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Beware of the deception of Satan he comes in many forms

Good day to you all, grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today God is revealing so many deceptions, his love lost, and evil spirits snatching away what he can only give by the gift of himself at the cross. Another deception I must tell you about for my sake of being obedient to him, and for your sake because he loves you through me, and I do too! These words that he lead me to share with you today will reveal the same truth in you if he is present, if he is not, then you will be guided by  other spirits without realizing it. This deception is growing today like gangrene grows in a unclean wound that gets no attention.

Last night (April 3, 2016) I watched a program on one of the National Geographic Channels, "The Story of God" by Morgan Freeman." It will have 5 more episodes, and this one was the first. It was about the death of humans, and the after life each human believes in.  It showed different gods, and how each believer of these different gods proclaimed their after life. It aired at 9:00 p.m. in my time zone. I had been looking forward to watching this program for sometime.  I could not wait to hear about my Lord God and His Son Jesus working in and through people today as he lives out his plan and purpose for mankind as he did on earth when he was present in the flesh. That was not what the program was about, although they did put HIM in their list of studying different gods, and how we as Christians believe in his resurrection from the dead from the gift of himself from the cross. It was mainly about humans in all the gods they have believed in since time believed in gods, and how humans perceive themselves. This is a much needed program to learn about all the different gods, but a Christian knows the Bible shares many other gods that were worshiped thousands of years ago, and all the different religions others believe in. This is not what I expected, but  should have expected it being a "national" melting pot of different gods and different beliefs because that is what the world believes.

The world is not going to proclaim One God, and a One Way. It has to represent all gods, so they got a person that believed in all gods being one god, and all ways to get to what ever god they want to believe in. This program lifted up all religions, and all gods not discerning one over another. I did not do my research for this program, nor I have I ever researched Morgan Freeman in who he is, and what kind of god does he believe in. Is he being deceived, or his he confirming the gospel of truth? So this morning I began my research and now want to share it with you.

 It is from a interview conversation written, and shared by News Week in the "Daily Beast" the interview reporter was Marlow Stern, and please research this information yourself.

Marlow asked Morgan questions, and through these questions Morgan revealed his beliefs. Morgan thinks that his god and the devil are one. He doesn't think they are the same creature, but their attributes are in the same body, and depending on the circumstances either one will surface.  He believes humans also have this god in them that has the devil in him also.  Morgan also believes the highest power in the universe is the human mind or the human soul. The soul is where we get our discernment and reasoning from.  He believes his god came from his own natural mind.  

I have also researched this show on another web-site that proclaims one of Morgan Freeman's last comments in the last episode, "Our beliefs don't have to divide us but have the power to make us do marvelous things.  As it was in the  beginning, is now and will be forever."  Very interesting beliefs, and use of his own natural wisdom, and words.  Someday, my God willing, I want to be able to have a in depth conversation with Mr. Freeman, but first my God's will is to discuss these ideas and wisdom through his word that has been around since creation through his Holy Spirit.

A Christian believes their good works do not count, it is faith in God's work in them, and through them that count. All other gods in other religions use the good works of humans to change the world. That is the difference in a true Christian and all the other religions and other gods. That is why every human will bow down one day, and call him Lord because he works in and through us for his glory and praise, we do not work to do marvelous things, he dose through us, and that is why his work has been seen for over two thousands of years with us giving him glory and praise for his good works. You will never hear a true Christian elevate himself, or speak as though he can save himself by his own works, or the works of his own natural mind.

Through my own research I realize Morgan Freeman is a very kind man that wants the world not to be divided by their beliefs, and he believes all humans should use their beliefs to further the world into a peace we can gain from our own natural minds that we have all been given to help one another.  It sounds good, but there is no gospel message of the cross in his belief that does truly divide the world from a One God, and a One way to receive him, and the true meaning of who God truly is, and who we truly are as his offspring.  Satan does not live in God nor does God live in Satan. Satan chose to leave God, and his Spirit. There is no evil in God. There is only His righteous judgment, and nothing about the devil has righteous judgement. All the devils judgments levitate himself with the wrong motives, and with a destroying lie, and God never lies.   Although God created evil, evil is not in him, just like God created a tree, but a tree is not living inside of his body.  God created a plant but a plant is not living inside his body. God created a rock but a rock is not living inside his body. God creates from things that are not visible because he is self existing himself. 

God is the only creature that creates, and he gives each person what they are to create through their own minds. A person builds a airplane because God gives him the wisdom to build it. God came first with his mind or soul, then he gave each man his mind or soul to accomplish his purpose.  Man has a freewill to accomplish his own evil desires, and all men have a sinful nature that God can only save and conquer through his Son's power and grace. Although God created man with a sinful nature from the dust of the earth God does not have one. God is the only perfect creature, but if he created us all perfect we sure would not need him to save us, and we sure would not need a New Heaven and a New Earth, we would all be God, and we are not, nor will we ever be. We are like him when we are his reborn children, but he will always for eternity be worshiped and praised above ourselves as our Heavenly Father saving us through his power and grace.  Most humans are doing their own natural viewing of who God is, and ignoring our true God continually, as the plan of his proclaims the last days seam to be coming closer and closer. He also gave men the freewill to choose to be saved by Christ His First Holy Child that came from God, from this sinful nature that was found in natural man. 

That is the "Father and Child" saving relationship God predestined to create through his One and Only Son Jesus Christ, and all of human History point to this One True Relationship man and God was predestined to have by the gift of the Cross.  Through the Egyptians, Jews, Islam, Rome, and all the ancient cultures clearly point to the cross if one is looking from him, and from the cross.  Each man has been given the freewill to believe in any god, this Morgan Freeman is true, but if they do not to accept Jesus Christ by the faith he can only give, then they will perish as the world is clearly perishing. This proof no one can deny by studying all civilizations that clearly turned away from him, no matter how grand the pyramids are, or India is, or was 2000 or 3000 years ago they have lost their prosperity today. Israel however will gain her worth in the world, and is today slowly proving her worth as time gets closer and closer.

America is headed to becoming another poor country for disowning God through Christ for the last 200 years since it was founded. Many claim America had God in it through Christ from the beginning when it was founded, but as I study the History of America I never see my Lord working in, and through the leaders in most of their time periods. Through the revolutionary war, the war against the Indians, the war against the north, and the south. All originated because of power, wealth, greed, prejudices, and prosperity moving us forward with no regard of the consequences. Christ has not been present but a false god surely has.  Many will ask, how do we know this One truth? Because Christ truly lives through his children, and has been living through his chosen children since time began, and through many more through is resurrection from the cross over 2000 years ago. Do any of you truly see Christ, and his work through the Cross through America's history? This no one can deny or ever take away. Although many will try to deceive Christians in all kinds of ways, his truth will always prevail.  Satan disguises himself as a angle of light, for his good works, and many are being deceived following these fake stars of light, and do not know it. Satan uses powerful men, and good upright men in the world with bright stars to try to get us to follow their beliefs.  

Do not watch this program if you can be easily deceived by others and their beliefs, but if you are strong in faith in our beloved Jesus it will be good for you to have the right words to communicate in love with others that are being lead astray by all different gods, and other beliefs. Christ will always bring his followers to a place of no confusion, and fully confident in knowing Him our true God, because of the Holy Spirit of God is working in them renewing their mind, (soul) and not the human understanding of their own mind powered by it's own wisdom. God gives us his mind, and true revelations through the Holy Spirit of God because we have been saved through the blood sacrifice from the Cross of Christ. This is something Morgan Freeman clearly does not believe in or shows he has experienced for himself. Our minds or souls are given it's true identity through Christ, the only way to know our True God and our true selves. Elevating our human minds, bodies, and spirits sounds good to many, but it will only lead a person on a deceiving path elevating themselves as the Potter, and humans are truly the clay he is molding as his design for his poured out wine.

Most of us that are mature in Christ know the deceiving powers of evil in how they will continually try to snatch away his truth, and exchange it for a lie. Christ came to divide the truth from all the lies, and this division no one can put back together because he divided it once for all.  The evidence is proclaimed when you look at the world and the direction it is going for God's plan and purpose to be known to draw all people to the cross. The more Christ gets over looked as the only God working through the flesh of man the more the end times is proven to be close at hand. Come Lord Jesus I am waiting, I am prepared, and trying to prepare others that want to hear through your grace and power you so graciously have given me that I never deserved. You my Lord, and only Savior truly do deserve all the glory and praise for the saving of souls in this world preparing them for the next, your true Kingdom. 
His peace and grace always.

4 Comments to Beware of the deception of Satan he comes in many forms:

Comments RSS on Friday, June 22, 2018 1:21 AM
This was so beautiful post and there were so many things to learn if someone realizes it. We must focus on our deeds & actions and must keep in mind our behavior with others. As I believe in one thing that does good and have good.
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fortnite on Monday, August 20, 2018 1:09 AM
more informative post thanks for sharing
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loegmrntdherid1 on Thursday, November 22, 2018 2:36 AM
your post is very useful, I am truly happy to post my note on this blog.
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Miken on Sunday, December 23, 2018 9:18 PM
I wanted to thank you for this great read!! cool browser
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