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God's poems


Psalm 104:24-34

 How many are your works, O LORD,
In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.  
There is the sea, vast and spacious, teeming with creatures beyond number,
living things both large and small. There the ships go to and fro,
and the leviathan, which you formed to frolic there.
These all look to you to give them food at the proper time, they gather
it up; when you open your hand, they are satisfied with good things.
When you hide your face, they are terrified; when you take away their
breath, they die, and return to dust. When you send your Spirit they
are created, and you renew the face of the earth.


The colors of the sunset that
can't be explained.
I wonder where they come from,
and how they were arranged?

A field of wild flowers on
the side of the road,
I wonder who planted them, 
and how they were sowed?

The zebra, antelope, and
water buffalo,
I wonder how they take turns
so the grass won't be to low?

There is green leaves, then
orange, yellow and red.
I wonder how they know 
when to fall, and if they know when
they are dead?

There are tiny organisms
you cannot see,
and some as big as a tree.
I wonder if they all agree?

The waves come, and the waves go.
I wonder what makes them 
go too fast, or too slow. What makes
them high, and makes them low?

There are more stars than can be counted,
I wonder what holds them still,
and how they are mounted.

There is a woman, and there is a man.
I wonder why everyone doesn't
see their purpose, and plan? 

There is evil in man, and there is good.
I wonder why all women and men
can't see why holiness through only them
 will never be understood? 

There is many gods the world believes.
I wonder why all do not understand
there is only One God through Christ that gives
us His Spirit to believe, and the right to receive?

From God through me to you,
April 8, 2016
Vicki Gann

My Desires Are What I Breathe

Acts 9:1 Meanwhile, Saul was still breathing out murderous
threats against the Lord's disciples.


My desires are what I breathe.
Only through you do I truly breathe,
not what I want, but what I need.

Many say what they desire is not who they are.
They truly do not know their true selves 
in you Jesus, by far.

I only knew my true desires the day I gave up me to you,
and began given all faith in you, in what I believed,
and what I needed to do to please you.

Each breath out released the lie I did not need,
and each breath in grew your true planted seed.

My sexual desires, my emotional desires, my
intellectual desires, and my physical desires will 
only be right in you, Jesus Christ my Lord.
You, and your word are the only gifts that divide
my breathing with your true sword.

You are the free gift from God above,
I only need to breathe,
 to complete my spirit,soul, and body 
in all the desires they truly need. 

How do we know we know God?

Good evening fellow friends, family and other friends I have not met yet! I started thinking today as I do everyday about our Father and what He was trying to reveal to me about this knowledge of Him he allows all to receive but not all want it. A knowledge of Him only He can give a person through His Spirit of truth that reveals who we truly are and keeps us from the lies ourselves, the world and Satan proclaim. While I was meditating on this knowledge he has so graciously given to me freely and I have received freely by His gift of faith he gave me, he also gave me these beautiful thoughts for you about  knowing Him we all can receive and share.              

Knowing God

 I never knew what it was
to know true love,
until I knew Him from above.

I never knew the identity of the
good I could possess,
until I knew the me
He Created best.

 I never knew how to give,
 until he gave me
the grace to live.

I never knew He was within
me hidden,
until his thought in my
heart was deeply written.

I never knew this love I have
so much fear of loosing,
an endless love that is
always proving.

Written by Vicki Gann
July 10, 1014

God in Man

God in Man
God in man teaches man all things.
God in man teaches us we are poor, and gives us a single mind.
God in man teaches us to look in the mirror and never forget what we look like.
God in man gives us a heart that considers all of his offenses he has committed and gives man the will to turn away from them.
God in man teaches man He is fully forgiven for all sins in the past present and future.
God in man teaches man forgiveness was not payment to sin but was a payment to keep man from sinning.
God in man teaches man his evil ways and wicked deeds and gives man a heart that loathes  man for their sins and detestable practices.
God in man knows the sign of the Sabbath that God has given man.
God in man teaches man they may fall for their insolent words.
God in man gives man a heart of shame of their conduct.
God in man gives man rebirth, without  God in man, man cannot be reborn or see Heaven.
God in man teaches man to ask God for anything He wills and He will give it to man.
God in man gives man a mind that is set on what God desires for man.
God in man gives man a craving for God's word.
God in man teaches man to divide the word correctly and apply the word of God to the life of man.
God in man teaches man what is right and gives man the will to do it.
God in man teaches man to recognize spirits that want to tie up man.
God in man intercedes for man in accordance to God's will.
God in man gives man knowledge of the kindness and sternness of God and the desire to continue in it.
God in man gives man a heart to be careful and watch.
God in man teaches man God is the root that supports man. 
God in man teaches man God strengthens man in his inner being is from the glorious riches of Christ.
God in man teaches man God is able to do immeasurably more than all man ask or imagine, according to God's power that is at work in man.
God in man teaches man to give all praise and glory to God not man as if man has detained anything with out God.
God in man reveals to man what God has given Him of Himself for God's use and purpose that completes each man.
God in man teaches man all evil that separates man from God and God gives man all the power to defeat it.
God in man gives man faith that we know we have the right to approach God any where and any time.
God in man gives man God's love for man not the self-seeking love of man.
God in man teaches man he is called to one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.
God in man teaches man he is rooted and established in God's  love, and power that through God man can grasp how wide and long, deep and wide the love of Christ is that surpasses all the knowledge of man so that man may be filled to the measure of the fullness of God.

Many prayers always,
Vicki Gann


Dear Lord, I don't know?

Dear Lord, I don't know........?

I don't know where my strength comes from; 
it is a strength I never knew before, and it grows!

I don't know where my new desires and abilities come
from, I never had them before.

I don't know where my endless joy comes from because
 all around me is sorrow.

I don't know where my peace comes from 
because I use to be confused about myself and
every thing around me.

I don't know where my courage and fearlessness comes from
because I use to be scared and afraid.

I don't know where my wisdom comes from because
it would not have made any sense before.

I don't know where my confidence comes from because
all I use to have was doubt.

I don't know where my abundance of faith in you Lord comes from 
because my first, middle and last response was always fear.

I don't know why everything and everyone's soul matters to me; it is a purpose 
I never had before.  I use to only care about myself in what I wanted to receive in relation to
everyone and everything around me.

I don't know why I have changed so quickly from 
who I was to who I truly am? 
Will you answer me Lord, because I truly want to know?

It is because you are truly my child that was truly born from me,
through my Son, Jesus Christ.

My Son told you if you accept Me through Him as your Savior in your heart by His gift of faith He would change your heart and renew your mind continually. He told you he would 
reveal what you do not know about yourself and Me, your one and only true Father and God. He did what he promised when you accepted us, and does and will forever because your faith is His faith in me. You will always have it because He and I, will never leave you. 

You Can't Have


You can have all my earthly
possessions; my house, my car,
my money and my job.

You can have all my accomplishments;
my awards, my titles, my

You can have all my personal possessions;
my family, friends and

You can have my humanness;
doubt, pride, worry,
jealousy, anxiety, depression
and wickedness.

You can't have what has been
given to me by God through Jesus;
His Spirit, which is within 
all of us.

Out of Love

 Out of Love

 The other day a friend said to me, "If your ministry
is done for money you will not receive
money for very long, you will grow tired 
and weary."

Another friend said to me, "If your ministry is done for
man's approval than all you will receive
is approval from men."

Still another friend said to me, "If your ministry is 
done for one church and no other
than your reward will only
be from that one Church and
no other."

Then one day my Heavenly Father said to me,
"Those friends were not your true friends
because if they new your heart 
they would be your true
friends and know why
your ministry is being done."

He also said to me that same day,
"I know your heart, because I am
apart of your heart.  You do your
ministry because you know the love
I have for you and you know to share it with others.
I gave you this, your Father in Heaven.  I am the reason for
your ministry, the love I have for you and the love you have for 
me through my Son Jesus Christ and the
Holy Spirit is why you have and share my ministry; Love4Love."

Lost or Found

Lost or Found

How beautiful it is to hear Gods words 
spoken to your heart and 
soul when He calls you.

You are drawn to the comfort and to the
understanding of those words and
you are wrapped in his
grace and peace.

The waters are calm, the mountain is 
leveled and the dark
becomes a warm soft light.

Your life is His glory full of faith, 
hope and love, for
all to know.  You can not wait
to tell them!

How sad for those who cannot hear, 
understand or don't 



I was created by the world
flesh and the evil one; all of your
enemies.  I can not wait to overcome your
mind so you will always be confused who
you really are.

Once you start letting me be a part of your mind
I can grow rapidly and take over.

I can keep you from knowing who you truly are,
that is my purpose.
I can make you create lies, deception,and 
distort the truth.  I can rule
over your life.

I can cause you to have stress, depression, 
anger and hate.  I can make
you believe in failure, have fear and create
desires that keep you away from knowing 
who you truly are.

You have the power to defeat me quickly
 but you can not do it alone.
You were created to need God
 to defeat me but you let too much of me
 in to know who God is.
When you have me, there is
 no true you.  When
I am truly gone you will have
 only Him, God. Then I
will be defeated, then you will know
the true you!

Days to remember

Days to Remember

The day I recognized there was something wrong 
with the way I was living and realized it
was within me to change it.

The day I realized who God truly was in the past, 
is in the present and will always be
in my future.

The day I knew I had a personal relationship with
God and by knowing Him, I realized how
much He loves me and how
much I love Him.

The day I received the Holy Spirit and all of 
the other spiritual gifts God had
waiting for me.

The day He gave me a new mind so I could think
differently, for Him; new eyes so I 
could see everything differently, for Him; new 
abilities so I would know how to complete my
purpose, for Him and He gave me a 
new soul so I could see my true self He created,
for me!
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