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Have you lived twice?

There was a couple sitting on the bus one evening going home in New York. They were having an in-depth conversation about life and feeling pain and sorrow from what they just learned by the pregnancy test she just took at a friends house. She was pregnant but He was not the father of the child. He was a friend and wanted to comfort her very much. She was twenty two and had lived a sad painful life. Her dad had passed away when she was twelve and her mom went numb after that. She became the mom and had to take care of her mother after her father died. Her mother loved her dad very much but never looked  past her pain to see her daughters pain. She left her mother when she was sixteen and moved to New York thinking she could start a new life. She waited tables and ended up falling for all the wrong men that told her one thing but wanted another. She was hard pressed for money all the time trying her best to pay her bills and rent on time. She had  met this friend she was on the bus with this day at her work place, they both lived in the same apartment building. As they were trying to figure out what to do, she asked him a question that I over heard. She asked him, "Do you think this is all to life there is?" He said, "I don't know, I have never met anyone that lived twice." She smiled at him with a chuckle thinking he was funny, it took her mind off herself for a moment to realize everyone suffers, and has pain so she did not feel so alone, everyone lives like she does. I could not help but to think to myself, I have lived twice, I should tell them about this miracle so they too can live twice with me. So I began telling her that I knew a man who had lived twice, lived to tell about it and is still living, because He lived twice we can too. She was all ears thinking this is a story she had never herd before. She asked me with eyes wide open, thinking to herself she had a chance to live a different life, "Who is he," she asked, with great excitement? I said, "His name is Jesus Christ, do you know Him?" She looked at me with confusion for a few seconds and realized at that moment He did live and die and come back again. She began asking me questions and understood by faith in Him being our Savior He saves us from our sins,how we all can die and be raised up living a new life through Him now and forever in Him and with Him.
She began crying different tears, tears of joy and peace. Tears of guilt and shame being removed and she knew her new life had begun. She knew she was going to keep the baby, she had new hope He had given her. She was living her second life and she was going to glorify Him in her new life He had given her. She began telling us, with tears of joy, her child was going to know  Him and He was going to provide all she needed in a job, a husband, a life of thankfulness for Him saving her. She new things were not going to be easy but by the power of love He had given her in that moment she knew nothing was to hard for Him. They both were enlighten beyond themselves this day, this hour on the bus. She went on and told me about her life, her dad and her mom. She could not stop talking with excitement and joy, a joy she had never known before. They both got off the bus and I did not see them again. I did not see her or him again after that. I wonder if she went home, moved back in with her mom and told her mom about this man that lived twice and now lives more and more everyday in each of us who believe. This man called Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior who is our God in the flesh who gives us himself so we can live twice, this life without Him is not all there is, He is our Savior, we are born into a new life when we believe in Him for now through eternity.

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