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We begin with a revelation

Good morning to all, grace and peace in abundance from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Many of us today compare our works, compare our spiritual growth, compare our wisdom and knowledge as we communicate through our human natural body, spirit and souls. We begin to do things and give up things while we try to make ourselves a plan to follow. We make one good moral choice after another. We grow from our pain and our suffering for one purpose, for us, for our own growth in who we are making ourselves to be.

Many of us have visions to follow, dreams we create and dreams we make ourselves and follow them diligently with a human spirit that reaches far to the very end of our finger tips. We have fear of the world, fear of ourselves, and fear of failure equipping us to always move on and many of us today through the world's eyes are very successful being praised more and more by the world every day. We shout from the roof tops and tell about those that say they admire us and how we have changed their lives. This we proclaim is the reason we do things, because they are changed by the person we have made for ourselves in who we are.We get lifted up by their praise. We are becoming a human breed of people that use people and circumstances to lift us up. Others less fortunate may see some us fighting for a name for ourselves. They look at that successful person and see the work they did, and the vision they had, and the name they want glorified and it is!  They are in turn inspired by that person to make a name for themselves. Whose name are they lifting up is their own, whose spirit are they glorifying is their own, whose vision and plan they are working hard to complete is their own.  Some of us today do this proclaiming there is no God and still others do this proclaiming there is a God while we do all this we believe he is blessing it because of what we have received from the world. His praise for His name is never glorified or is He ever mentioned!

Jesus began to denounce the cities in which most of his miracles had been performed, because they did not repent. Most of us know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the city God crushed and all died because of them going their own way, choosing their own vision and their own life style to follow. There was great success and comfort from others there some did not want to leave because of that, including Lot's wife. God turned her into a pillar of salt to show us when we rely on acceptance from another source, and going our own way we will be destroyed. It might look good and seam good, and we may seam strong but truly we do not have His peace and His love guiding us and giving us our full reward and acceptance by His grace. In our human wisdom and nature if  all was taken from us we would be in great despair and could not live without others acceptance or our own great accomplishments. Who of us can ever be separated from the acceptance of the world guiding us and giving us what we need? No one can, so what do we need to get past this bondage? A revelation from God! Jesus told the cities that denounced Him by not repenting and receiving Him He would denounce them and it would be more bearable for the cities that God crushed before he came than the ones that did not repent now since He had come. 

Mathew 11v25
At that time Jesus said, "I praise you Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, this was your good pleasure.

This tells us that God shows more mercy to those who did not know sin, that did not know the law because they had an excuse they did not know what sin was, and the moral law of works could not save them from themselves. But since Jesus came we have no excuse of knowing the difference in Him and our Sinful nature and for those that deny the cross in what God has done for them through Christ and do not repent for His sake it will be more bearable for all those other cities than it will be for you. This shows God judges all men from the beginning in different ways depending on what they know from what they have heard from God through His Son. We all can receive a revelation from God to repent if we do not deny what He gave us on the cross. His love. Through Christ we have no excuse because all have heard, because we receive God as we are His little children knowing we have to repent and receive His truth of who we are in Christ Jesus, in His name for His name sake to be glorified not our own. Do not let the god of this world block your hearing! 

So today has God given you a revelation for His good pleasure! Because you are His reborn child receiving His wisdom and understanding of who He is, so you too will repent for His name sake so you too can glorify Him for saving you. You can live way beyond your fingertips, and dream past your own accomplishments that go past your own imagination with a plan beyond your reach and He will do it! He loves to prove who He is if you are willing to let Him by Him being the only Lord of your life. Receive His faith that takes you beyond yourself. Not only external but internal because of His acceptance you do not need any other and no name other than His will be glorified. So others can be drawn to Him for Him to complete them, not to you. He will inspire them to follow Him through you for His good pleasure and He will reward you with His peace, faith, love, and guidance to live out your new life!!

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