while Satan is planting weeds, or sins among us, we are being deceived because most of us would rather close our eyes and go to sleep, not seeing what Satan is doing. Jesus says  his angels will come and weed out of his kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil. This will be the time of the harvest, the time before Jesus takes his righteous kingdom, which will shine like the sun. Why do you think God did not get rid of the weeds when they first started growing among the wheat? I asked God this question and He tells us throughout His word why, because there are still good seeds among us that are not a sleep. Some are awake that He still works through to conquer the weeds, the good seeds die to self, they are not a sleep, He creates more wheat through them. A good seed of wheat will die and produce another.  They are the ones that have lost their lives, died to "self" and found their true one by faith in Christ Jesus. (John 12v24 I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. v25 The man who loves his life will loose it, while the man who hates his life in this world, will keep it for eternal life.) God knows the seeds that fall to the ground and dies to self so He can lift them up to glorify Him, we who remain in the love of Jesus Christ by faith in Him are not a single seed a sleep, we are His seeds belonging to Him, He still is planting through us.  This parable gives us all kinds of definitions that God will reveal to us as long as we continue to have faith in Jesus Christ giving us all we need of himself by His sacrifice for us on the cross. Remember God gave His son so we could receive Him out of the love He had for us by faith. The affect of receiving the holy Spirit within us by faith, gives us the power to defeat sin and receive His righteousness by His many gifts He gives us, leaving our old self behind. We are no longer weeds. As long as we are a sleep we are not remaining in faith in Him, we are not producing seeds. We are still trying to give up things that cause evil ourselves, thinking we have the power ourselves to defeat sin, this is why some of us are a sleep, Jesus Christ plants the seed to be able to defeat the weed. We do not give up things, we give up  ourselves. It is through His power we grow into a multiple seed bearing wheat by faith in Him not by us giving up things ourselves, by our own effort.  God shows His patience with us in this parable allowing for us to grow together so He can still work through us planting to reproduce more through us, making His kingdom larger. As long as the Harvest is not here yet, meaning the return of Jesus Christ we still have time, but why would you want to waste time not receiving God's abundant peace and grace that give us our ultimate assurance of who we are, His children made into his image. This is Satan best lie He works through, we tell ourselves, "I'm not ready", "I am not sure", "Why should I my life is good", "I am not dead yet and He will not be here for a long time" . The power that is at work in us, after we surrender to Him by faith that He is the Lord of our lives with a sincere heart. We desperately want Him to be in control, make all our decisions, take care of our cares and emotions, renew our minds, and supply us with endless gifts of God himself that brings us everyday to our highest level that goes way beyond our natural selves! We want all He can give us  because we have been touched by His love that goes way beyond any love we could ever know naturally. We have been touched by the heart of God when we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior! This I know because I was without Him most of my life, and now through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord I am no longer a weed, I am a kernel of wheat that has fallen to the ground, He has lifted me because He planted me, and through me He still produces many seeds for His kingdom field! We all have choices, to be planted by Satan by giving in to all the evil deeds He tempts us with remaining a weed, being a single kernel of wheat falling a sleep by not remaining in faith in Him being our Lord, or remaining in faith in Jesus Christ being our Lord walking in faith in Him everyday for the rest of our lives so He can continue planting through us bearing multiple seeds for Him until our lives are finished or until the Harvest is here. Everyone that does not truly know Him can now, take the step of wanting to be planted by Him, a glorious life of unexplainable treasures and gifts you know nothing about, until you take the step of faith Him being your planter so He can plant the seed of himself in you!

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