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What do you want?

Good morning! Grace and peace to you from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord.  Today we are testing ourselves with God's definition of want. John 1v37 When the two disciples heard him say this, they followed Jesus Turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, "What do you want?"
If you have not heard him say this to you, then you have not been listening to him. His  eleven  disciples truly  wanted to know where HE lived, where he was staying. This is also what we should be wanting, and when he shows us,  we will not want to ever leave Him. He showed them through out his ministry and when the time came when they truly understood where he lived, within them, through His gift of the Holy Spirit, they never left. Today we do not have many in our churches that truly want to know where he lives. We want to be blessed, we want to have comfort, prosperity, patience,  joy, and be commended for all we do for Him, but we do not want to know where he lives. Because when He shows us where he lives we have to give up everything, so He can be the only one that lives there, guiding and giving. We would rather be praised for all we do. We want to go our own way, we are smart, and we are worthy to accomplish a good life for ourselves. There are still some people that think it is to hard to give up what we think is important. It is too hard not to care about what is all around us. We have made the world bigger than He is. We look at our list of do's and we have accomplished them. We keep a "to-do project list, we operate from "transforming ourselves"  perspective daily, we continuously learn, we set goals and develop life plans, we keep a to-do list, we put on a joyful face daily, read everyday, forgive others, and we are thankful  for all  of our blessings and accomplishments. Our churches have become a "self-help" congregation of good moral people but they do not know where Jesus Christ lives. We go to church to "socialize" with the right people, and for the right kind of entertainment. We make it a "club"  membership to follow and to commit to. For us to be true disciples of Jesus Christ we have to only want to know Him and where he lives. I know this because I too was a self made disciple, pulled myself out of the pit. There are some that see themselves never being in the pit, not knowing we are all in the pit before we know where he lives. It is not because we want to defy Him it is because we are being deceived. We do not know his presence within us because we are being deceived, wanting the result of Him in us, before we have Him in us. We want our blessing of eternal life, our circumstances changed and our relationships changed but we do not care where he lives. We believe by doing all the right things we will have eternal life. Today is a new day! Today go to church because you want to know Him for the first time or know more of Him, not because you want relief of your circumstances., or to complete your "to-do" list of making yourself a disciple but because you have  faith in Him giving you a life giving Spirit that gives you your abundant life here into eternal life in Heaven. Today read your Bible because you want to know Him not because you are having a terrible time with a relationship or circumstance. He will give you a new desire that craves it. Today go to Him because He has forgiven you and all your guilt and shame has been removed. Go to Him out of love for Him because of this great miracle He has performed inside you, you want to give your life to Him. He has become your God and you are His people, you are one.  Go to Him today because He has given you faith in Him to use you any way He chooses because you know His plans are the best for you. You know in your heart all this came from Him because you wanted to know where He lives and He told you and showed you. Then your circumstances will be changed, your relationships will be changed, you will have a great desire to read his word, and you will have a great desire to be with people that love Him as you do. If you do not know any people that love Him as you do, you will because he lives in you and he will draw people to you that don't know where he lives and you will tell them. I am ending  today's post with the disciple that followed Jesus the way he wanted to, for his own glory. Judas flowed the wrong people, listened to the wrong crowd the true disciples Jesus saved and made wanted Him, and only Him. They heard from John the Baptist he was the lamb of God and they believed Him, the  one that was making the way for Him to come. They heard Him, and then they listened to their healer, teacher, friend and Lord. They found out where He lived, they stayed for a day, then for three years, then for eternity because he moved in them and He lived through them. Today is a new day! You want Him and only Him, to know where he lives!

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