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"What does it mean to be more than conquerors"

Good morning to all, grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today I realized through an amazing conversation with a beloved friend God's love for me raised to a much higher level. We were discussing  a problem she was having. She began to tell me how she was not going to let this problem over take her. She was going to think positive, she was going to conquer this problem and walk away from it a stronger person. She said, "Life gives us problems but through our own determination we can conquer any problem that comes our way, and come out a stronger person because of it." 

Many people may cheer great cheers for this person and be conquerors themselves, let me tell you that this person does not believe in God through Jesus Christ our Lord, she believes mankind can make themselves rise up to face and conquer any problem. I continually tell her she is right, all humans can be conquerors, they can make themselves strong enough to handle most any problem. I know people with cancer, and all kinds of sickness that do not know God, some are celebrities the whole world can see, admire, and follow. 

They make themselves have a positive outlook, keep their minds fit by  fighting negative thoughts with their positive thoughts daily. It has come a common practice today to look at the human spirit of man as an amazing conqueror of problems, trails, and transgressions of all types and shapes. 

She has continually told me through life we all can learn from mistakes and problems life gives us each day, we can make ourselves be great conquerors! "This is true my friend," I told her. So she asked, "Well, what is the difference in a human spirit being all it needs to be to conquer life and it's problems, than being a Christian? Why do I need Jesus Christ, if I can conquer all things in life myself?"

I looked at her with deep compassion and said, " When we are in our human spirit and soul as everyone is born in, His love draws us from the cross, we go to him willingly by His love drawing us, and we surrender all to Him because through that love and forgiveness we are made new by His free gift of himself living in us, we know we are more than conquers in Him. She asked, "What does that mean, you, as a Christian, are more than conquerors? Why do you need to be more than conquerors?" I said, "Because through His Spirit within us we receive at the cross, his love for us takes us beyond our trials, beyond the cares of this world, beyond death, beyond ourselves and beyond anything in creation! We live now with his love, faith and hope that lives on for eternity. We are more than just conquerors, we have the power of his love now that guards our heart from all things of this world for eternity.

Romans 8:37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

I told her having God's love and grace he gives us through His Son over powers any fear, sadness, or fight we may have within ourselves to fight this fight; He fights it for us through His power within us, we surrender our human spirit and will to that power He gives us, and we are free in his faith, love and hope to face all that comes. His will becomes our will. He gives us joy as we fight the fight with his gift of faith. All these things of Him from his nature, our God and Savior are given to us at the cross. But you have to receive what he first has already given you through his love at the cross.

She said, "So when you have a problem what do you tell your mind, do you not tell it positive thoughts?" "No, I said, "I truly do not have positive thoughts that will give me what he has and make me more than a conqueror, so I listen to him and His Spirit and he tells my mind positive thoughts, and his thoughts give me love and joy each trail I face." His thoughts and ways are much higher than mine, so I listen solely to him. 

What!" she said, with a puzzling look on her face." "You have joy when things happen to you, that sounds crazy."  I replied, " I know, doesn't it? I rely solely on him giving me all I need and he does, it is that simple but very hard to do at the same time. You have to put all above Him, and you can by what he gives you. What he gives you you cannot see, so it is hard to keep what you see less important than what you don't. If we do not receive him, there is no way humanly possible to put him above our human nature or spirit, and if we put anything or anyone above him we can stop the love and faith the Spirit give us.

We do not have the power to put him above all things, or all people within ourselves and he will test us, not for him to know, but for us to know. He knows already what is inside us, what our hearts are truly revealing. He test us through problems so we can test and see if he is truly in us, for our benefit, giving us his patience, joy, and endurance so we can be his mature and complete child not lacking anything so we can solely rely on him by what He has freely given us. 

Our Father loves to prove he truly will give us all we need to be his and true to ourselves, inside and out. His purpose is to pour out himself to others through us so he can draw others to the cross"

She looked confused and puzzled as if she had seen and heard something she did not understand, but still trying to understand what she was seeing and hearing.

She did not know me before I knew the Lord, so I asked her,  "Have you ever seen me in a beaten state, a destroyed state or even in a "super human woman state" of mind? She answered, "No, all I see is love, endurance, patience, peace, understanding, kindness, truth without fear, wisdom, faithful unending, sometimes a annoying joy, and love for your Lord." I laughed and said, "All these fruits you see came from Him not me, you too can enjoy this annoying love, and joy that surpasses any human understanding when you are faced with problems, and be more than just a conqueror."

James 1:2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trails of many kinds, because you know that testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

My friend than ask me, "When Christ is in a person that person will be drawing others to the cross because of his love in that person draws them to him? I replied, "Yes, you are so right, now you get it, praise Jesus!" "Much like you are doing to me now, because I feel His love for me as you speak about Him," she said with tears his love gave her. I told her with great compassion and authority he had given me, to surrender all of herself to his love he was giving her now. 

His love was drawing her to the cross. We prayed this prayer together with the heart he gave each of us, "Father we are your children at the cross of your Son, feeling your forgiveness deep within our hearts and minds you have touched by your drawing love. We feel your mercy and grace you have for us, that you can only give us here at your Son's cross. We want to give ourselves wholly to you now so your faith will remain in us, for we know now you are the Lord of our lives, our Father and friend from this day on until we are at home with you. I will fight everything with your faith and love you have given me each day, by your gift of the Holy Spirit that is in me now, that same Spirit you had that overcame the world and made you more than a conqueror now has made me more than a conqueror!

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