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Do you want to and truly believe you can be made whole?

Good morning! Grace and peace to you  in abundance from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! Today we are discussing God's definition of whole. KJV John 5v6 When Jesus saw him, lie and knew that he had been now along time in that case, he saith unto him Wilt thou be made whole?
This poor soul that God led Jesus too, was so broken down in spirit He did not have the natural strength to move anything above His healing. He was consumed in self-pity. We all are God's children with poor souls, spirits and bodies until we are healed by Him through Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior and become His reborn children. The children of His that He created human life in are still sick, in their souls, spirit and body with evil spirits wanting to devour them and keep their souls, spirit and body sick until death, fighting within you to keep you from our Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior. We can be too helpless in ourselves believing we can never be healed, or we can be to prideful in ourselves to think we need to be healed, either way we are being kept by receiving the truth of Jesus Christ until we hear Him ask us this question, Do you really want to be healed or do you want to stay where you are letting everything else in this life be above you stepping out in faith in me, being your only one Savior, me being the only one that can truly make you whole. We will say, "But God, I am so sick and helpless I can not move from where my life has brought me. Everyone else receives their healing but I can not, I have no help, and I am too sick and to helpless to move." We can also be to prideful and say I desire to stay where I am, I do not want to gain more of you, and I have all of you I need." We say we are to tired to fight, we would rather rest where we are, we do not have the energy to step out in faith, the energy to crawl to you, the energy you are asking me to make for myself by faith for you to  heal me. This man had been sick for thirty eight years. I had been sick for a little longer than this man before I knew I had to take a step knowing I had to want to be healed by my Savior, I had to want Him as my Lord, and by faith in Him believing who He is, I received the Holy Spirit and knew He is all we all need for this life, and the one after. He healed my whole soul, spirit and body and  we all can be healed when we find out who He is and truly believe. When He tells us to rise from our broken body, in faith in His power in His words speaking to us in who He is, we will rise and take our lives and walk in His healing power of love to guide us in receiving more and more of Him everyday. We have been made whole! The fight I could not fight on my own does not stop but through Him and His love for me I receive all of Him to fight through me, all my temptations are crushed, all the evil in me is crucified, He rose and now He has risen in me through His Holy Spirit, so He can work through me fro myself and then for others. The bed or the mat is a symbol of our lives, when we rise we will want to take our lives with us, He will take  our life to another level through His work within each one of us, each day while we are being healed by His power,  we will continue to rise for His utmost highest, and letting His power take our lives above our plans and desires! He directs our steps when  we have given them to Him to make for us, and always with His strength and will guiding us. We know He knows what is best for us, our trust is in Him making us and taking us where He wants us to be physically and spiritually. Our lives are being taken up  to His level of living by His love guiding and guarding our hearts  every step of the way. We are in the world but we are no longer of the world. If you today are faced with not being healed to another level, rise in faith in Him and who He is, let His love heal you and guide you to another level of knowing Him, and if you have not been healed at all by Him give yourself to Him now, be healed whole do not hold nothing of yourself back, give your total self to Him today as your Lord and Savior! Jesus saw this man later on in the temple, He knew He was still healed and still was whole and He told Him sin no more or something worse may happen to Him. His healing grace is a gift to us that can keep us from sinning or even have a desire too,  but if we do His forgiveness will give us more grace to not want to sin more, He has given us all we need, His grace is sufficient enough for us, live in it,  and take up your life and walk in faith in His grace guarding your heart, and He will! Read John 5. I love all of you with the grace He gives me for you!

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Midan on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 4:12 AM
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