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Many deceivers are in the world, are you being deceived?

Good morning! Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Today we are discussing deception. Mathew 24v4 Jesus answered: Watch out that no one devices you.

 The devil is always going to try to deceive us as long as we are living in this world some fall into His deceiving power and become his deceivers without realizing it. Others hold on to the faith in our Lord God and Savior in what He tells them that reveals His truth and gifts of Himself that  we receive that overcomes the lies.

(2 John 7 Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the Antichrist. Watch out that you do not loose what you have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully.) 

Jesus also says they will be among us, 

( Matthew 7v15 "Watch out for false prophets, They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly the are ferocious wolves.)  

That is why we need each other to remind ourselves of Satan's deceiving power and God gives us the power to recognize the lies within ourselves or to recognize it in others that are being deceived for both of our benefits.

 It is up to them if they hear the truth of our Lord or not but His love compels us to always speak His truth no matter their response. We receive more of Him each time was are obedient by faith we receive in pleasing Him for the building up of His Kingdom. 

These are some He has revealed to me through circumstances and relationships in my own life for my and your benefit which his love compels us to share.  Please feel free to share yours with me and others so we all can learn more of His truths to grow more in faith in Him being all we need for this life he has so graciously given us. He has proven these truths in His word, within me and all around me through my own circumstances and relationships which He has given me more faith through each one in a very short time compared to most. You can learn the truths as quickly as you deny the lies and receive more faith in Him. He will always prove His truth and give you circumstances to prove it, let His love always guide you into knowing who He is he would much rather you not to suffer needlessly.

Lie- Wisdom comes with age.
Truth- True wisdom comes through the Holy Spirit when you deny your natural wisdom being foolish compared to His at your own self denying age.
(Scripture Job 32v8  and 1 Timothy 4v12)

Lie- We need to save money for our retirement.
Truth- We need to give our surplus today to help others. We store up our  provisions in Heaven by giving to others out of the faith and grace giving our Father has given us. He provides for us as we provide for others always. That is what FAITH in believing in His grace is.
(Scripture Luke 12v13-21, Matthew 6v25-14, Ecclesiastes 5v19, Corinthians  9v6-14)

Lie-Work to make money
Truth- We will commit all work to Him as if we were working for Him from the love we receive.  Money is only a resource to use for His glory not something we rely on. When we commit our work to Him we will always be blessed in our work so we can be generous to everyone.
(Scripture Colossians 3v23, Proverbs 16v3, Deuteronomy 8v17-20)

Lie-Love only people who love you.
Truth- When God's love and grace touches you through the faith He gives you His love is enough to love the whole world through you, you will see the whole world differently through His eyes and will be able to love your enemies and bless them. So He will be known as our Lord and God that loves the whole world and everyone will worship Him.
(Scripture Matthew 5v43-47, Romans 12v14)

Lie- Only care about yourself. If everyone took care of themselves no one would have to worry about each other.
Truth- God's interest in the world around you will become your interest in the world around you. God is interested in every living soul.
(Scripture Philippians 2v19-23, 2 Corinthians 5v20, Matthew 28v19-20, John 21v16)

Lie-Have faith only in your natural self and only trust your own natural mind. 
Truth-Never trust your natural flesh the good or the bad. Both are self-seeking wanting to lift you up instead of lifting God up. Trust only in God and your relationship to Him so He can guide you and reveal the true path He has created for you to follow.
(Scripture 1 Corinthians 3v19, Proverbs 3v5-6, John 15v5, Philippians 3v1-11)

Lie- You have the natural power to control your own circumstances and relationships.
Truth- Learn to listen to Him. You have given Him the right to make your choices for you. When you do listen let His faith give you the confidence to know He has control of your circumstances and relationships. They will no longer have the power to control you, you have the power through Christ to control yourself through them which gives Him the power to change each one. He works through you and all around you to prove He is who He says He is within you for the world to see.
(Scripture Romans 8v6, Mathew 26v29, Romans 8v28-39)

Lie-Working for God is what you do for Him.
Truth- Working for God comes from what you are to Him through your own relationship. He works through you as an instrument of service not from your own mind, for your own purpose,  and choice of work you are comfortable doing naturally. His work always takes you beyond yourself, he constantly changes you through it and changes his work through you as your relationship grows. He works through you the more you are invisible the more He works and completes His purpose in your life and the more complete you are within yourself. He always gets the glory for the work He does through you not you or others.
(Scripture 1 Peter 4v11, Galatians 2v20-21, 1 Corinthians 15v10-11, Acts 17v25-28, 2 Thess 1v11-12)

Lie-The more people that boast about you and you boast about, the more you are loved.
Truth- The more faith you have in God's love for you the more you are fulfilled in His acceptance and what people may say will not have an effect on you in longer. Although he will confirm his truth through them for you it will only confirm what He has revealed to you now or will if you are relying only on His words speaking through them. It will always reveal His truth not yours or theirs but His through them.
(Scripture 2 Corinthians 6v11-18, John 15v20, Mathew 5v10, 2 Timothy 3v12, Luke 10v16-24)

Lie-If people do not love you, you are not being Christ like. 
Truth-They will always be people who will persecute His righteousness in you and your faith in Jesus Christ our God and Savior, it isn't you they dislike it is His conviction they are disliking because He reveals the truth always and sometimes His truth will create a division.
(Scripture 2 Corinthians 6v11-18, John 15v20, Mathew v10, 2 Timothy 3v12)

Lie-Avoid His truth, it may hurt someone's feelings or they may reject you. 
Truth-If you are close to our God and denied any flesh having power over you, with a growing relationship He will always use you to bring others close to Him that are not. He never puts you in a place He cannot work through you when you have fully surrendered to Him. This may be in your own family, church, community or around the world. If He is revealing you a lie someone is living you must put pleasing Him over pleasing them for both of your benefits. It hurts both of you more with your relationship with Him for not telling and hurts them because you have kept them from not hearing His truth from them so they could benefit in knowing Him more. God will find someone else you will never stop His work to tell them for their benefit, but you have to grow by telling if He has asked you too and He has given you the opportunity by revealing the lie in the first place. If you are not seeing this lie and someone does and is obedient in telling this soul this should reveal God is not growing in you as He should be, you maybe putting people and others before Him. Their response is not our concern that is up to them and God with their own relationship but yours will be secure because you will pray for them and continue blessing them. There is no bitterness only love received by our Father. It is up to each soul if they accept His love or not.
(Scripture Galatians 1v10 John 3v21, John 4v23, James 1v18)

Lie-We have to wait to be separated from sin and suffering as a part of our lives, we can never overcome it and win victory over it. We have to wait until we get to Heaven before we are separated from it.
Truth- He takes us to Heaven now through His Holy Spirit it is us that keep ourselves connected to the world we live in by our own sinful nature not being fully crucified holding power over us. There is always going to be temptations that hold us by its gravity pulling us down to the fallen world but take heart our Savior has overcome the fallen world now this minute, hour and day.
We will always have trouble but it will not effect us any more He lifts us above it by the faith we receive and the power to remove it. Our feet may be on earth but our Spirit is in Heaven and we are made into His image now this day everyday we are decreasing as He increases in us with His immeasurable power that can make the impossible possible.
(Scripture 1 John 3v7-10, Hebrews 12v1-17, 1 Peter 1, 2 Thessalonians 3v3)

Lie- We are not made Holy now we have to wit until we get to Heaven to be made Holy.
Truth- We are made Holy more and more everyday as our relationship with Him grows by His gift of faith and His gifts given and the love we share.Not that we have attained all that we are going to be but I would not ever tell Him what He cannot and can accomplish in me always holding on to His Spirit guiding me each day and creating me into His image.
(Scripture 1 Peter 1, Matthew 5 1-16, Colossians 2v9-12)

Lie-What we receive from our genealogies in behavior and heath controls our own future in health and behavior. 
Truth-God gift of faith in receiving His grace that is living and empowering us is sufficient enough to over power any behavior or any heath geologies.
(Scripture 1 Timothy 1v3-7, Titus 3v9)

Lie-Your own love is enough for you, your family and others.
Truth-Your natural own love is only self seeking and your love for others will come back and crush you. God's love never leaves you and always loves you and others in the most acceptable and most excellent way. It always grows and never fails us, and it is always without fear.
(Scripture Romans 3v9-19, 1 Corinthians 13, 1 John 4v19)

There is plenty of scripture that reveals all of these truths and they are many more He reveals daily so keep telling and proclaiming His truths He gives you so others will not keep living in deception if they are unaware they are and are willing to follow His truth, so all of us can experience the life He has created for them.
Peace and love always  with many prayers, Vicki Gann




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