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Who is the catcher in the Rye?

Last night, I watched with much amazement a documentary on J.D. Salinger. I must confess I have never read the book, "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger, I do not have too now, although I might some day. I am sure it is an amazing story due to learning about the amazing man who wrote it. I wish I could sit down and talk to him, but he is gone from this world. I was drawn to his personal story more than I was drawn to the book, but realizing at the same time the book is his story. Always searching the truth and never truly finding it. Looking for it in people, places and things all around him much like his character's in the book that this documentary allowed us to know. This man that wanted his voice to be heard  but was always afraid of his voice being known. I think he wanted his voice to be heard  but he was not living the voice that he wanted to be known. He searched most of his life for answers in his mind to fill his spirit from all kinds of sources never feeling complete enough to walk out into the open world so they could see his completeness. Always living in fear of betrayal of his work getting out, but only to find out it was a betrayal of people finding out who He was. This fear I know of people seeing what truly is inside me. If you are a writer being drawn to speak your emotions and feelings but have fear of people seeing them, this would make for a very secluded life after you have revealed through your work who you truly are. The truth is always suppose to set us free, putting our true emotions out there, confessing them aloud, not hiding from them. But if you can not face the truth yourself, you will want to be alone with only your words and not wanting to share them with your closest friends and family. This is why I believe he did not want any of his work to be published until fifty years after he was gone, this would mean anyone that truly knew him face to face would be gone. I lived most of my life not wanting people to see the real me because I hid it from myself. All along he was thinking he was the only complete person in the world, telling the truth about everyone, he never faced his incompleteness within himself. He told everyone the truth about himself and everyone through His writings, especially in his amazing fictional book, "The Catcher in the Rye." After it's great success He hid from the world. I believe it was because of the fear everyone would see him for who he truly was. All along wanting to catch everyone before they fell, before they cried, before they became like him, but never being caught himself. After I prayed to my Father last night with deep compassion for this beautiful soul He had created with a voice that needed to be herd. I also knew God our Savior heard his voice  and loved it, but we have to know our Savior's love for ourselves before we can share our true voice with others. Our true person within has to know his love before our true person within can come out, without fear. He is the truth that sets all men free. This is the poem I am dedicating to Him today, I hope he hears it where ever he is. I know he knows it is true, but  this is for all of you that don't know He was trying to catch others before they cried, before they fell, not knowing he too needed to be caught. This poem is written by Vicki Gann, January 22 at 12:05 after seeing the documentary of J.D. Salinger the night before. If you have read, "The Catcher in the Rye" you will understand this poem and also if you know J.D. Salinger in person, know that I understood the man because of who is in me, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, he is writing this through me for all to know Him.
We want to catch others
all day long, before they
fall, before they cry.
We see the world hiding who they
truly are, always false, not realizing
they too are searching
to be caught.
Who are you thinking you are all alone?
Don't you know, you too are
still searching for a home.
There is only one that can truly catch us in
the rye. It is Jesus. So do not worry who
we are, when He has caught you,
we will be caught too.

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