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How does Jesus help us with our unbelief?

Good afternoon everyone! Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Today we are going to discuss our unbelief  and how Jesus Christ helps us with that.

Mark 9v23 "If you can?" said Jesus, "Everything is possible for him who believes." 

This statement sounds like all I do is  believe and Jesus will heal me. Can we naturally believe in Jesus? Doesn't this man tell Jesus he does believe, but ask Him to help his unbelief at the same time? This sounds like this man wants to believe but he can't believe at the same time, as if  he needs Jesus to help him believe. Don't we need Jesus to help us believe because we know on our own we do not know the love, and grace that gives us our faith in His nature living in us that gives us our belief.

Let us go back in time with our Lord on the day when there was a man that had a son that was afflicted by an evil spirit. The evil spirit tried to kill the mans son often by drowning him from throwing him in water and by burning him from throwing him into fire. 

 Many of our souls are all drowning in our efforts of saving ourselves and creating our own Jesus and God. Souls  are burning up from endless searching for His love and acceptance from other idols including ourselves, putting others above Him,  and using our own understanding and wisdom. It is not flesh and blood we fight with it is the evil spirit we let consume us like cancers. Some we know and some are deceiving us telling us lies we have turned into our truths. How long has the self-righteous been self-righteous saving themselves and creating their own Jesus and how long are the lost going to search? "O unbelieving generation" Jesus replied, "how long shall I stay with you?" We do not know how long we will be able to turn to Him and how many opportunities we have left to turn to Him, but we do know he is here now this minute for us to turn to Him and accept Him as our Savior and ask Him to help us with our unbelief by giving us His.
This man asked Jesus to take pity on him and show him mercy. Do we know we are poor? Do we know Jesus has to take pity on us because we are not able to save ourselves. This man knew he was nothing and hopeless and could do nothing to save his son. Jesus asked him the question the man asked him as if to say, "If I can help you? Do you know who I am?"

 Of course the man could not know who Jesus was truthfully, he was  hoping with all the healing he was doing and the healing he heard and saw, he could possibly help his son be rescued from this evil spirit that had taken over his son. This man could not know then but he could know after the cross and I am sure He truly knew after the cross as we can truly know after the cross. The boy was healed by the power of God through Jesus and now we are healed from the same power through our own relationship of prayer with Him.

We are all God's sons that the evil spirits has taken over by our sinful nature and if we know Jesus enough to ask Him,  "Is it possible, could you take pity on my soul, could you show me mercy and save me from the evil in myself, the world and Satan, "I believe as much as I can, but can you help me with my unbelief because I need help because my belief cannot sustain me, I need your belief, I need the gift of you within myself to give me belief. I need you!"

This boy was healed by the power of prayer from our Lord and Savior and the boys father giving up himself and his sinful nature by asking God to have pity on his soul. The boy was healed by the power of prayer from our Lord and Savior, from the relationship Jesus had with His Father this same relationship we can have through Him being our Savior. We can be saved from our souls burning and drowning from our own efforts by receiving Him as our one and only Savior!

After Jesus rose from the dead and was glorified for dying for the will of His Father taking on all our sins upon himself for His glory and purpose we too were able to crucify our sinful nature.  He is able to take pity on our souls and give us the same relationship of prayer He had with His Father that can heal all the evil spirit in us because he loves us as he loves his first and Holy Son. Through Him we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit the same Spirit Jesus had to pray to the Father , the same Spirit that gave Him his belief we have. When we receive Him as our Lord and Savior we also receive His belief, his confidence, his nature and  his authority to pray and intercede for others. The greatest of all gifts is his love that compels us to move, live and give up our will, soul, body and spirit to Him.

IF your soul is at a place in your life you are burned out from searching for true acceptance and love of who you are, and if you are drowning in your efforts trying to sustain yourself, then bow down to the cross. Ask the Lord our Savior to have pity on your soul and save you from your sinful nature that allow the evil spirit in to drown and burn your soul to death. Let our one and only Savior save you and heal you by His belief you can only have when you receive Him.

Let Him have pity and mercy on your soul, and everything you thought could not be possible in you, through you and all around you he will make possible so you can give Him the glory and the praise! He will be one with you as He is with His Son and their love goes way beyond what you can ever humanly experience to be possible and it forever grows. He loved us enough to give His Son to us so He could love us as His son, now we truly can believe because we have His belief!!

Read Mark 9 

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