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What does the face of persecution look like in the Corporate world?

What does the face of persecution look like in the Corporate World?
The face of persecution doesn't look any different in the corporate world than any parts of the world an individual Christian walks. The face of persecution looks the same in their business life, family life, community life, or in their "religious" life. God does not separate himself from any parts of the world He places one of His true reborn Children in, but many people that claim to be His do.
A true Christian will face persecution in any individual walk His Spirit goes, not because of who they are, but because of who He is. If He is in us He wills to go where He wants to go, not where we choose to glorify Him.
There are many false prophets in the world in all walks of life. These are some "faces" of persecution you will see in any walk of life, and if you are a true Christian in the "corporate" world you will see the face of persecution in this world as you do in any other.
How you respond will reveal if He is real or falsely being a witness in you for everyone you face in the corporate world as in any walk of life. They will only want to be around those that love and honor them. They may appear very humble to other human beings but to God, they are not.
1) The face of persecution will appear humble to man but not to God.
They will always glorify themselves or others as they give the testimony of their success, and many will follow this same glorification process. They will be representing their natural human nature of perseverance, faith in themselves, and faith in others that supported them to get where they are.
2) They will claim they are “Christians" but only at "church." Some may even claim to have His anointed power for a ministry leader in their "religious" body of believers.
3) They will have many accomplishments, higher education levels, and proof of their success in the world.
4) In the corporate world, they will rarely, if any, say or write the name of Jesus Christ or claiming Him being their Lord of their life or Savior delivering them from their sinful nature.
5) They will have a huge following in the "corporate" world as well as in their "religious" world. They will be honored by all, but they will have no love for God in their hearts, and they will have knowledge of the Bible very well.
A true Christian man or woman will always respond through His Spiritual faithful truth, love, and guidance if He is loved more than themselves or others. These will remain in His beloved children as they pour out ONLY what He can pour into them, and they let the consequences of how others respond to HIM and HIS truth fall where they may.
If a true child of God wants to walk in the Will of God, they will not be drawn away from His Spirit or Words regardless of the persecution they face. If they become full of hatred and anger, mock, or resentment they will put out the fire of His Spirit and love that protects their heart through any persecution in any walk of life they are in.
His children are placed in a time such as this to be a Witness of Him by the Spirit He gives, not to be a witness to their power, their righteousness, and their wisdom of getting where they are.
His children may be fired, feel all alone, rejected or accepted as the gift He has given them and through them for others. His children will always speak as He spoke and walk as He walked through the same Spirit His Son was given by His Father is given to them by that same Heavenly Father. Because a true Christian is sent as our Lord was sent being One with the Heavenly Father as He was One with the Heavenly Father. Jesus is the fullness of God in bodily form and through Him, His children are too where ever they go.
I pray this helps His children test themselves and others around them they are following. It surely has helped me in all my years of listening to Him above any other voice.
As our Lord told His true disciples, He still tells His true disciples, "Watch out for false prophets, they come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit, you will recognize them."
Are you watching, and if you are watching, who is in you that you are you watching with or through?  Your natural nature, or His Spiritual? 
Only through His Spirit in you can you recognize the falseness in you and through you in others. We can always leave the falsehood behind and begin walking and speaking in His True Spirit of truth.

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Comments RSS on Saturday, March 3, 2018 1:02 AM
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