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How is our hearts pure?

Good morning! Grace and peace to you in abundance by God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Today we are discussing our pure heart and why and how it becomes pure. 
Matthew 5v8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
If we know our hearts are not pure that is the first step we will go up to receiving a pure one. This does not mean we are innocent of ever committing a sin or of doing the right thing all the time, it means we have a pure giving and receiving relationship with God. Purity is a spiritual sympathy with God. The word sympathy means a relationship so close to Him where in whatever affects Him affects me. We are one, made in the same image as the relationship the Son, Jesus Christ, had with His Father. This is the pure heart that allows us to see God. The pure of heart see, hear and know Him before all else so He is able to work through us, to come out of us for others through His words and deeds. In knowing Him and His grace for us we know what can separate us, and if we  stay close to Him and His love, we know nothing can! Once He has given us all the knowledge and wisdom of what spirits can separate our pure heart with Him, He will use us to help others.It is His grace that guards our hearts, when we know His grace has left us we immediately  face the temptation and get right with Him. If someone or something comes before Him in the tiniest degree His grace will prick our hearts. We immediately know what is wrong because He tells us if we are listening to Him, their will be a change in our hearts. If we are not close enough for Him to tell us we are always close enough to ask Him. We know we can ask Him anything and we know He will tell us the truth, we wait for it by praying, it will come to us in our prayer life or through His word, they will always confirm one another. God makes us pure by His gift of grace but we have to recognize this flesh we live in while we are in the world. Our flesh and the world both have different views than our Lord and Savior, it is the different views that separate us most from our Father that damages our pure heart that wants and needs a relationship with God. Some of us often say, "I cannot admit I am ungodly it hurts my pride to much, it will hurt my reputation of what people think of me," or "I can not admit I am thinking like everyone else thinks in the world, that would make me stand out side the world, that would make me not be accepted by the world. What would my Christians friends think of me if I admit I wasn't living the life God wanted me too for all these years?." Our spiritual understanding that gives us our new mind will be blocked when we let ourselves, the world or Satan in above Him. A lot of us living today and in Biblical times are letting people and things separate us from God without realizing it, the devil is very deceiving in how we receive his message or messengers. False humility and pride work hand and hand. Those of us that do have a sustaining relationship with our Lord because of His mercy and grace will always see Christ in everyone whether they do or not. We are His witness that He works through by the words He gives us to say and our deeds we do for their benefit of knowing Him in how great and mighty He is and His love for us. Not how great and mighty we are and our love is. We are used for His purpose, what hurts Him will hurt us for His purpose. What makes Him angry will make us angry. What gives Him the most joy will give us the most joy. All that we do is given to us through that pure grace relationship we have with Him that comes from the faith in Him being all we need. He is our healer that heals our broken heart and makes it pure by His grace and love, and He is our Lord and Father that gives us all we need to accomplish what He tells us to do and say by His amazing gift of Himself. For those that accept Him and His grace and peace through us  we will rejoice, love and worship Him together, giving Him all the glory for making each of us to be used for His will and purpose, we do and will see God. No pride, bitterness, comparisons, or jealousy will be in our pure heart or our mind, only Him. Only faith in Him expressing it through the love we have for Him and the love He gives each of us!  For those that do not accept His peace, grace, wisdom or knowledge of Him through us we will still see Christ in them, pray and forgive them for they do not know  what they are doing and who they truly are as we did not know Him and His love for us at one time. Through the Holy Spirit and faith in Him fully abiding within us we know He died for the whole world and our hearts are full of His grace that is why they are pure. If you do not feel you have a pure heart because other things or people are getting in the way, you can today, ask Him to forgive you for putting other gods before Him including yourself with a sincere heart of knowing you need Him as your Savior, Lord and Father. Give Him your heart to fill with His grace and keep letting His grace guard your heart.  His grace will sustain you  through out your life if you continue and do not give up on your most needed perfect relationship with Him, you will higher and higher in His love until you are in His arms. He wants more than anything to give Himself to your heart, receive Him and He will keep filling it daily as long as you keep Him and His relationship above everything else, your life will be what He created it to be, full of His faith, hope, joy, peace and love in abundance! We will see, hear and live with Him now in Spirit and will live forever with Him fully known and 
seen in Heaven our true home!

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