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Are you keeping part of your human nature, or have you given it all up?

Good Morning! Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Father gave me a strong desire to share this with you. We make our salvation a process. Some of us say it is a process, different levels of maturity which is true. But the reason why this is true is because of our stubbornness and all the things we do not give up  all at once. We say a sinners pray and ask God or forgive our sins, well our sin is ourselves. We are not sinners because we sin, we sin because we are sinners. It just came to me this morning. A friend of mine said she accepted Christ at a early age, she cried and she felt his love or grace come over her, but all during her life she kept sinning and asking for forgiveness and God never left her. I asked her how she knew He never left her, she said she could look back and tell he was always with her. I asked her how she knew she was forgiven when she asked. She said she knew because that was what she was taught and that is what she believed. I ask her did she feel anything in side deep down, when she was forgiven, she said, "No, I just went on thinking I was forgiven and I believed I was because He said He would and I was told by my parents and preacher that He does. I asked the Lord this morning about this and He told me, many people receive my love at an early age, but they soon forget about it when a love of a boy or girl comes above His. A love for a parent comes before Him, a love for a sport or activity comes before him. He told me sometimes their dreams or their plans for their won life come before. He also told me my love does not come up above many people when the cares of this world gets in the way, people often forget about me and who I am.  I asked, "Does that mean they fall from grace and can not be brought back? He told me it could mean that, but it also can mean that latter on in life they remember my love, repent and I will forgive them, they did not learn first to remain in me, so my word and my love would remain in them. If they do not repent and keep going in the wrong direction they will continue to forget my love, and forever not change, but those that are young often do not know how to give up themselves in faith to me so I can fully live in them, so they give me a little here, and a little there, and never receive all of me so I can work through them, those people will be not living the plan for their life that I planed, the road is narrow, they may not ever truly know me, because they will have some of their sinful nature still guiding them. they will be still worldly.  He went on and told me this is all in my word to share with others. The level of our salvation is not because He puts levels on us it is because we put levels on Him by us not giving up our total self to Him when we first meet. He went on to tell me that we preach a prayer, a prayer that we have to ask forgiveness for our sins, and we list them and confess them. It is true the sin needs to be forgiven, but our whole self is the sin, our human nature needs to be forgiven and crucified with Him, not a sin here and there. He went on and told me He does not hold us responsible for our sinful nature, but He does hold us responsible for not receiving His life giving Spirit of grace. So on judgment day if you say to Him, "Father I could not help but to sin, that is my human nature, I prayed to you, I did miracles in your name, He is going to say, I did not know you. He is going to tell you He knows your nature if created it for His purpose of making Himself known, but He will tell you He gave His Son to you so He could defeat the sinful nature in you and then He is going to say, " I do not know you."  If it were not for sin that created the law, we would not need Him and His Holiness to make us like Him, and it must be our choice to give up sin for His love. Adam did not have what we have and know what we know, He had no knowledge of good or evil, the natural man does not know what we know or have what we have, He had no knowledge or power to defeat evil, but Jesus Christ is the image we must know to have Him and to know what He has, He has the power to defeat evil and to make us true Sons of our Father. We then become the image of the Father with his Son when we accept Him has our Savior, Lord, Father and God. When we do make that choice of wanting His love that kills all the sinful nature in us, we are free from all bondage as long as we continue in faith expressing itself through the love we have for Him above all else as our Savior, Lord, Father and God. He gives us a Holy Spirit to live permanent in us so we can know His love and our love for Him above all else, it will always guard our hearts. We know we die to ourselves a little everyday by denying our will, He takes us and uses us any way He chooses, and we let Him because our will has been given to Him fully, nothing held back, nothing still on the shelf, nothing remaining in us that He did not put there, this is what He intended to happen to each of us but it is our human nature that keeps us in bondage, follow our Savior and Lord by  crucifying it once for all and never take your eyes of Him and that crucifixion! I love everyone  with the love He gives me for you through every word and deed!!

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Moda on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 4:13 AM
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assignment help for college on Thursday, July 18, 2019 4:24 AM
Human nature is different than other nature of other things. And you can focus on Grace and peace and talk with other people as well. You can help each other to survive here.
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