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The Parable of the Giver and the receiver

A parable of the Giver and the receiver 

Introduction: I talk about the truest and most important gift exchange all year long, because through Him we exchange our gifts with Him the rest of our lives here on earth, and continue to give His in Heaven. The world and His “seasonal” church has made this season the time they talk about it the most so I am going to share what He has given me with you during this time.

I want you to imagine two gifts, and each of these gifts continually give to one another the rest of their lives once the exchange is made.
The first gift is beautiful, and glows with a brightness no one can explain, it is wrapped in crisp snow white paper, a scarlet red ribbon is tied around it, and it is about as big as a bread box. This gift comes to everyone freely because the Giver giving it to the receiver loves them, and the receiver does not have to be any certain person to receive it, in fact the less perfect the receiver is the more of this gift they will receive. The Giver represents our Heavenly Father. If the person thinks he or she is too perfect, or too wicked they will never receive this gift the giver is giving. The receiver does not have to do any righteous act to receive it. The receiver only must know he or she is not perfect and can’t do anything properly on his or her own. The person must be at the end of themselves, good or bad, before they can receive this gift the Giver is offering. If a person is not at the end of themselves or at the end of the world giving them what they need they will never hear or see the gift that is being offered, even though it is always offered. They have their own ears blocked by what they can do, through their own understanding of who they are, and what the world has given them.
The white paper represents the Spirit of God through Jesus Christ that washes the receiver clean and gives them rebirth from death to eternal life, the red bow represents His blood that continues to heal the receiver’s sick nature, and their physical body until it dies. The size being as big as a bread box represents the receivers being fed with what they need in wisdom through the truest words from the Holy Bible for the rest of their life. The only way this gift can be received properly is by the receiver giving the Giver a gift freely with no rules or expectations from them for the Giver to have to follow. No pay back from the receiver should ever be demanded from the Giver. The only reason the receiver is giving their gift to the Giver is because of what the receiver as received from the Giver.  

The receivers gift looks much different than the Givers gift. The receivers gift is brown, with a black ribbon, and is the size of a pottery jar. The black ribbon represents the receivers’ sinful nature, the brown wrapping paper represents the clay the receiver is made of, and the jar represents the receiver’s soul the Giver shapes and fills up. The Giver shapes and fills up the soul or jar as the receiver continues to give to the Giver their gift. These two gifts, the Son being the Givers gift to the receiver, and themselves being the receivers gift to the Giver, are exchanged between the Giver and the receiver throughout the receiver’s life time. As the receivers looks at him or herself they see their gift is continually changing, it has become brighter. The brightness of their gift is becoming more and more the image of the Givers gift, and it is lighting up the world and they realize His gift they have been given will shine for eternity. This is what happens to each receiver if they continually exchange their gifts with the Giver. The receiver's faith in the Giver grows because of the gift of the Giver, and what He has given to the receiver.
 As the receiver lives out their lives and the Giver exchange these gifts with one another the receiver has a revelation from the Giver that their gifts cannot operate properly without each other. Once the receiver of the first gift quits giving to the Giver, the Giver quits giving. The receiver’s gift stays black and the image remains dark, and the jar or soul is never shaped or finished into the image it was created to be by the Giver. In fact the receiver sees his or her gift is worse off then before due to the fact the receiver quit giving to the Giver.

When the receiver quits giving to the Giver the gift of the Giver can’t function or be used properly, the Givers gift is only charged by the Giver when the receiver gives to the Giver. The measure the Giver gives of His gift comes from the measure of the receiver in what he or she gives to the Giver. It is an equal exchange daily back and forth, but the Giver will always out give the receiver when the receiver continually gives. The Giver never wants to quit giving to the receiver since He first gave to the receiver. If the receiver decides it does not want the Givers gift anymore, or the receiver does not want to acknowledge the Giver, like I said before, the Giver quits giving. The Giver only gives as the receiver gives.  

The Giver will never force the receiver to give their gift, or continue to give their gift, it is a free exchange of the hearts, mind, and souls between one another. This is very dangerous for the receiver because they are giving up the only gift that will save them from the darkness of themselves, the dark world they live in now, and hell they will live in for eternity if they keep refusing, and ignoring the gift of the Giver.

 If a receiver never receives the Gift of the Giver through His Son Jesus Christ, they will never be renewed Spiritually, intellectually, physically, or emotionally.  The Givers gift gives all these gifts to all receivers as they continually give to the Giver. The Giver never stops giving if the receiver never stops giving, and His gifts have no limit for the receiver, nor does the receiver have any limit of giving to the Giver.  All receivers bodies are going to die on earth, they are made of clay, but those that do not receive the Givers gift, the Son, they will live in a place now that torments their jars or souls because of their own darkness and sinful natures, and for eternity in another place called Hell.  

The Giver named this place, and it is real, and only those who have received the Givers gift know this place is real, and the evil spirits that keeps everyone away from receiving the gift of the Giver. The Giver planned the gift of His Son before the creation of the World so He could build a Kingdom full of His gift and call all in His Kingdom His children that received His gift freely through an open and true heart.  His Son died a violent death for every receivers sinful nature that was put on Him by the Giver so all receivers could receive His gift of His Son. Unfortunately not all receivers want to receive what the Giver is offering. He paid a huge price for every receiver to be able to receive His gift of love from the Son for the Giver that purifies each receivers hearts in the most perfect way.  Today and everyday all receivers should not reject His gift, and keep exchanging it while they are living. 

Each receiver told Him when they first received their gift from Him that their gift to Him was their life, and the receivers life has been given to the Giver for as long as they live, and the Giver only knows how long that is.  All human beings He made to be receivers, and what they receive daily during their lives determines the outcome of their lives now and for eternity. Do not receive any other gift but the gift from the only Giver that gives what each human being needs to receive. All people are givers and receivers. His receivers must keep exchanging His gift when and if they have received His gift, never quit giving your gift of clay to Him, and He will never quit filling, molding and shaping your soul or jar with what a receiver needs to be who they truly are; His Gift of the Son. There is only One Giver all receivers need to receive from. You will know He is real and is the Only true Giver that you need to receive from because He makes every other giver a liar. Only what the Giver gives is true. 

A receivers jar or soul will always come back to them brighter each time they give their gift to the Giver. He will use it for His purpose and plan for the receivers life, and the receiver will be giving Him all the glory for the gift the Giver has given them because they know without His gift they were nothing, and all they are, and have received has been given by the true Giver.  It is the only gift exchange worth exchanging that leads each receiver to who they truly are, and to know who the true Giver is. Each receiver that has received His gift will experience more gift exchanges through the Giver that leads other receivers to who they truly are and knowing who the true Giver is now and for eternity!

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