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Are some of us letting the cares of this world take over our faith?

Good morning, grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

This morning first thing before my cup of coffee I got a phone call from a friend that was out of town. She was concerned about her 25 year old son she left at home because he was not answering his phone. She wanted me to go to her house and knock  on the door to wake him up because he had a important presentation he was suppose to be giving at his place of employment this morning. Of course I went to her house and knocked on the door. There were two cars in the drive way, the dog was barking in side and there was no answer. He was there but he was not coming to the door.

My dear friend has had a life of sorrow for the last several years. She had breast cancer, her husband died of cancer and her cancer has returned. Her daughter has made some bad life choices along with her son. She still holds herself responsible for their lives as  many of us do when we truly do not give them to God in faith as His responsibility in raising them through us. She still holds her self responsible for waking him up in the morning. She still holds herself responsible for leading him and she depends on his income to support them because she is ill and cannot work due to her recurring cancer. She worries about how they live, dress, walk and talk. She worries constantly about dying and leaving them alone without her to guide them the way they should go. She holds everything in and never gives anything to God and it shows by her heavy heart and load she carries alone.

She is like some of us in this world that have let the cares of this world swallow them up inside. She cares how she looks to the point she will not wear white in winter only in summer, because people may think she as no fashion sense. She will not go without a wig or a hat she is scared how people will see her without any hair. She always feels like she is being stared at so she constantly stares at others. She worries about her yard and her house being seen out of order by the people that drive by. She worries about wearing proper dress at each function she is invited to and not wanting to show people she is not ethically taught in her up bringing. She worries about  workman working on the power lines on our  street. She worries about the empty lot where the school buses park when someone walks through it. She worries constantly about the choices her children make and why they are making them. She cares about what her mother thinks of her to the point she lets her mother upset her often to the point of tears and a great deal of anxiety and bitterness grows. She constantly worries about her finances by figuring out what she can do to improve them. These are just a few cares of this world that she has let come between faith in knowing God. These cares come before His relationship and He cannot free her from any of them. Each of us have different cares in the world and Christ will reveal each one we are to give to Him if He is our first care we care about. " But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. This means if I am first  thinking of Him through the Holy Spirit of truth, I am relying on Him and all I care about in this world He will be taking care of His perfect way." I too had many cares that were crushing me in life and finally I gave all myself and all my cares in my life to my Savior Jesus Christ by His gift of faith and He was pleased to take my sinful nature and give me His Spirit and my cares to prove His glory in me and my life. It is my most important relationship in my life and that is why I am reborn and redeemed along with my cares in this world by what He gives me of Himself. All praise and glory go to Him as My God, Father and Savior all the days of my life through each care of this world.

My dear friend has told me many times she has faith in God and the next sentence it is a care and worry she has not given Him. Worry and cares of this world do not mix with God's faith, it is impossible to mix worry, doubt and unbelief with God's faith. Either you have His faith or you don't and the cares of this world will always reveal if you truly have received God's gift of faith or not. It is a much needed test to prove His faith in you is real but many are not realizing the test because they do not know who he is. If you have peace through your circumstances and your cares of this world then your faith is genuine and real, then His peace and love will guide your heart. If it is not genuine and the most real relying source of your assistance then  worry, doubt or fear will take over and pull you down in despair always. We all have a chance to turn to Him and let Him  give us faith to take our cares away if we acknowledge Him as our Lord and are relying on Him and His relationship being the only one that can fill our soul with His peace and blessed assurance. He will always lift you above the cares of this world but you have to turn to Him and receive His faith in what he is telling you and His love that opens your heart in receiving His.

We who are in Jesus Christ will always teach our children His way of going with faithful instruction he gives us for them because it is always His way we are going ourselves. With our total faith in Him giving us all we need for this life within ourselves,  and all around us, or this instruction will back fire on us and it will not work because God only works through us. If He is not working through us in our relationship with Him, no one else will benefit from His work. "So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you." Through me giving Him myself he gives life to you. There is a time when our children will no longer look to us for guidance, they will look to God only. Then we will give each other guidance through Him in unity, because he will be working through one another. This is how we are to live as a family unit, then church, then community, nation and world. Although some in the family, church, community, nation and world will not accept Him I am sadden to say His wrath will remain on them.

I told my dear friend we to have faith in God alone and give Him the cares of our heart when it comes to our children or any care we may have. When they have grown up to the point to make their own choices in life we have to step out of God's way and trust in Him as we trust Him in us. We always will instruct them in the way they should go but we do not control them on how they will go or when to go, if we think this way the cares for our children will crush us.  I told her to let her son mess up on his own if that is the way he wants to live, she had to stop waking him up as if he was still a young child cutting his meat so he will have to depend only on his mother, as she depends only on her son. He has to learn for himself how important our Lord is in His life because he has to learn his own relationship with God is the most important as she does her self.

My friend went on to tell me her son had called her early in the morning at 2:00 am, he had been drinking and had a huge argument with his 22 year old sister on the phone. She asked him why he was doing this on a Tuesday night when he had to get up the next morning to do a presentation and go to work? She went on and told me he could not loose his job! I asked her has she ever asked Him who in life does he rely on? Who does he have faith in? What relationship in life means most to Him? If we ask these questions to our children then the answers will reveal their sufferings and cares of this world that have taken them over and let swallow them up.

To be parents our Lord works through, we first have to ask ourselves these questions and if we are in Christ the answers will be Him and only Him above all else because we know He cares for us when we give our cares to Him, and He proves to us He cares for us a lot better than we can care for ourselves. He is our God and we are His sons, and daughters he loves and works in and through. We are free from all other cares of this world no matter how small or big they seam to us they are all small to take care of by Him. He is our only true favor and acceptance and He is the only one that we have to please. He is the pure peace in our souls that His presence can only give us through all the cares of this world!

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