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Who's words are you hearing and who's are you practicing?

Good morning! Grace and peace to you in abundance from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! Today we are testing ourselves with God's definition of Lord.
Luke 6v46 Why do you call me, "Lord, Lord, and not do what I say?"
These are some of Jesus' most powerful words that tells us about you we are? A good question that opens up our hearts and reveals who we are not so we can get back to Him where we are suppose to be. The definition of Lord in the Hebrew language is a person who makes your decisions for you, who provides for you, someone you can trust, and someone who you honor above all else.Some of the early families  would call their fathers Lord or master over their family. Some still do.They would tell you what to do and you would have to do it or face prison, death or be banished from the family. Of course their were some horrible kings or Lords over Israel, Judah, and in families along with some good ones that walked with God. The righteous line that leads to Jesus  was made up of all sorts of people that repented and came to know our God by changing their lives.Some started of as murderers, prostitutes, adulterers, and liars.. There are still horrible people ruling the world today listening to the wrong voices inside them along with some good ones that have repented and changed their lives. There is a Lord and a fool in all of us. Which proves practice is not always good if you are not practicing the right way and with the right instructor. Practicing the wrong way can lead you thinking you are doing right but who and what you practice will lead you to what lord you are listening to in your life. When we read these words from our Lord Jesus Christ it is different from any other Lord we make in our families, ourselves or in the world.He is the Lord of all Lord's in our lives. The truest definition of Lord is Him fulling all requirements of a perfect Lord and we know this by our obedience to His love that guards our hearts. For His love to guard our hearts we have to go down deep within ourselves to find it. Past all the other lords in our lives that come before Him mostly the lord we make in ourselves. When we go down deep within our hearts and are touched by His love that goes beyond any love we can ever experience. He truly is going to be what we build our lives on by His words. We truly will practice what He says because His grace guides our hearts, we are kept in a secure place and want to be kept there all of our lives. We will be living out our lives building on the foundation of love that He first gives us.  His gift of growing faith makes us like a tree that produces good things that His love stores up in our heart to be endlessly poured out for others. He is disappointed and not pleased at all in those that call Him Lord and do not do what He says. What does He say?  He tells us to have faith in Him being our  one and only true Lord that guides us and makes our decisions for us because  our natural heart will not make the right decisions for us, it can't, it is deceived and corrupted by sin.We willingly give up ourselves for His use to make us His reborn children of God. His plans and His ways are what is best for us. We know He is our Lord because we know Him as our Lord not as a person that only blesses us, or a person that saves us from trouble, but as our Lord of our inner voice. He provides us all we need to be complete and live a abundant and glorious life full of peace, hope and full assurance He is the Lord over our lives inside and out. He gives us all we need to be all we need to be inside. We receive Him and His nature to be the Lord over our flesh, or natural being. We submit our spirit to Him as our life giving Lord that rules over our thoughts and gives us a renewed and flawless mind. He is Lord of Lord's and King of Kings. The Alpha and the Omega, the great comforter and provider of all the universe. I call Him Lord because what He says is the most important voice in my life, and if I do make a mistake and not hear his voice over all the others, He says He will forgive me when I ask Him for forgiveness. Still sometimes because of His great mercy and grace I feel His love the moment I am disappointed in myself for sinning against Him. While my heart is breaking for disappointing Him sometimes I feel His mercy and forgiveness without me asking. His peace over flows in my heart and the guilt is immediately  gone. He knows what I need; He is my Lord providing it sometimes without asking. When you hear Jesus ask you this question it is not to condemn you it is to save you from the way you are going form the wrong voices you are listening to. Turn around and listen to His voice. Practice only what He says.Learn His voice by praying to Him and reading His word for the purpose of knowing Him as your Savior, Lord, friend and Father. He is all these relationships to us, the perfect Father is the perfect friend, Savior and Lord of our lives and we listen to this ONE for our own good and for the good of others.

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