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Good morning to all!  Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many of us claim to have faith in Christ.  We are quick to say, "Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ, and I believe he died for my sins, but what does that mean, and what does faith in Him do for us?  We read about faith in Hebrews, and what it did for many that came before us but how do we know what it does today in this present time, does faith still work the same, and if it does how?

Hebrews 11:1-2 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for.

If a person hopes for something that they know God wants for that person their faith should give them certainty that will it come to pass when, and only when we do not see it.  If we are seeing something happening there is no faith in God in that circumstance being used within our Spiritual being.  If we can see the end result of an action we take this action we are taking has not required any faith.  The example we are going to use today is a story about a couple that is married, and they live apart wanting desperately to be reunited.

Now we know God wants a married couple to live together and not a part.  A family desperately needs a mother and father living under one roof to make the family complete, and to make the couple complete with one mind and thought loving and learning from the Lord. Being separated by living a part is something none of us should be in agreement seeking to live.  God would not hope this for any marriage; he wants them to live together. Although circumstances in our lives will test our faith always.

Genesis 2:24 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. 

(I feel I must add a side note: this husband is a man, and this wife is a woman, and there is no mixing the sexes or choosing the sexes making the husband as woman, and the wife as a man, as many are doing this day and time. This would not be a natural marriage between a man and woman, it would be a unnatural one that Christ personally can save each from.)

It is hard to become one flesh, body, soul and spirit in a family unit without living together.  Each family needs both to help it growing in the direction God intends. A wife and mother have roles on earth as women and a man and father have roles on earth has man. Each one should be flowing Christ through His Holy Spirit to become the right parent, man and woman no matter what role on earth each of them are living. Many circumstances in life will effect, and can test our faith in Christ through our marriages, and today we are going to use jobs as a bump in the road.

The wife in this story has a great job, and went to school for many years to achieve the accomplishments through her job that she has attained.  The family moved due to their children because they wanted them in the best school for their development.  The father's job could have been done at any location so he moved with the children, and they left the mother behind because her job was at only one location, and she could not afford to move for lack of funds that the family needed to support it.  They lived apart for three years to this date and desperately want to be together. The mother has tried desperately to send resumes out in the area the family lived in with no response.  It seams the type of work she does always hires within the county they live in.  She is a principal of an elementary school, and with most counties they hire within the county to support those searching that already live there.   Both mother and father are Christians and claim their faith is growing everyday in the Lord. So why is nothing happening? 

While all this waiting was going on after the second year things started happening with the mother's present job.  She began having devotionals at her work place, and some participated while others opposed the devotionals.  She began feeling as if some did not approve of her, nor want her to be their principal any longer.  She received this feeling from parents as well has co-workers, and the administration.  She began getting more and more discouraged with her plan, and questioning her pursuing her doctoral degree through education.  Being a principal required a lot of work hours that did not allow her to work on her doctoral thesis as much has she liked. She began being more confused in what God's plan was for her life as well as her families life.  At the end of the second year apart from her family, and the end of the school year she was demoted as principal, and was asked to take an assistant principal position at another school in the same county.  She asked herself " What should I do, should I take it, or leave, and be with my family?" She did not have a job set up where the family was living so it was impossible for her to walk away from the job she was being offered.  They have bills, and need her  income desperately. These are things we all can see in our own lives and have to face daily.

 In the meantime while she was pondering all these circumstances that occurred she found out the new school they were asking her to be an assistant principal in was placing a principal that she knew very well, and liked very much.  She immediately thought this was great, and knew God had arranged all these circumstances. She had more time being an assistant principal to work on her doctoral, she would be welcomed, and not opposed as much, if any.  She saw all of God's work, and what he was doing to welcome her in this new job so she took the job.  What about the family?  They are still living a part and desperately still want to be together. Do you think she did the right thing, and do you think God was arranging all things that she saw? Do you think faith in God was required through these circumstances?

What if she did not take the job, because they were sure of what they hoped for, and certain of what they could not see?  Isn't that what God said faith in Him was?

We see through  this story she saw she had more time, and she saw the other principal welcoming her that she already knew to a new place she would be more comfortable in. So she took that job she saw all her needs being met, and answered. We can see through this story that she saw everything that was happening, so how much faith in God was used through these circumstances?

Hebrews 11:4 By faith we understand that the universe was formed  at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was invisible.

God created the whole universe out of nothing that we could see, so I believe he can arrange any door to open in our lives that we hope for that we cannot see by his command.  Through Christ he has promised us an abundant life in all ways to give him the glory and the praise.

Suppose she left the county, and the job in faith in God our Savior knowing what she hoped for, being with her family, and a better job; what would have happened? What would have God done for her and her family?  We do not know because we cannot see what he would have done if she took that leap with out seeing.  Faith in God always requires no sight, no knowledge of the future, and what he arranges. Let us look at some of our faithful fathers and mothers that came before us, and always remember without faith it is impossible to please God.

"By faith Able offered God a better sacrifice".  

Able offered God a faithful sacrifice, and he did not know what God's reaction to his sacrifice would be.  He could not see God's plan.  We offer ourselves as a sacrifice to God daily, and we do not know what he is going to do with our lives, and within ourselves.  We have no idea how he is going to change us, who he will make us, and how our lives are going to turn out.  All we know is to offer ourselves in faith by what he has given us of himself at the cross, all of ourselves,(body, spirit, and soul) plans, and future are in his hands.

"By faith Enoch was taken from this life, so that he did not experience death; he could not be found, because God had taken him away."

Enoch loved God in faith by pleasing God all the time. Enoch had no idea what God would do. Enoch loved God and wanted to please him so much God spared him from death, and took him away.  That is a love we should all want, not because we would be spared from death, but because the love that pleased God so much he would spare him from death.  I want to experience that kind of love through faith in pleasing God with all I do because it is through his Son's  fruit of love that I am pleasing him.  It is a love that surpasses all understanding, and I want to know that love and faith His Son gives me.  Death will have no sting or power over those who are seeking God's love and faith in Christ Jesus.

"By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear, built an ark to save his family."

God had given Noah a huge amount of faith in His message to Noah warning him of the things he did not see. In Holy fear he built an ark.  I believe today we should all be walking in holy fear because the warning God gives us about not following his Son in faith after he did everything for human kind on the cross so we could live forever receiving His Spirit has his true daughters, and Sons.  As in days of Noah many are not paying attention, and will be left behind.  Although he tells us through His Spirit all about the evil spirits in this evil world that we cannot see we have faith by what he gives us through His Spirit of truth. What is hidden will be exposed.  We still cannot see what God has planed, and how he is going to bring this world to an end but we know through what he gives us within His Spirit that opens up his word of truth.  So in holy fear we prepare ourselves, family, and all he sends our way that he draws in through His Spirit so we can build up each other in His kingdom that does live forever.

There are many more faith based stories to read in his word that people took a leap of faith without knowing what was ahead.  Remember we live by faith not by sight.

Today if you are sure of what you hope for, go for it, especially if you cannot see what is ahead, his faith makes you certain of what you do not see!  Ask him and he will give you the faith to help you make that step. He is God, and wants to show you his world is formed by what he commands that we cannot see, and his faith, hope and love never will fail us. That is why he gets all the glory and the praise because we can never see what he does before he does it!!


Comments RSS on Thursday, September 19, 2019 1:25 PM
These views about the faith in Christ are so amazing and good to read. Many people like to find this interesting information that helps them in making a lot of decisions in their life. I also like to find new ideas that are helpful for a great life.
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