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Are we forgiving because He forgave us or are we the unmerciful servant?

Good afternoon! Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. We are continuing our discussion on our Lord's parables and what He has revealed to us.
Today we are discussing the parable of the unmerciful servant.
God knows how much money means to us and Jesus often uses what we desire in the natural to explain the meaning of His Kingdom. Our wisdom we use when we say "money talks" as a special meaning to me in this parable. Mathew 18v21-35.  I am going to use what I believe is most valuable in place of money and that is God's grace. God's grace is his love, forgiveness, and mercy which is Himself that He gives each one of us as a gift when we have faith in him. When we have been forgiven by God his grace touches our heart and we then can forgive ourselves and the whole world and this parable reveals to us when we have not received his grace, we will be an unmerciful servant. Peter asked Jesus, "Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? When the Lord is present within us we know we forgive someone many, many times because my Lord forgave my many, many sins before I knew Him. God wanted to settle his accounts with us, he got tired of us making the same mistakes over and over again without any payment for our sins in sight. He sent Jesus Christ and by receiving Him all our debt has been paid and we are free. As with the servant here, God freed Him by Jesus Christ paying His debt for Him and His whole family, God showed Him mercy of all the sins this servant committed, and offered Him grace, by having faith in who His King was he should have accepted it and received it. I believe this servant only was  interested in not being punished for his wrong doing instead of God's love for Him. We often receive the gift or the blessing but do not recognize the giver of the blessing. If we are not recognizing who the giver is then we will not receive what the giver is giving us. The minute we see someone else sinning this identity of the unmerciful servant  will be revealed in us. We will be quick  not to forgive someone else that has done us wrong or do not follow our own righteousness, because we have not received the forgiveness from our Lord and Savior ourselves. It is His grace that gives us the power to forgive others from all wrong doing to us or to God, because we have received His forgiveness from all of our wrong doing to Him. I is God's grace that keeps us from all ungodliness. God says because I forgave you, shouldn't you have forgiven the person that did wrong to you? This servant could have avoided all the suffering he has to go through if only He would have received God's abundance of grace  that changes our own understanding of forgiveness into His divine forgiveness, our natural selves can not accept or have any knowledge of. It is only the man that is forgiven by God that can forgive others, and ourselves in our hearts. God gives us enough forgiveness that we can forgive the whole world. That always depends on giving up ourselves for Him to receive what He has for us. God gave his Son so we could receive Him!  Our selfishness, our greed, self-pity, and our pride will always block us from receiving God's endless supply of grace. If you are someone that says, "God forgives me, but I can not forgive myself." You have not received God's forgiveness. There are three new creations in us that grace will lead us too if we are having faith in Jesus Christ being our Lord and Savior. One, we believe if we ask him for forgiveness because of who He is, two, we are receiving it because we are receiving Him, and three, we will always be giving it because He forgives through us! This will become who we are because we have received all of what He is giving us of himself. Do not be the person that does not receive Him, the unmerciful servant does not have the grace of God living in them, through them or all around them. 

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