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What then shall we say, brothers?

Good morning! Grace and peace to you in abundance from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. What shall we say? God did not intend for our Churches to be institutions with one speaker, one teacher and one way to worship. 1 Corinthians 14v29-31. Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should weigh carefully what is said. And if a revelation comes to someone who is sitting down, the first speaker should stop. For you can ALL prophesy in turn so that everyone may be instructed and encouraged. What should we say about this brothers? Do we today have churches that worship this way?We have one speaker and if we do not agree with Him we are not allowed to speak or we are asked to leave the church. No instruction, no conversation, no answered questions, just be quiet or leave. We could never say something where the prophet would have to stop! He is the pastor, He is the only one allowed to speak to the church, no one else could know God as he does.This would be an outrage today. I can not imagine if anyone had a prophecy from God or a revelation from God and they wanted to speak it, that the speaker would accept anything they would have to say or respect them enough for them to say it. Of course if they are prideful in wanting to criticize the speaker in anyway for the wrong reason the instructor would tell them with the truth of Christ living in Him the right words that would build Him up in Christ and kill the pride in Him. Godly sorrow brings repentance and a humble heart. If the one having the revelation, and we all do that are truly following Christ for all the right reasons, is not prideful in himself but boast only in the cross of Christ giving Him all He has the revelation will mean more to the building up for the whole church including all speakers. This is how we know God works through everyone for everyone, and we do not take pride in our position and hoard it over others. God called us to serve others for His purpose not our own purpose of being known. What then do we say, brothers? Do we have churches that allow this to be apart of their daily worship? If we do where are they? Are we concerned it would take up to much time to let everyone share their prophecy with Goddddd's people? Are do we even care or know  if we  have people in the church today that have revelations from God? Jesus Christ came to minister, not to be  ministered to. We are not Christians until we follow Christ. If we are learning to follow we are not yet Christians, we are learning to become a Christian, and He will let us know when He gives us His plan for our lives, how each of us are to follow, but we all follow in different places in our lives. We may follow Him as a parent, as a co-worker for any job in this world he has given us, at any place and time in our lives. This is who we have become because this is who He is. Our faith in Him being our Lord, God, Father and Savior gives us His mind to know how we are to truly worship and our churches are not worshiping Him through all of us having revelations to share. Our Pastors have become the only ones that can only have a revelation, and time to speak what God has only given Him. This is why we are creating worldly churches making our God what we want Him to be, following our own traditions and not counting only on our love relationship with Him. We all can experience our love for Him at different levels. When you first start dating someone, you are not totally committed to them, you are just learning to know them. Only when you are married or given your heart to them are you committed to them and you go on being committed to them everyday giving more and more of yourself to them and receiving more of them. When you are pregnant, the baby is growing inside you but it is not yet born. These are examples of our relationship to our Father, until we are born through Jesus Christ we are not Christians, fully committed to Him living through us and to be used any way He chooses. This is how Christ followed His Father and this is how we follow Christ, and we cannot do this until we are fully Christ, not lacking anything in us that we know is not Him. This is a Christian. He is our Father, Lord and God. So, what do we say brothers? Today I am giving you a challenge to change your church, your family, your place of business, speak the truth out of love you have for Christ in Him saving you from yourself, the world and Satan. Begin a people that follow His worship, letting everyone that has a revelation to speak what He has given them so we all can instruct and build up each other in knowing the truth! Do not hold back any longer this is the time, this is His time! Stop pleasing people, yourself, the institution you have created and start pleasing Him, speaking the truth and living the truth for His sake and theirs! Where are His kind of people that worship by excepting all people being able to know, receive and follow Him. Where are they,  or were they ever here? What do you say brothers?

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