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Which man do you have faith in being like, Adam, A natural man, or Jesus Christ our LOrd and Savior?

Today God gave me a revelation I must share. Please meditate on these words He has given me from the Holy Sprit and His word. This is His wisdom given to me from His heart that he has placed in me through His gift of grace for all to know and believe. This is written for all to know January 21, 2014 at 1:15 p.m.
I was praying to my Father one day about Adam and Eve, and for those that do not know me and how I write, I write that Adam and Eve are both man. So when I write man I mean both, not in physical purpose but in spiritual sense, both were created in His image. This is revealed to us in (Genesis 1v27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.) I asked God to explain to me the differences between Adam, the natural man and  Christ our Lord and Savior. This is what He told me, so I wrote down everything. All of this is proven in His word, but today I am writing you what He gave me through the Holy Spirit. One day I will add his word, in the mean time you will find most of it in Genesis and through out his word. Those of you that know the Bible know this is true. I began to write the differences of Adam, the natural man and Christ. Always remember when you read about the fall of man, man had no knowledge of good and evil. God knew His creation was good but did Adam and Eve know? I believe they thought only what God said, this is why they were so easily deceived because they had never heard of another voice to follow until Satan came along. Have you ever asked God the question why He allowed Satan in the garden? This tells us that God never thought Eden was a perfect place, He also knew the relationship between Adam and Eve was not what he intended all along, He was planning on a new earth and a new Heaven from the beginning of time, His purpose all along so we could be Holy like Him and give Him all the glory and the praise for making us who we are! So we could truly know love by truly knowing who He is and Adam was only the beginning of our journey of why we had to leave not the "getting back too". God wanted a better relationship than he had with Adam.
  Was made out of dirt from the earth
   life giving breath
   Unspiritual- had a spirit but not Holy
   No wisdom
   No knowledge
   Did not know favor
   Did not know what offering meant
   No discernment
   No judgment
   He could name things that God brought Him and ask Him to name
   God said He had dominion over the earth, He said He could rule over it
   easily deceived because he had no knowledge of what was good or bad
   Sinned-but had no knowledge of sinning until the command came and he gave in.
   No fear
   No direction
   work the garden because He was told
   work the ground because He was told
   God placed him in the garden
   He was blessed by God meaning God loves him
   multiply because He was told
   did not know what good was
   did not know what evil was
   The image of man that copies the image of God is (mind, body and spirit)
   Adam had a spirit and a mind but he had no knowledge of how to use them
   Adam could not help God reign
   Adam did not know to worship God
   Adam could not have a intimate personal relationship with out knowledge of who God was
   Adam could be around God without God turning a way from Him but could he know the
     true meaning of the love of God and who God was?
You ask me how do we know this? If we look at all of what God created, God said it was very good. We automatically think in our own minds all was good and knew they were  good. We have to go beyond ourselves in our own imagination and receive the understanding from God what it would be like to not have the knowledge of good and evil.  Imagine not knowing good or evil then you will understand the mind and spirit of Adam, although God knew how amazing man was Adam had no idea, he could not have, he had no knowledge of good or evil. God said it was good but Adam said nothing.The tree of  knowledge was the knowledge of good and evil. So Adam had no knowledge of  the good that was in Him or the evil that was within him. He knew he could rule over the animals and had all the plants to eat from, but what do you think rule meant to Adam? We know He could name things but to rule, he had to have a vocabulary, but what kind? What kind of vocabulary could you have if you had no knowledge of good and evil. We know He had no fear of lions, snakes, or anything else, so that would be how He ruled, with no fear. He walked around the garden among the animals with no fear that is how he ruled but the animals were not fearful because they did not know or  see the fear or evil in man. Ruling would be easy with no evil, no judgment. If you can think of some more examples of who Adam was or was not please feel free to comment, I would love to add to my knowledge if I am missing something I need to delete or add. This is food for all of us to meditate on to receive more of Him in us so others may know the truth about our God and His plan of salvation made for His purpose. The next man we are going to describe is the natural man, the man that came from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
The natural man
He at first did not understand evil or good until he ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
At first man had no law, and pride in his own way soon took over because we are very strong in going after what we believe is true for our own purpose, God created our wills to be strong, the evidence of why is not plain to see in this time period for these people, Noah and his family was the only natural man at that time that turned to God for guidance and listened to his instructions we ourselves has a human race not been equipped to be what He wants us to be God used Noah has an example.
natural wisdom
natural knowledge
natural love
need of help
natural gentleness
natural humility
natural joy
natural faithfulness
natural patience
natural forgiveness
good natural spirit- this could be our best but not God's best in us that He creates through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior a new person the Holy Spirit, that goes way beyond what we can create.
sinful natural spirit-it will always take over and lead you away from God and deceive you.
No true knowledge of what a sin is so the sinful nature always takes over in the natural man
faith in himself 
hope in himself
The the law was given for us to recognize sin and to follow the law given by God to try and bring control of a much needed and guided human race at the time. Although God knew we were never going to be Holy and true to the law, until His plan was finished through the coming of himself through His Son Jesus Christ.
Although God chose natural men to use as His prophets by giving them the Holy Spirit for a short time so they could tell the truth about who He was only a few believed and followed their advisement and did what they said, and even those could not keep the whole  law there was no change brought within them to sustain them into Holy living. Everyone falls short of the glory of God but God himself.
Jesus Christ
100% God and100% human made in mans natural form born in the flesh through the Holy Spirit
God's first and only son born of Him that brought the one truth about who God is
God's faith
God's hope
God's love for himself and others
God's forgiveness
God's faithfulness
God's gentleness
God's self-control
God's patience
God's will
A blood sacrifice for the natural man
God's gift of himself to the natural man that finishes His plan for human kind to be like Him.
tempted by sin
never sinned
delivers us from evil
redeems our soul
gives us a life giving Spirit
weeps for others because of they do not believe in Him 
amazed at people's lack of faith or amazed in how much faith people have
overcomes every temptation, or trial
heart is not troubled for more than a few seconds
He does not worry
tired but always regains His strength
No retaliation
No guilt
No shame
No fear
has an on going relationship with His Father, He never leaves Him
prays alone with His Father often
poor in his human spirit
His word is dwelling in Him
hates sin
knows the sinful natural spirit and the Holy Spirit
knows the devil and His schemes
God's peace
God's grace
God's mercy
God's authority
All knowledge of God
All understanding of God
All wisdom of God
As before please feel free to add more of who Jesus is. We all can always use more truth of who He is.  From the creation of man and the statement made by the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, in Genesis tells us that it was in God's plan for the fall of man to happen, so we could be like him and know the knowledge of good and evil. (Genesis 3v22 And the LORD God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil.) He willed it and used our choices  to accomplish it. He did give us free will from the start, we can eat from any tree in the garden, BUT...... now He says you can choose any god in the world BUT if you do not choose faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you will surely die. Now he has given us all we need to know the truth and not be deceived by Satan, we have been given the gift of himself within us to guide us and stay close to by the Holy Sprit and the new desires He gives us. If you have faith in Him, He will gives you all He desires. He still gives us a choice but when you truly know His love for you that lives within you, you will never turn from Him for very long if at all. After you receive Him living in you and growing in His image everyday, He will complete you and guide you to your abundant life receiving more of himself guiding you all the way! Which man do you want to be..... here are your choices.

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best australian writers on Saturday, January 12, 2019 2:44 AM
Winter always provide us with brilliant topics for knowledge. The writer wants to share that God put Merit in our blessing saints. Thy didn't know about education and Rules but their lifestyle same as educated and full of manners. Its the faith that we obey them and make our life successful.
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