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A Story of a "Promise"

Once upon a time, not so very long ago as far as time goes, there was a young woman and a young man.  They both were very different in many ways. They also were the same in many ways. They both decided, with much love shared between them, they would share their lives, thoughts, feelings, and most of all their love for God through His Son Jesus Christ.

They both like doing certain things and they both disliked doing certain things.  One of the things the young woman didn't like to do was clean the bath tub.  One of the things the young man didn't like to do was wash his clothes.  The young woman and man made a promise to one another.  The young man made a promise to the women to always clean the tub.  The young woman made a promise to the man to always wash his clothes.  

As time continues on earth; many years went by.  The woman became overwhelmed with life and the growing children God had given the man and the woman.  She became heavy burdened and weak, not having any strength to complete her duties. She had no peace, and felt no comfort. She was consumed with worry and confusion.  She found herself unable to keep her promise to the man.  Instead the woman found herself keeping her feelings to herself, along with her thoughts. She closed her own heart by what she saw in the world.  All this caused her to quit sharing her love for God.  She had let all the cares of this world consume her and rob her of God's love. Her promise to the man no longer seamed important any longer.  She began relying on her own power to deal with everything but never truly getting any where. Her heart became more empty so she began filling it with other things in the world that brought her further away from God and the man.

The man kept cleaning the tub and asked the woman if she needed any help washing his clothes.  The man also continually reminded the woman God still loved her through His Son.  The man told her God wanted her to give all her problems and cares of this world to Him, Her Heavenly Father, because through his Son she had became his reborn daughter.  The man kept telling the woman to continue and not give up giving herself to him, and He would give her enough faith to believe all she needed would come from Him. God  would continue to give her endless strength, love and power that would more than just sustain her here on earth.  He would give her enough of Himself to take her past death into Heaven for eternity.

After a few months of the man continually telling the woman of all these promises God had for her, she asked the man, "Why would you still keep your promise to me after I broke mine with you, and why would you help me keep my promise to you?  The man answered the woman, " I kept my promise to you not because you promised me something, but because I love God and through me He keeps his promise to love you.  When you didn't keep your promise to me I knew there must be some reason.  I knew that reason must have been something that was taking you away from God, from the change in you. Because you were drifting away from God you also were drifting away from me. God knowing I would do anything for Him, knew I would continue to keep my promise. I ask to help you with yours through His grace, mercy and strength He was giving me. I was drawing you to Him and if you returned to Him I knew you would come back to me. I knew God and I wanted the same thing because I know God. The woman embraced the man and asked him to forgive her. The man told her he never found fault in her struggle, only His grace, mercy and truth.The man said, "God's promise for the coming of His Son is the greatest promise the world will ever receive, it is the most truest and real promise that will never be shaken."  The woman said to the man,"God through His promise of His Son at the cross is what brought us together and it would be only Him and the cross that would bring us back to each other." The woman and man embraced God's love deeper in their heart. She knew now she could keep her promise through all God would give her of Himself, as she continued to deny herself being in control, and relying on her own strength, God would continue to give her more faith in Him.

Each day the man and the woman grew in His faith as they grew in years, but the first love they both had in Him they never forgot and kept his love close to their hearts through out their lives and it continued to be their shield. They passed on the love that God gave them to each of their children.  Each of them embraced God's Holy Son Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, and His love washed over them at the cross. They also grew in His love and His faith. At the end of the man's and the woman's life not many in the world knew these two souls God had changed, but many knew God more in how He changed the world through His promise of His Son.  That to me is the only promise worth keeping.

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top quality essay on Friday, August 10, 2018 1:11 AM
Author said that here is a story behind a promise. That promise is really more important because no one can complete its promise in time. And that is the reason author show whole story behind it.
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julietkirwan on Friday, December 7, 2018 4:21 AM
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