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I went to sleep praying and I had a dream....
The dream took place on a side of a mountain, and the side of the mountain was consumed with people. More than I could count. They were in pairs, and one was standing over the one that was sitting.  The one standing was injecting something in the other person’s body.  They were all taking turns being the one standing, and sitting.  The ones that were standing were patting the ones that were sitting on the back saying how much they loved them, and what amazing people they were. 

The people would repeat how unique and special they were in spirit and mind.  The one standing would ask the one sitting,  “Can I help you feel loved, have acceptance, mercy, forgiveness, food, clothes, money, or a place to live while ignoring what they were putting into their bodies.  The one sitting would tell the one standing what they needed. “Yes, I want acceptance, love, mercy, forgiveness, clothing, food, and shelter.”  The one standing would say to the one sitting, “I will help you, and give you all you need, I accept you the way you are, don’t worry, and I love all people.” Then they would switch their purpose, the one sitting would be the one standing, and the one standing would be the one sitting. They kept repeating this process over, and over while injecting this substance in their bodies.  They did not see me, they looked right through me as if I was invisible to them.  I walked among them looking at their faces, and eyes, expecting them to look at me, but they never did.  

I was in a state of shock wondering to myself, “Where am I? What kind of place is this?” It seemed so real! They all looked so very happy, and loving each other as if what they were putting into their bodies was OK.  I asked myself, “I wonder what it is that they are putting into their bodies?  Doesn’t it hurt them?” It appeared to be something good, and maybe it was what was making them love each other, and help each other.  They all appeared to love one another very  much. They were laughing, smiling at one another, each taking their turn doing the praising of one another, and accepting each other. Allowing what they were receiving into their bodies to continue with no affect.  I was perplexed, and very confused at what I was seeing, and their response to me.
 As I was walking around them wondering all these things I began to hear cries of helplessness, and hopelessness, but I could not see where the sound was coming from. It was not coming from all the pairs of people on the side of the mountain. Their faces were smiling, and they were loving one another.  The cries got louder and louder, to the point I could not hear myself speak. I began to raise my voice to the people so they might hear me. They looked right at me with no response.  I cried out again, and again, "Where is that crying coming from, why are you not trying to find it, why are you acting like you can't here it? I kept crying out to them, and no one would answer, they were all ignoring me, and then one finally said, "We do not hear any crying, everyone is happy here, and loving each other no matter what they do or what they say, we all love one another the way we want to be loved. Go away, we do not hear what you hear!"

I asked him again, "Do you not hear the crying, the loud crying, and the sound it makes? Isn’t it piercing your heart, and mind?” He answered me again, "No, we love each other the way we are in our sin, in our sinful nature,  and we love each person the way each person wants to be loved. That is the way God made us." I asked him, “Do you not want to be reborn? Do you not know about God’s Son Jesus Christ that he planned since the beginning of time to save you from your sinful nature?" He said, "Yes of course we know Him, but we do not want to change we love each other like this, we were made sinful, and we want to stay sinful." I looked at him in shock, and walked away weeping as I walked to the top of the mountain. As I walked away the crying became louder, and I covered my ears but it did not lower the sounds of the crying. I noticed I was hearing it from inside, not from the outside.  I turned and looked down at the multitude, and fell to my knees praying to my Heavenly Father, "Father, where is the crying coming from; I want to help them!!" My Heavenly Father said, "You and I cannot help them because of the conditions of their stubborn hearts, and the lies they let in their own minds have blocked their ears.  They will not hear us, and accept me and change as long as their hearts, and minds were in that condition. The gods of this world are blocking their ears so they cannot hear what we are saying.  I asked Him, "Where is the crying coming from then if those people were not crying?" He said, "It is their souls, and we can only hear them. The only reason you can hear their souls is because I am in you. I am the only one that can hear their souls, and defeat the sin their in."

I wailed louder, and louder in my dream, so loud it woke my husband up.  He shook me to wake me up, and said frantically, “What is wrong, you sound like a wounded animal; you scared me!”  I continued to cry, and answered, “I can’t tell you right now,” and I cried myself back to sleep, as he held me.  The next day, and the next after, I could not tell him either, but today I will.

The next day I woke up praying and, crying on, and off.  I ask my Heavenly Father what this dream meant, and I cried still another day because of his answer. He told me through his Spirit within me as if he was sitting beside me. “The injections are the sinful nature they liked, and they had no power within them to reject it. This sin they are allowing in their body, mind, and soul is  corrupting their minds, and is giving them a false sense of purpose, and love. These lies give them a false identity of who they truly are.  It is true they are all born that way. They all love one another that is true, they help one another, and accepted one another easily. They love life, the world, and each other, but they do not truly love me above one another, nor did they want me to be Lord of their lives, and make them a different person through my Spirit. They want to keep their own, and go their own way thinking all along it is the right way. My love is the only true love that can save them that takes them way beyond themselves, and makes them into the person they truly are. My love comes from ME, and you have to accept ME through my Son Jesus to know our love for one another, that truly gives you birth of being my true child.  You know this because you had faith in my Son, but not all want too have faith in Him giving them all they need to live now, and forever.

I asked him with eyes full of tears, “Father, what can we do? We can’t just ignore them like they ignore us.” He said, “Of course not, that is not who we are. We never change because of who they are. We keep speaking to them MY truth, loving them through ME, and praying for them. We can never ignore what the sin is doing to them as they do, and one day they may here us,  and that is up to them. I died for them so they would not continue to live in sin, but they have to want to get rid of what is not me in them. You also may die in body because you do speak the truth about ME, but you know you are with me forever as I lived, you also will live.  If they never want to change, and turn to me in faith because what I have done for them then they all will perish, just has you would have perished if you did not turn to me, and listen to my voice that delivered you from the power of your sinful nature.” I ask him still crying,  “Are they all going to perish?”  He replied, “That is not your concern, I want you to keep following me, listening to me, speaking my words, and doing my will as my reborn child, and I will handle if they live or perish. You may loose children, parents, and friends because of me." I ask him, "Why did you give me this dream?" He said, "Because many think they are living their journey correctly, and doing right by loving one another the way they want to love one another, and my love, ways and truths are not in them only their own understanding of love, who I AM, and who they are. My love, ways, and thoughts are much higher than theirs or yours, but I will give you and all through my Son the understanding that they need.  I want you to tell this dream so many may realize what they are doing, if not, do not let your heart be troubled, some will fall, but some will hear me, and be saved.  I know who they are, and you will be able to tell who they are when you meet them because I am in you to tell you. I will be with you always."

I am telling everyone my dream because I love you as he loves you, and because I have to be obedient to him as his child doing his will for my life. My prayer is for you to receive his understanding of it, the same understanding of the dream he gave me is for you.  His peace, and love always.

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Anonymous on Saturday, November 18, 2017 4:24 AM
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assignment uk on Saturday, November 18, 2017 4:28 AM
Well there is no denying in it that we all had a dream or an aim at some specific time in our life. For example, I had a dream to become a computer engineer but ended up becoming a freelancer content writer. Never mind! Good post…
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Madai on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 5:16 AM
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