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A parable for this age and time

Good morning! Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

The words, "Judge not or you will be judged" has been taught wrong for some time. Our Heavenly Father has been trying to right this wrong learning for some time, these words do not mean we are not supposed to judge,  it means we are supposed to judge with the right measure, non-hypocritical, and not harshly but truthfully through His Spirit with grace, mercy and love.  The worshipers our Father is seeking worship in Spirit and truth through His love and mercy.

A parable for this age and time:

If you went to the doctor and you received and exam and he found all kinds of disease in you, and he knew it, but he did not tell you the truth in fear of you going to another doctor, or did not want up set you in any way because of this truth about this disease.  This doctor also had this same disease, knew the cure, and knew it would kill you if you did not find this cure. This doctor is in great fear of telling you this truth because he wants to keep you as a patient,  and he is in fear of hurting you more than you actually being cured.  This doctor has taken his eyes off the cure, and is looking at the patient and the doctors own needs.  This doctor did not know by telling the patient the cure the doctor would also be more blessed and healed by the cure, and live a more productive and blessed life.  

Then you search for another doctor.  This doctor tells you all kinds of things you can do to cure yourself .  He gives you all kinds of the wrong prescriptions and instructions that put a heavier load on you and no hope for the cure is ever experienced.  In fact you are more sick and have more symptoms than you did before you went to this doctor.  This doctor does not know this disease, but he proclaims he does. This doctor is just as infested with this disease as the patient with no cure insight.  He is too busy trying to cure himself he cannot see the true cure that is right in front of him.  This doctor showed no true interest in the patient and their true symptoms. He had no mercy, compassion and no truth in finding out her symptoms.  This doctor was more concerned with being the one finding the cure, and giving the cure for his own purpose and gain that he missed the cure. 

Then you go to another doctor wanting desperately to find a cure, you still have all your symptoms, and more since the other doctors you have already seen had no true knowledge in sharing and knowing the true cure.  You have no bitterness or hatred toward those other doctors, but they truly gave you no help in finding a cure.  This new doctor examines you, sits down with you, and ask you questions concerning your symptoms.  He shows mercy and compassion for your lost hope in finding a cure for your disease that is taking over your life.  You are willing to let this doctor examine your life and symptoms just like you let the others, and this doctor finds out what is wrong.  

This doctor finds out he too had this same disease, knows the cure, and is willing to share the cure with you, and all the prescriptions you need to take with no hesitation or fear.  This cure truly saved this doctor and he knows it can save you. This doctor does not care if the truth hurts you, he knows the truth will save you, whether you dislike him or not is not and issue with this doctor.  His eyes are only on the cure, and what it did, and still does in saving him.  

When this doctor tells you this truth you are devastated that you have this terrible disease. You are willing as a good humble patient to do what ever the doctor tells you about this cure, and willingly take all the prescriptions that he instructs you to take from this cure and plan he he has given you, the same it was given to him. You trust him because this doctor has opened his heart to you and you plainly can see he has been cured by his words, compassion, mercy and how he lives his life. This doctor not only shared with the patient openly and freely what the cure had taught him, but he also was cured to a higher level of living.  This doctor had been given a great love for the patient through this cure he had experienced himself. You begin to listen carefully to the doctor and follow his instructions and you are cured by this amazing cure and plan this doctor gave you!!  You come to find out through your healing this doctor has many patients that he has healed through this same cure.  This doctor had harvested many patients from this cure and his patients grew in number! 

The meaning from this parable:
Witch doctor loved her the right way?  They all judged her disease and symptoms, which judged correctly?  The one that judged correctly is the LORD of truth, Jesus Christ, that showed his mercy, forgiveness and compassion. He is the only way, truth and life this third doctor represented. Our Lord was the true cure. Their sinful nature and desires were the symptoms that caused the disease they all had.  Only two of the doctors received the cure, and the one that did not tell the patient that was cured about the disease, we do not know how long that doctor will be cured because he was loosing patience and lived in fear of persecution.  That doctor put others and himself before the cure which was the Lord.  

The other one was a hypocrite trying to find the Lord on his own while he still had the disease himself not knowing the Lord at all that had been staring him in the face.  This is the lost soul trying and searching for their Savior and does not realize they need one, they are still blind and deceived from the sin they are still living.They are doing all these incredible things but no peace, love and hope take over their lives. 

The third doctor that judges correctly is representing our LORD and His judgment is true and the sinner is willing to repent and take all his instructions to heart willingly following the prescription of the cross this doctor is giving him or her. The patient willingly gives her life to Christ, receives the Spirit of the Lord and grace through the faith he gives her; she is healed.   The doctor that judge correctly is someone that was saved by our Lord and he is blessed beyond measure with all the souls he saved  through the Spirit of truth and grace he has been given. His interest remained His Father interest in each soul.   

When we look at the patient in the parable we see he or she never gives up, going from one doctor to another willingly searching, and our Father leads her to the right one which is our Lord on the Cross, and she finally gives her whole heart to him at the cross in faith as her Lord and Savior.  She is healed and receives the Holy Spirit that reassures her with his grace, which is the right prescription,  that heals her daily. She then shares her faith and grace with others that have been saved, and who needs to be saved all is blessed in abundance!

This parable I created from God's Spirit and word to apply to today's time in showing which doctor as a patient would you want to see, and what patient would you as a doctor want to come see you?  The doctor would have to be someone who is willingly surrendering himself to our Lord daily and wanting the Spirit of the Lord living in and through him fully in faith to be able to judge correctly, and the patient would have to be a sinner that willingly wants to repent , receive and apply our Lord in what he is giving them in faith through His Spirit at the cross, and His words for their daily healing to grow. Which doctor or patient are you testing yourself in being?

His peace and love always.

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