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Has God's power left you to touch someone else?

Good morning to all, grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

This morning when my husband left for work around 6:15 a.m., I began praying for his safe passage to work as I do every morning, but this morning I had an encounter with my Lord and felt his power in and all over my body for my husband I had not experienced fully before.I looked at my clock so I would not forget the time this encounter took place, it was 6:38 a.m.  My mind received these thoughts instantly, "Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me."

Luke 8:46 But Jesus said, "Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me."

I am going to take you back in time with me about a month and a half ago in where I was in my marriage. I was in great despair in wanting my husband , Richard, to truly understand the grace and mercy of our God through His first Holy Son Jesus Christ. We had been married thirty years, and 29 of those years we were lost to our Savior and our true selves, not being one in mind, desires and thoughts as a married couple. We loved each other but we had accepted the pit we had become living in as our lives, and waded in the muck for the last 29 of our thirty years not realizing there was so much more in life and in ourselves that we were missing together. We let each other live separate lives together. Despite the fact I had received my Savior ten years ago, and Richard had a brief encounter with our Savior about twenty years ago, our Savior had not become the center of our lives together at the same time. 

Richard did not keep close what God first had given him through His Son when he first met him over twenty years ago. Richard had let the cares of this world quickly snatch our Saviors words and what he was was offering Him from his mind and heart. During our 30 years of marraige we both had two children together,(I had a son from a previous marriage) bills and jobs. We both have had afflictions, trails and sins that have multiplied due to our rebellion and not receiving what He was offering. We have had huge financial difficulties and we have had great financial breakthroughs we have overcome ourselves, and giving ourselves the credit for all we had done. 

When I had received my Savior ten years ago, I did not let what He had given me from the first moment I received Him go anywhere from my mind and heart. We all can give all to Him but not all will, this is our own personal relationship with Him. Each person is different but he is not. I have  held on to Him for life, and I meant for life when I gave my life to Him. A life consists of moments our Lord gives us now.  His grace had a huge effect on me, and once His grace touched my heart I did not let anything or anyone separate what He had given me.  He gave me what I needed to keep Him close, as He does with every person each day during test after test of proving his love is true and real. Not all will keep him above all else in what He gives. Some would rather keep what they choose over him. The cares of this world, my sins, trials and afflictions was no match for what He had given me of himself. I was at the end of my search and had found what I was looking for all of my life, His love, and gifts of himself from the cross fulfilled all I needed within myself. I did not put anything or anyone above Him from the first moment I received Him and His faith in His Father he had given me led me to every moment in life I faced. I knew my husband would someday see the change in me and embrace what God had given me of himself for His glory and praise. I knew Richard would want to have what our Savior had given me in the fullness of His Son at the cross. I did not know when and how but I knew God would draw Richard to Christ some way.

When my husband and I got married 30 years ago, we both loved each other very much deep from our souls. We both had been married before and knew this love we had was different. We knew God had brought us together but neither of us knew God personally. The circumstances were proof in how God brought us together. We both knew a higher power other than ourselves was involved. We did not know the Bible at all, we did not go to church, nor did we seek to know him, but we knew enough to know something greater than ourselves had given us a gift of love we had never experienced before. 

I know many of you are going to say, "Vicki, it is a process in getting to know him, that is how he works." It does not matter how he works or if we know he is doing the work, if we do not acknowledge him personally by his love entering our hearts all the other knowledge we know of him will not matter. We can know many things about God but if we do not know him personally all those other things we know about him does not matter. We can live out our lives knowing he created the earth, created us and created all the stars and moon but if we do not know Him personally the other knowledge we know about him will not reveal ourselves in who we truly are loved by him and how we truly love him. There are many gods in this world but only one Savior. 

The cross is the only way we can truly know God in who he is within ourselves in how he truly created us to be and live out our lives here and for eternity. We have to keep what He gives us of Himself daily at the cross to truly know His potential within ourselves. The way we keep Him close is by denying what is not Him in us, and He gives us that truth within ourselves when we receive Him to share  that truth with others. Richard had not repented  from what he needed to give up above God because of the cares of this world, and Richard keeping his own desires in coping with this world he wanted to keep above our Savior doing all the coping. A classic example of letting go and letting God again proven to be the hardest thing a person has to do.

One of those desires Richard had found to help him with the cares of this world above God was beer. It was a habit he did want to get away from but on his own terms. The habit he let turn into an addiction had taken over his mind and body and I wanted no part of. This is what divided us as a husband and wife along with other cares and worries for all of those years, but this one was the most powerful in controlling Richards body and mind. I had been praying for 10 years for my husband, and going to church without him. I was praising God alone, reading my Bible alone, and praying alone. Richard tried many times to please me but with out  true peace. Richard supported my ministry, my writing and what God was giving me as long as I would leave him alone and let him live like he wanted to.This broke my heart more and more everyday. I could not sit and watch any longer someone I loved as much as I loved him drawn in the pit he had created for himself. More importantly God could not watch without a true sacrifice showing his faith given to me for Richard was genuine. I had to show God I could sacrifice myself for my husband. Much like the women had to sacrifice her comfort in the crowd to prove the faith he had given her was genuine. This is why his power was released, she sacrificed her own comfort for his faith he had given her.You cannot please God without His gift of faith he has freely given you at the cross.

A month and a half ago from this day I stepped out in God's gift of faith and left. I went nine hours away from home to live with my grown daughter and my three year old granddaughter. There were a hundred comfortable reasons to stay, but I know I had to give up myself for God to work through me for Richard. I kept telling Richard over and over before I left many words of love God had for him, but one day God is going to give me the courage to leave him, and he will live alone. That day came and I was gone, and Richard was alone. Our son Avery was in college, and my daughter lived nine hours away. After a week of being angry, resentful and prideful, God put my husband on his knees. Richard could no longer function, could think, or live without thinking of what we meant to one another through what God was giving Him. He repented of all his sinful nature, and the cares of this world he had put above our creator. Richard then called me and told me about his repented heart and how he wanted to change for God and to know his love everyday. Not only did God work through my absence in Richard's heart he was working on me in giving me the love I had been missing for my husband. I saw my husband in a new light, not only because he had changed his mind or heart but because God had given me more of his love in my own heart for Richard. His power of love and faith was leaving both of us through Him for one another. I could feel God's grace and power leaving me for Richard, and Richard could feel His power leaving him for me.

This morning I was touched by my husbands love and my love for my husband in a new way through the power of Christ while I prayed for his safe journey to work. I have always loved my husband but through this experience God worked more of himself in both of us. I am at home now with Richard after a month of waiting on God to bring us together. The power I feel and experience when I pray for Richard now touches my body in a new way. My Lords power leaves me through prayer and my husband receives it. It feels like every breath is full of love, every bone, and every pore on my skin is enriched by my Savior's touch when I think of Richard or pray for him. I feel His power has gone out of me toward my husband and His power through my husband touches me. We both are one with our Savior being our only Savior and Lord. God truly proves his power in a marriage when they truly both give themselves to Him.We both are now wanting to share our thoughts and struggles in who brings us together in one thought, that leads us out of our trails in what he gives us of Himself. It is a new marriage, a new life together and individually sharing what he gives each of us on his given days that grow in his love, faith and hope. We are growing in our true selves by His faith we share with one another.We now know the love that brought us together was His and it would be His that brought us together again and this time we would keep what He was giving us both!  A true man and woman made one with God's power leaving him and growing in one another no man can bring apart!

I have lived alone in my home for ten years with God sharing with others his love but now I live with my husband Richard sharing with Him God's true and amazing love that leaves all of us and touches each other. 

What amazing future he has planned for each of us together! I cannot wait and see what He has planned for us together for the first time!!!  It is never to late in a persons life to give themselves to God totally without excuse, and two is always better than one to share his love with!!

I like to thank God for all of you that prayed for our relationship. By His power in your prayers they touched us, and he proved His power working in all of us! One of my next books God led me to write through Richards suggestion is, "While you were in her you were working on me", this can also be said through a husband of God. "While you were in him you were working on me." This message will let everyone know if you truly belong to God He will always work through you for others his way and through his time. What an amazing message of hope, love and wisdom he has given us to share with others no matter who they are.

His love and peace always.

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bestdissertation on Monday, September 3, 2018 2:43 AM
Unbelievable update that is heart touching and lots of people would inspire through. I must appreciate you man and you must be motivation lots of people. But now today’s generation really need such wise suggestions.
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Viba on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 4:49 AM
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