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A story of My sweet Lord's Work

Last week, seven days ago exactly, I was taking a break from writing and decided to fix me something to eat. While I was eating I wanted to watch something worthwhile on T.V. Asking my Lord to help me choose something I could learn something more about Him through. His love has brought me to a place in my life that is all I want to do is to see, hear, and learn more about him from all that he has created. I was flipping through all the information of what was available on my T.V. and I was drawn to a documentary about a man named George Harrison, called, "Living in the Material world."

I was born in 1957 and I have heard of the band, "The Beatles", and had some of their albums growing up. Although music has not been an important passion in my life above others, I do, and have always liked all kinds that have touched me in a way only music can. I am not one of those that constantly have to have it playing, that goes to endless concerts and become what some call a "groupie" or a follower of a type of music that sometimes can loose control of their senses. I like all kinds of music has I have told you depending on the mood I am in. I may want my mood to be calmed or excited and there is always music to do both. 

We do desperately need people in the world that do have a passion for music because through their gift they are given messages to proclaim our needs that may change the listener to an enlighten state they had never had about themselves and the world we all live in. We are always touched by these people and their music that takes up deeper into our deepest thoughts we may have never faced about ourselves before in who we are or who we are not. I am sure the Beatles will tell you they had songs that entertained the feelings of the heart that may have went deeper than others. I believe as they grew as men quickly, without much choice because of the way they were thrown into the world through their gift, their music grew with them with deeper meanings. That is the Beatles magic or myth some may call it. I believe it came to them for a bigger purpose and I do not think they realized it and how big until it revealed itself. This is the point of God and His work. They put their hidden meanings in songs that others may not have been able to express or understand. They opened a door some of the world was not ready nor will they ever be ready to understand.This is the material world we all live int. It needed to be opened with truth and I for one am most grateful they had the courage God gave them through their talent to do it. We often go through life doing these amazing things and o not realize where all this amazement comes from. Although I truly believe each one of them knows now where all things come from, but some may have known before others. This is what good music does, and it can change the way a society thinks for HIS love and HIS peace to be known. That is why we need good song writers to express the truth they have been given through God, because some of us may not recognize it. 

I have already told you I have never had a great passion for music, but I have a huge desire and passion for knowing my Lord and the gifts he gives people in expressing His thoughts. This desire is given to all people who love Him and are seeking Him. If He is recognized in you he will use you for His purpose. It is our relationship with our Lord that gives us His interest in people. I can remember a time before I new Him personally, Jesus Christ, I did not care about others in their personal thoughts of truth, nor did I care what myself thought about truth. I thought I was truth, the way I made myself was who I was.I just wanted to live my way and complete what I thought for myself was important, my eyes were closed and my ears were blocked by my wants not the real truth I needed. I was living in the material world, the world we see, touch and feel. I truly did not think about why I was here, where I came from much less where I was going. I wanted to please others in their image of what they saw and my own image of myself  I wanted and I soon found out that was impossible to truly live by and have peace. We on our own do not know ourselves, much less trust others in what they may know.

 I also remember a time much earlier in life when I was very young when I did want to know all those answers to those questions but soon they were blinded by the world and what was in it. My sweet Lord returned those questions in my mind much later in life through sending me someone that spoke His truth at a time I could read his voice, and He my Lord opened my eyes. I envy those that are very young and get their questions answered by God through people that know His truth and do not let the world blind them or block their hearing. But I also know everyone is on their own journey in finding Him Our One true God through His Son Jesus Christ and all regret is gone once you embrace His love. I know my journey has brought me to where I am and I am very thankful my Lord did not give up on me, and from my own journey I am able to help others that might not read his call to follow Him. As soon as his grace touched my soul at a place He only can, I knew my eyes had been truly opened. I saw myself, and the world differently through His eyes. I was forgiven for all of my ignorant and foolish thinking, living and drifting apart from Him. Through His Son I could start my life as Him being my sweet Lord teaching me the truth about Him within me, his purpose and plan for my life. That is the way I thought of him immediately and gave Him my life to do as He saw fit. His love took me above and beyond myself for His people. When we say I give my life,  do we mean a moment in life or a life full of moments? When I told my Lord I was giving him my life, I meant every moment in my life, not the moment I choose but through the life of moments he gave.

I never thought of the Beatles much after 1969, they were just another group to me. The "Fab four" was not that important in my life, not enough to change it for the wrong or right reasons. I was a rebel but not the "music rebel". I would have never heard the words "Fab four" if I did not see this documentary. If someone would have asked me if I have ever heard of the Beatles, I would say of course I was born during that time. Still others that were not born in that time have heard of them because of their passion for meaningful music. The impact their music had on society was like no other. I knew the first names of Paul, John and Ringo because they are more in the media and have stories that have been publicized like John's death, and their work was more publicized along with their personalities. For someone to know the names and information about a band or musician they have to be very passionate about their music and about that person. Which every artist needs to build their platform from. Their gift has to touch a part of them that takes them beyond where they have been and each person as to have that desire to go beyond where they have been.

We often go through our lives saying we gain wisdom with age, but I believe through our circumstances God gives us His wisdom no matter what our age. Meaning we are all fools in His eyes until we recognize Him as our Savior, through Jesus Christ. Which many think is a bad thing, they are offensive when God tells them how foolish they are, but for God to tell us anything is always a good thing.  He knows us better than we know ourselves. It is only him that can go to the unsearchable part of our souls. If you do not want that part reached you will always live a fools life. God does not hold us responsible for our foolish nature of sin, but He does hold us responsible for not turning to Him to save it. Who are we to argue how He brought truth into the world, that is why it is good to admit how foolish we all are without Him. I suppose you are wondering why explaining my lack of passion for music is so important. It want you to understand it was not through the music I was drawn to this documentary. It was because of my passion for my Lord and Savior and through Him he has given me passion for his children. That is why I was drawn to this documentary.

As I pushed the "watch" button with my remote I had no idea of the journey He was leading me to. The journey my Lord would open my heart even deeper about Him and His work and how He uses people in the world. I would have never known the love of God through this  person called George Harrison and all the others God revealed. My sweet Lord revealed so much wisdom about His plan through these people about the world, Him and themselves  I would have never received without seeing this documentary. Oh how I wish I could sit down and talk to George, John, Ringo and Paul and have a real conversation with no pretense, no false agendas, no judgments, but only seeking and sharing a truth we all are seeking more of. A truth they were forced to realize at such an early age. This is why I believe  for all of them it was a blessing to begin this journey of the Beatles together as much as it was to end their journey together as a Beatle. Our Lord will always open and close a door with a much deeper reason than we realize. 

As I watched intently these very young and naive persons God created in this material world, and they were fully in all of it; deep in it. They were deep in the materiel world in what was seen by the human eye. I began to see how all of them became not of the world as they lived in it.I saw how God took them beyond them selves and opened up another world and how they were being used to open the eyes of others. No matter how the world turned or wanted them to turn, by using slander, pretense, greed, judgment and self seeking agendas, they fought for turning it in the right direction. They were the first o talk about, feel, sing and embrace true relationship with truth through peace and love through their music. They learned quickly the lie of the world, while fighting and searching for the truth and where it came from for each of them. I truly believe John and George know all truth now about our sweet Lord, because of their endless search to find Him. The Lord has revealed to me the other two will find Him as well, he has reassured to me that he has them through what this documentary has revealed. 

Through saying yes to my sweet Lord's lead in watching this documentary about this one person's life. I have learned more about Him, my Lord and His work, in how, what and who he uses to accomplish it. I also for the first time truly heard George's song, "My Sweet Lord" which took me into a deeper love for Him, my Lord in leading me to this documentary. That name is what I have called Him in my heart for several years. I know exactly George's deep feelings for our sweet Lord, he may have received His love in a different way, but I know the love we both share. The love that gives us faith that can move mountains and take away all fear. It is through His Holy Spirit that we can share the love he has for all people. Our Sweet Lord is covered up by the foolishness of the world and our own minds. I realized with great joy that our Lord wanted me to meet these souls. Even if it was on a documentary on T.V. his Spirit works through all things He creates. I met them and felt them as if they were sitting with me in my simple but comfortable living room. That is the amazing work of our sweet Lord giving us all gifts to reach each other through His life given Spirit. Their gift was and still is the gift of music, and their inner souls growing with their music that He our Lord can only have given them. He is the only one that creates His love in us that will lead us in the right direction. I listen to the song, "My Sweet Lord", often now. Even though he sings about another god or gods, I know the true ONE the words in my mind are proclaiming, and it brings me close to my Sweet Lord Jesus Christ every time. Through that song my Lord gave me a poem to write. I do not have the gift of singing like the Beatles, but God has given me the the gift to write the message he wants to proclaim. I hope you do not mind George that I used your title. I have a heart full of peace so I believe you are telling me that it is OK, after all He is the Lord of us all. I thank God for you George Harrison, Paul McCarthy, John Lennon and Ringo Starr for  bringing me closer to my sweet Lord through your life story and your music this far.  Through your story He has changed my life to be even closer than I was before, with a deeper loving relationship and that is why we are all here. If I do not ever see you in person, Paul and Ringo, though I am praying I will before my life here is over, I pray I will see you in Heaven along with your other friends, George and John. His peace and love we will always know and share. This is the poem God gave me to share from what He has given you.

My Sweet Lord

I see you Lord, I see you my sweet Lord,
forgive me, because it took me so long.

My sweet Lord, Oh my Lord.

I really wanted to see you all along.
I was searching is why it took me
so long.

My sweet Lord, Oh my Lord.

Now I see you, now I know you, it
won't take long, it won't take long.

My sweet Lord, Oh my Lord.

You have always been here but I 
could not here you. My sweet Lord,
Now I hear you, now I hear you, it won't 
take long.

I hear you in everything, and I see you everywhere.
Oh my Lord, my sweet Lord.
Oh, how I hear you, oh how I see you, ho how I know
you, my sweet Lord, oh my sweet Lord.

 His Peace and love to all always, written by God through Vicki Gann for all His people!

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