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Is He making you catchers of all men or have you been catching who you pick?

          I received a phone call a couple of days ago that revealed a word of God through me for a very dear and beloved friend. He called to ask me a question that had been grieving the Holy Spirit in Him because He was not able to receive peace from receiving an answer from God. God works and speaks through people for all to benefit; the one giving God's revelations as well as the one receiving them. Christ lives in us to intercede through us that believe for all people. For those that believe in Him and for those that do not. He loves all people and wants all of us to grow in the hidden mystery of Him living inside us daily.  In this way we all grow in faith because we all will rejoice in His glory in who He was making each of us. We who are interceding are fed by letting God speak through us, without fear only faith in Him making us a catcher of men, and my dear friend humbling himself and telling the truth in the question He was not receiving peace from. My dear and beloved friend has been a Christian for the last forty years of his life and have brought many people to know God through his life and the work God gives him to do, he is now eighty five years old. We had often had this same conversation about this question and I do not hesitate in telling him God's wisdom and answer that our Lord and Savior reveals to me.
         My friend has never had trouble talking to strangers about our Savior's salvation in the cross of Jesus Christ. He does not talk to his family  in fear they may reject him and leave him without acceptance within his family. I told him their is no sacrificing yourself if you do not have to sacrifice your comfort in your own acceptance from people. God's grace and love out weighs any acceptance you receive from your closest family and friends.  I told my friend I would rather be alone with God's grace than be  with the whole world and their love for me and not know God's growing grace living inside me.  This is why so many Christians today do not grow in an abundant life because they do not sacrifice themselves to God when it comes to their families and friends.  Some Christians sacrifice themselves with church members thinking it is their duty but to sacrifice their families is another matter. This is why Jesus says we must sacrifice our mother, father and brothers first, meaning our families. We do not pick when and where we are used, the devil lives everywhere and where we receive the presence of God within us first, that is the first place we are to begin.Jesus told us if He is not more important then them we cannot be his disciples because their is no sacrificing yourself for Him to care for them, you are afraid. You are showing Him you have no faith in Him being their salvation through letting Him speak through you in planting the seed, no matter what their heart condition is, your heart condition is what matters to God. If you let Him speak through you they may hear, see and open their hearts because of his words spoke through you or they may not but you continue to love them no matter their reaction toward you, this is how the grace of God works through you. He guards your heart always, what people say and do does not affect you, their is no condemnation in Jesus Christ, all are perfect in Christ Jesus no matter if they know it or not you do and we continue to pray and speak when God tells us too for all people especially our families we love most.   Luke 5v10 Then Jesus said to Simon, "Don't be afraid: from now on you will catch men. v11 So  they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him.  The question is, have you left everyone and everything above Him? Your past acceptances defining who you are? If not, do not be afraid go to Jesus and receive His grace that surpasses every thing and everyone we may be getting our acceptance from over Him, His love never fails us and brings us way above anything in the world. It does not matter if you know Him at the age of nine or ninety it is the Holy Spirit through the cross of Christ that gives us our acceptance!                                                                                                                  

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