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Which of them will love Him more?

We often may ask the question why does it seam like God loves some people more than others. I know before I truly knew Him I asked that question. I thought He loved people that did the right thing more than others not really understanding Him at all. Not knowing at the time we who do not receive Jesus Christ by faith in Him being our Lord and Savior will never receive the understanding of who God is, will never receive the understanding of the word because He is the Word, living within each one of us. Many Christians go through life thinking they can make themselves love the word by forcing themselves to understand it and read it daily as if they were reading  a History book or learning a story by memorizing it. The same as memorizing the Pledge of Allegiance  to the Flag, or the ABC's. All we receive comes from having faith in our Lord being all He says He is, our Lord and Savior. We will never love the Bible on our own or obey Him on our own. What leads us to Him is Him and His power of the Holy Spirit. We listen to preachers and teachers today telling us to love the Bible as if we could naturally. Like we love fiction stories or certain movies. We listen to them tell us we must obey what it says as if we could naturally, by following the instructions of the law, the commandments as if we were playing a board game and then we will live a some what less suffering life,  and receive eternal life. We look around at our churches full of people looking for the right answers but no one is truly changing, most are living day to day suffering more and more not knowing the peace they could receive. We have made our salvation so complicated with steps, and rules to follow,  we are missing the most simplest thing we have to do, and that is to have faith in the most loving and merciful God we could ever imagine. We act as if it is impossible to have faith but when we realize what we do have faith in, the lie has lost it's power. We have faith in medicine, in doctors, in parents, coaches, bosses, jobs, our cars starting, our rain coat not leaking, our make up covering up blemishes, our husbands love, our wife's love, our friends loyalty, our own accomplishments,achievements and ourselves. But when we are asked  to have faith in Jesus Christ being the Lord of our lives and our Savior we go every where but at the foot of the cross. This brings me to my point of today's post, He does and will never love one of us more than the other, each of us He loves as much as  the other, it is us that love Him differently due to how much we are forgiven. (Luke 7v42 Neither of them had the money to pay him back, so he canceled the debts of both. Now which of them will love him more?" Those who are forgiven much love much and those that are forgiven little love little. Jesus uses a parable to explain it to someone that does not understand, a rich and powerful religious man called a Pharisee back in his time, named Simon. The "powerful" man Simon was talking to himself, condemning  a women that had lived a sinful life in the town, showing her no mercy. He thought in his heart, "If this man was a true prophet he would know what kind of women this was touching him. Of course we know she had already been forgiven and found out where he would be, she wanted to worship Him with all she had. Why do you suppose she loved him, worshiped Him with all she had? O course Jesus knew his thoughts and answered his thoughts, as He answers ours, by a parable and said to Him, "Simon, I have something to tell you." We do not have parables  any longer we have received the Holy Spirit, His truth plainly given to us to have a wonderful relationship with. The Holy Spirit had not been given to people at this time, He had not risen to draw all men to himself yet. She did not know the scriptures like this religious man called Simon did. She could not memorize them but yet she could worship Him with all she had. We go back to the simple, she was forgiven because she had faith in Him being who He said He was. All of her sins, her guilt and shame were gone, all she had of herself was His from that day on. Her faith in Him is why He healed her. His word would become her words, and her life would become His life because He had saved hers through His forgiveness. She, I am sure  was one of the one hundred and twenty in the upper room that had received the Holy Spirit after his resurrection. He had been waiting for Her since time began. She was able to walk and talk with Him and believe in Him and was forgiven and she lived out her life with Him living through her.  This woman should represent many of us today, I know I am like her. I have been forgiven for so much because I had and will continue to have faith in Him being my Lord of my life. He took away my guilt and shame in an instant, like the wind blows. That is why I love Him  so very much, with my whole soul, spirit and body and that is why I received His Spirit to live in me guiding me the rest of my life. If you are this woman, rejoice in the Lord with me with a endless love of worshiping with all we have of ourselves! If you are not like this women turn to Him and receive His forgiveness for your sins by faith in Him being your Lord and Savior, because He wants so much to forgive you, and see you has his Son or daughter. He wants to bless you the rest of your life by giving you His gift of the Holy Spirit with all His many gifts to live out your life with through eternity! May God Bless you and keep you His all the days of your life, He will as long as you stay strong in your faith being in Him being your Lord and Savior!

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