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The Parable of the Giver and the receiver

A parable of the Giver and the receiver 

Introduction: I talk about the truest and most important gift exchange all year long, because through Him we exchange our gifts with Him the rest of our lives here on earth, and continue to give His in Heaven. The world and His “seasonal” church has made this season the time they talk about it the most so I am going to share what He has given me with you during this time.

I want you to imagine two gifts, and each of these gifts continually give to one another the rest of their lives once the exchange is made.
The first gift is beautiful, and glows with a brightness no one can explain, it is wrapped in crisp snow white paper, a scarlet red ribbon is tied around it, and it is about as big as a bread box. This gift comes to everyone freely because the Giver giving it to the receiver loves them, and the receiver does not have to be any certain person to receive it, in fact the less perfect the receiver is the more of this gift they will receive. The Giver represents our Heavenly Father. If the person thinks he or she is too perfect, or too wicked they will never receive this gift the giver is giving. The receiver does not have to do any righteous act to receive it. The receiver only must know he or she is not perfect and can’t do anything properly on his or her own. The person must be at the end of themselves, good or bad, before they can receive this gift the Giver is offering. If a person is not at the end of themselves or at the end of the world giving them what they need they will never hear or see the gift that is being offered, even though it is always offered. They have their own ears blocked by what they can do, through their own understanding of who they are, and what the world has given them.
The white paper represents the Spirit of God through Jesus Christ that washes the receiver clean and gives them rebirth from death to eternal life, the red bow represents His blood that continues to heal the receiver’s sick nature, and their physical body until it dies. The size being as big as a bread box represents the receivers being fed with what they need in wisdom through the truest words from the Holy Bible for the rest of their life. The only way this gift can be received properly is by the receiver giving the Giver a gift freely with no rules or expectations from them for the Giver to have to follow. No pay back from the receiver should ever be demanded from the Giver. The only reason the receiver is giving their gift to the Giver is because of what the receiver as received from the Giver.  

The receivers gift looks much different than the Givers gift. The receivers gift is brown, with a black ribbon, and is the size of a pottery jar. The black ribbon represents the receivers’ sinful nature, the brown wrapping paper represents the clay the receiver is made of, and the jar represents the receiver’s soul the Giver shapes and fills up. The Giver shapes and fills up the soul or jar as the receiver continues to give to the Giver their gift. These two gifts, the Son being the Givers gift to the receiver, and themselves being the receivers gift to the Giver, are exchanged between the Giver and the receiver throughout the receiver’s life time. As the receivers looks at him or herself they see their gift is continually changing, it has become brighter. The brightness of their gift is becoming more and more the image of the Givers gift, and it is lighting up the world and they realize His gift they have been given will shine for eternity. This is what happens to each receiver if they continually exchange their gifts with the Giver. The receiver's faith in the Giver grows because of the gift of the Giver, and what He has given to the receiver.
 As the receiver lives out their lives and the Giver exchange these gifts with one another the receiver has a revelation from the Giver that their gifts cannot operate properly without each other. Once the receiver of the first gift quits giving to the Giver, the Giver quits giving. The receiver’s gift stays black and the image remains dark, and the jar or soul is never shaped or finished into the image it was created to be by the Giver. In fact the receiver sees his or her gift is worse off then before due to the fact the receiver quit giving to the Giver.

When the receiver quits giving to the Giver the gift of the Giver can’t function or be used properly, the Givers gift is only charged by the Giver when the receiver gives to the Giver. The measure the Giver gives of His gift comes from the measure of the receiver in what he or she gives to the Giver. It is an equal exchange daily back and forth, but the Giver will always out give the receiver when the receiver continually gives. The Giver never wants to quit giving to the receiver since He first gave to the receiver. If the receiver decides it does not want the Givers gift anymore, or the receiver does not want to acknowledge the Giver, like I said before, the Giver quits giving. The Giver only gives as the receiver gives.  

The Giver will never force the receiver to give their gift, or continue to give their gift, it is a free exchange of the hearts, mind, and souls between one another. This is very dangerous for the receiver because they are giving up the only gift that will save them from the darkness of themselves, the dark world they live in now, and hell they will live in for eternity if they keep refusing, and ignoring the gift of the Giver.

 If a receiver never receives the Gift of the Giver through His Son Jesus Christ, they will never be renewed Spiritually, intellectually, physically, or emotionally.  The Givers gift gives all these gifts to all receivers as they continually give to the Giver. The Giver never stops giving if the receiver never stops giving, and His gifts have no limit for the receiver, nor does the receiver have any limit of giving to the Giver.  All receivers bodies are going to die on earth, they are made of clay, but those that do not receive the Givers gift, the Son, they will live in a place now that torments their jars or souls because of their own darkness and sinful natures, and for eternity in another place called Hell.  

The Giver named this place, and it is real, and only those who have received the Givers gift know this place is real, and the evil spirits that keeps everyone away from receiving the gift of the Giver. The Giver planned the gift of His Son before the creation of the World so He could build a Kingdom full of His gift and call all in His Kingdom His children that received His gift freely through an open and true heart.  His Son died a violent death for every receivers sinful nature that was put on Him by the Giver so all receivers could receive His gift of His Son. Unfortunately not all receivers want to receive what the Giver is offering. He paid a huge price for every receiver to be able to receive His gift of love from the Son for the Giver that purifies each receivers hearts in the most perfect way.  Today and everyday all receivers should not reject His gift, and keep exchanging it while they are living. 

Each receiver told Him when they first received their gift from Him that their gift to Him was their life, and the receivers life has been given to the Giver for as long as they live, and the Giver only knows how long that is.  All human beings He made to be receivers, and what they receive daily during their lives determines the outcome of their lives now and for eternity. Do not receive any other gift but the gift from the only Giver that gives what each human being needs to receive. All people are givers and receivers. His receivers must keep exchanging His gift when and if they have received His gift, never quit giving your gift of clay to Him, and He will never quit filling, molding and shaping your soul or jar with what a receiver needs to be who they truly are; His Gift of the Son. There is only One Giver all receivers need to receive from. You will know He is real and is the Only true Giver that you need to receive from because He makes every other giver a liar. Only what the Giver gives is true. 

A receivers jar or soul will always come back to them brighter each time they give their gift to the Giver. He will use it for His purpose and plan for the receivers life, and the receiver will be giving Him all the glory for the gift the Giver has given them because they know without His gift they were nothing, and all they are, and have received has been given by the true Giver.  It is the only gift exchange worth exchanging that leads each receiver to who they truly are, and to know who the true Giver is. Each receiver that has received His gift will experience more gift exchanges through the Giver that leads other receivers to who they truly are and knowing who the true Giver is now and for eternity!

A "love" story

A tall gray haired bearded man came up to me today, and asked, "Why do you suppose some people love God more than others? As I looked up into his bewildered eyes I said,  "Our Father answers this question for us, and I know that it is true.  He said, "Please tell me the answer, and why you know it is true.  I said, "First let me tell you a story, then I will tell you what God's says in his word, and how I know it is true" He smiled and said, "Yes, please do."

Once upon a time there were two men, and they both lived a life of sin.  One sinned more than the other through his own eyes, and the eyes of the world.  So naturally he had more guilt and shame weighing him down then the other that did not sin that much through his own eyes, and the eyes of the world.  

 I said to my friend, "We know there is no way either one can pay for their sins, or be forgiven for what they have done on their own.  We know the only way they can be forgiven is through Christ and his blood sacrifice for their sins on the cross. Only through Him can both of their sins be forgiven, but which one do you think will love God more?

My friend answered, "The one that thought they had sinned the most is the one that is forgiven the most, and they will love God more."  I said, "Now I will tell you what God says, and why I know it is true."

Luke 7:47 Therefore, I tell you, her many sins were forgiven-for she loved much.  But he who has been forgiven little loves little.

My friend looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "Now I know why people love God differently. Some give all of their sins to God, and some do not. Those that give all are forgiven more, and love more, and those who give God little, loves him little."

My friend then asked me, "How is it that you know this is true?"  I said, "Because I was forgiven for many, and that is why I love him so much."

So today if you feel like you are loving God a little or not enough maybe it is because you have only been forgiven for a little, and not given him all.

A parable for this age and time

Good morning! Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

The words, "Judge not or you will be judged" has been taught wrong for some time. Our Heavenly Father has been trying to right this wrong learning for some time, these words do not mean we are not supposed to judge,  it means we are supposed to judge with the right measure, non-hypocritical, and not harshly but truthfully through His Spirit with grace, mercy and love.  The worshipers our Father is seeking worship in Spirit and truth through His love and mercy.

A parable for this age and time:

If you went to the doctor and you received and exam and he found all kinds of disease in you, and he knew it, but he did not tell you the truth in fear of you going to another doctor, or did not want up set you in any way because of this truth about this disease.  This doctor also had this same disease, knew the cure, and knew it would kill you if you did not find this cure. This doctor is in great fear of telling you this truth because he wants to keep you as a patient,  and he is in fear of hurting you more than you actually being cured.  This doctor has taken his eyes off the cure, and is looking at the patient and the doctors own needs.  This doctor did not know by telling the patient the cure the doctor would also be more blessed and healed by the cure, and live a more productive and blessed life.  

Then you search for another doctor.  This doctor tells you all kinds of things you can do to cure yourself .  He gives you all kinds of the wrong prescriptions and instructions that put a heavier load on you and no hope for the cure is ever experienced.  In fact you are more sick and have more symptoms than you did before you went to this doctor.  This doctor does not know this disease, but he proclaims he does. This doctor is just as infested with this disease as the patient with no cure insight.  He is too busy trying to cure himself he cannot see the true cure that is right in front of him.  This doctor showed no true interest in the patient and their true symptoms. He had no mercy, compassion and no truth in finding out her symptoms.  This doctor was more concerned with being the one finding the cure, and giving the cure for his own purpose and gain that he missed the cure. 

Then you go to another doctor wanting desperately to find a cure, you still have all your symptoms, and more since the other doctors you have already seen had no true knowledge in sharing and knowing the true cure.  You have no bitterness or hatred toward those other doctors, but they truly gave you no help in finding a cure.  This new doctor examines you, sits down with you, and ask you questions concerning your symptoms.  He shows mercy and compassion for your lost hope in finding a cure for your disease that is taking over your life.  You are willing to let this doctor examine your life and symptoms just like you let the others, and this doctor finds out what is wrong.  

This doctor finds out he too had this same disease, knows the cure, and is willing to share the cure with you, and all the prescriptions you need to take with no hesitation or fear.  This cure truly saved this doctor and he knows it can save you. This doctor does not care if the truth hurts you, he knows the truth will save you, whether you dislike him or not is not and issue with this doctor.  His eyes are only on the cure, and what it did, and still does in saving him.  

When this doctor tells you this truth you are devastated that you have this terrible disease. You are willing as a good humble patient to do what ever the doctor tells you about this cure, and willingly take all the prescriptions that he instructs you to take from this cure and plan he he has given you, the same it was given to him. You trust him because this doctor has opened his heart to you and you plainly can see he has been cured by his words, compassion, mercy and how he lives his life. This doctor not only shared with the patient openly and freely what the cure had taught him, but he also was cured to a higher level of living.  This doctor had been given a great love for the patient through this cure he had experienced himself. You begin to listen carefully to the doctor and follow his instructions and you are cured by this amazing cure and plan this doctor gave you!!  You come to find out through your healing this doctor has many patients that he has healed through this same cure.  This doctor had harvested many patients from this cure and his patients grew in number! 

The meaning from this parable:
Witch doctor loved her the right way?  They all judged her disease and symptoms, which judged correctly?  The one that judged correctly is the LORD of truth, Jesus Christ, that showed his mercy, forgiveness and compassion. He is the only way, truth and life this third doctor represented. Our Lord was the true cure. Their sinful nature and desires were the symptoms that caused the disease they all had.  Only two of the doctors received the cure, and the one that did not tell the patient that was cured about the disease, we do not know how long that doctor will be cured because he was loosing patience and lived in fear of persecution.  That doctor put others and himself before the cure which was the Lord.  

The other one was a hypocrite trying to find the Lord on his own while he still had the disease himself not knowing the Lord at all that had been staring him in the face.  This is the lost soul trying and searching for their Savior and does not realize they need one, they are still blind and deceived from the sin they are still living.They are doing all these incredible things but no peace, love and hope take over their lives. 

The third doctor that judges correctly is representing our LORD and His judgment is true and the sinner is willing to repent and take all his instructions to heart willingly following the prescription of the cross this doctor is giving him or her. The patient willingly gives her life to Christ, receives the Spirit of the Lord and grace through the faith he gives her; she is healed.   The doctor that judge correctly is someone that was saved by our Lord and he is blessed beyond measure with all the souls he saved  through the Spirit of truth and grace he has been given. His interest remained His Father interest in each soul.   

When we look at the patient in the parable we see he or she never gives up, going from one doctor to another willingly searching, and our Father leads her to the right one which is our Lord on the Cross, and she finally gives her whole heart to him at the cross in faith as her Lord and Savior.  She is healed and receives the Holy Spirit that reassures her with his grace, which is the right prescription,  that heals her daily. She then shares her faith and grace with others that have been saved, and who needs to be saved all is blessed in abundance!

This parable I created from God's Spirit and word to apply to today's time in showing which doctor as a patient would you want to see, and what patient would you as a doctor want to come see you?  The doctor would have to be someone who is willingly surrendering himself to our Lord daily and wanting the Spirit of the Lord living in and through him fully in faith to be able to judge correctly, and the patient would have to be a sinner that willingly wants to repent , receive and apply our Lord in what he is giving them in faith through His Spirit at the cross, and His words for their daily healing to grow. Which doctor or patient are you testing yourself in being?

His peace and love always.

A Story of a "Promise"

Once upon a time, not so very long ago as far as time goes, there was a young woman and a young man.  They both were very different in many ways. They also were the same in many ways. They both decided, with much love shared between them, they would share their lives, thoughts, feelings, and most of all their love for God through His Son Jesus Christ.

They both like doing certain things and they both disliked doing certain things.  One of the things the young woman didn't like to do was clean the bath tub.  One of the things the young man didn't like to do was wash his clothes.  The young woman and man made a promise to one another.  The young man made a promise to the women to always clean the tub.  The young woman made a promise to the man to always wash his clothes.  

As time continues on earth; many years went by.  The woman became overwhelmed with life and the growing children God had given the man and the woman.  She became heavy burdened and weak, not having any strength to complete her duties. She had no peace, and felt no comfort. She was consumed with worry and confusion.  She found herself unable to keep her promise to the man.  Instead the woman found herself keeping her feelings to herself, along with her thoughts. She closed her own heart by what she saw in the world.  All this caused her to quit sharing her love for God.  She had let all the cares of this world consume her and rob her of God's love. Her promise to the man no longer seamed important any longer.  She began relying on her own power to deal with everything but never truly getting any where. Her heart became more empty so she began filling it with other things in the world that brought her further away from God and the man.

The man kept cleaning the tub and asked the woman if she needed any help washing his clothes.  The man also continually reminded the woman God still loved her through His Son.  The man told her God wanted her to give all her problems and cares of this world to Him, Her Heavenly Father, because through his Son she had became his reborn daughter.  The man kept telling the woman to continue and not give up giving herself to him, and He would give her enough faith to believe all she needed would come from Him. God  would continue to give her endless strength, love and power that would more than just sustain her here on earth.  He would give her enough of Himself to take her past death into Heaven for eternity.

After a few months of the man continually telling the woman of all these promises God had for her, she asked the man, "Why would you still keep your promise to me after I broke mine with you, and why would you help me keep my promise to you?  The man answered the woman, " I kept my promise to you not because you promised me something, but because I love God and through me He keeps his promise to love you.  When you didn't keep your promise to me I knew there must be some reason.  I knew that reason must have been something that was taking you away from God, from the change in you. Because you were drifting away from God you also were drifting away from me. God knowing I would do anything for Him, knew I would continue to keep my promise. I ask to help you with yours through His grace, mercy and strength He was giving me. I was drawing you to Him and if you returned to Him I knew you would come back to me. I knew God and I wanted the same thing because I know God. The woman embraced the man and asked him to forgive her. The man told her he never found fault in her struggle, only His grace, mercy and truth.The man said, "God's promise for the coming of His Son is the greatest promise the world will ever receive, it is the most truest and real promise that will never be shaken."  The woman said to the man,"God through His promise of His Son at the cross is what brought us together and it would be only Him and the cross that would bring us back to each other." The woman and man embraced God's love deeper in their heart. She knew now she could keep her promise through all God would give her of Himself, as she continued to deny herself being in control, and relying on her own strength, God would continue to give her more faith in Him.

Each day the man and the woman grew in His faith as they grew in years, but the first love they both had in Him they never forgot and kept his love close to their hearts through out their lives and it continued to be their shield. They passed on the love that God gave them to each of their children.  Each of them embraced God's Holy Son Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, and His love washed over them at the cross. They also grew in His love and His faith. At the end of the man's and the woman's life not many in the world knew these two souls God had changed, but many knew God more in how He changed the world through His promise of His Son.  That to me is the only promise worth keeping.

Jesus; A story of putting His name in the place of ours

Good morning to all, grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Suppose Jesus had a brother, (we will use James) and their relationship was struggling. Suppose James was insulting Jesus in some way, not aware or on purpose, but James not knowing who Jesus was because James had not fully surrendered his life to him at this time was not aware of the devil's schemes. Jesus knew by James reactions, words and behaviors in his human spirit, that James was not thinking through his new heart or new renewed mind. In other words, at this time during their relationship if James was put to the test to see if Christ was in him, would he pass the test? Jesus knew he was in everyone, but at this particular time Jesus knew His Spirit was not in James, because James was not aware of him being there.

Now that you know about their relationship on this particular day, the story starts off with James asking Jesus what he was doing this day. James had received a revelation from God about their struggling relationship ( they both were praying for answers at this time) and he wanted to speak to Jesus about this revelation. Let us look at what Jesus had planned that day and consider what he would have done. He will give us the same desires within us as he has, if he is in us. Put your name where the name Jesus is or you may be James and put your name where his name is.

At this time winter was ending, and it was a great day to clean up around the synagogue, getting ready for spring, and new growth was coming up all over the grounds. They needed to clean up limbs, leaves and all the other mess on the grounds winter brings. The people that made up the synagogue had planned to work around the synagogue that day, and it was a great day for it. Jesus had planned to work in cleaning up around the synagogue with many that day. Easter was approaching, lent had started and much work was needed to make it beautiful as possible. 

(As you can already see, this story is taken place in today's time, not the time after Jesus had rose, if some have questions about Easter and lent. Easter was not a Holiday right after Jesus rose nor was lent, everyday to the disciples was Easter and everyday was lent.) That truly does not matter in this story. It is spoken only to set the stage of what is taking place today, but we may use some dialogue from the past and present.

Jesus had also planned to take some birthday cards after he had worked at the synagogue that day. The members of the synagogue had  bought some birthday cards for an elderly synagogue member. She would be 100 the day after this particular day and Jesus was given the responsibility to take the cards to the elderly woman. He was very pleased to do this. He had a great relationship with this elderly person. This elderly woman was the type to always put a person's relationship first, before any work or any material need or responsibility. Of course we know that Jesus would not consider how this lady valued relationships would have any bearing on what his Father's will for his own life would be. People did not direct his will only His Father did. Just because a person believed one way would not make him show any favoritism for that person over another in helping someone else. Jesus could say to us "This women is 100 years old, she values relationships more than anything, so I must value her over my Father's will" We know He would never do that, but do we?

We see that Jesus had already planned his day at the time his brother James messaged him.   When James called Jesus what do you think Jesus' response would have been?  Would Jesus do the work for the synagogue? He was asked by the synagogue to help on the grounds that day, and he was given cards to take that day. What would happen if he left the synagogue to go to his brother James? What would happen to the synagogue if Jesus did His Father's will?   Would the people of the synagogue get up set with him? Or would that matter to Jesus? Would he feel guilty for not doing what he had planned that day?  Or would our Father take that guilt away because he did his Father's will? The synagogue had given Him these responsibilities. Which should be most important to the synagogue? Would he loose his reputation in the synagogue, would people get up set because the cards may not get there in time for her birthday. Has a result should he feel guilty of not completing this task that was given to him by the synagogue?  First, for Jesus his position in the synagogue was to feed God's sheep, that was God's will for Him, to save His lost sheep. What would benefit them the most spiritually? As a result of someone being fulfilled spiritually they will change physically. Jesus begins his work in us and then through us for  for others the day we fully surrender to Him. What would be God's will for Jesus, and who would benefit most from it?

Matthew 16:24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lost it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?

"John 17:3 Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

The most need for Jesus was always to be fully embraced in His Fathers grace so he could recognize God's revelation in Him for all of us, and this too if He is within us should also be our greatest need for others. Now that we know Jesus greatest need was to please his Father and to bring us one with the Father because knowing our Father was Jesus' greatest need to complete for his Father. What do you think Jesus did this day? Would he prioritize differently than he had already planned?

John 6:38 For I have come down from Heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me. And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all that he has given me, but raise them up at the last day. For my Father's will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believe in him shall have eternal life and I will raise him up at the last day.

John 17:2 For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him. Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. 

What is also interesting to do with this revelation God gave me for you through Jesus and this relationship is to reverse the names. Put the name James where the name Jesus is in the story an put the name Jesus where the name James is. 

Suppose James was doing the work for the Synagogue and Jesus called to give James a revelation from God, His Father, about him and James. What would James do if He did not know Jesus or if He knew Jesus? James may tell Jesus to wait until he did his work for the synagogue and miss out on what God wanted Him to receive of himself because his devotion was not to God, before his own work for the synagogue. This may be the reason many churches are falling away from Grace today, and many do not realize it. I am praying this parable God gave me will open your eyes and remove your blindness. If you can see through His eyes He has already given you, Praise God for His revelations, thoughts and ideas he gives us today through his word!!

All of us need to continue to pray for all of us to look more above in our hearts and mind to receive his revelations through our daily relationships and circumstances for him to reveal his true will in our lives for his true purpose of knowing Him!

Godly sorrow brings repentance, or does it?

Have you ever been deceived? People telling you they love God and want to know God and Satan has them so wrapped up in their worldly flesh mere men and women spirits that they do not even know it? Their true spirits come out only when you tell them the truth or they see the truth. Instead of Godly repentance they think you are some kind of crazy person creating a division among  "true believers". They are not mean people, they truly believe they are living as God wants them to live, going to church, reading their Bible for knowledge, doing all kinds of work for God, going to Church but when you speak the truth they turn you into an enemy! Not only that they ask you to go and worship at another church! As this ever happen to you. This has happen to me four times! Four churches in the last five years! All I do is read Scripture, and tell them about His love and how we are to receive all He wants to give us by faith expressing it through the love we have for Him. We have faith we receive, we listen to Him, He gives us more of himself. The Holy Spirit comes into our mind leading us and guiding us where and when we are suppose to go and do. There are three lies I noticed the other day with a Sunday School class of women I have been attending. A wonderful class full of women wanting to know God. I heard a lot of things they believed in instead of believing in God first that cause Satan to plant these lies in them to the point they were not receiving what God wanted them too. This was part of our study, knowing the lies that keep us from the truth. We only talk about God for forty five minutes a week in this class, and I can tell by what they believe they do not know Him very well due to their desires and their behaviors, God calls them fruits. They are actions and behaviors we can recognize from people to know if they know God or not. We who are in Christ Jesus see people souls and spirit before we see the person. If you are not focused on Jesus Christ when you see a person you will see only the person and not their Spirit or Soul. We speak and live through the Spirit a natural man is not going to recognize our soul or our Holy Spirit within us, nor can they recognize it in themselves. I wrote my Sunday School teacher an e-mail that the Holy Spirit compelled me to write through my love for Him and His love through me for others. As you know the Holy Spirit loves people through us the most perfectly way for them to know our Lord and Savior more. Sometimes when we tell people the truth even if they say they want to hear it they still may reject us for it. Pride has a  strange way of hiding until the truth is revealed! This is my e-mail I sent, I wanted first to explain my relationship with our Father before I felt she would accept my humble but most needed help. Although we should never have to justify our relationship, those that have a strong relationship with Christ will know those that do, not boasting about each other and their own accomplishments only boasting in the cross and what He has given you of Himself so both of you can glorying Him together with the gifts you both have or eagerly seeking to have because He wants you to have them so He can do more through you. With this said, I wanted to share this e-mail with you and what happened a day later. 
God has given me so much from our amazing class yesterday, His love compels me, as His love compels us to do all things, to share what He revealed to us for ourselves and others. Before I do, I want to thank you for following your new heart God gave you to renew your mind in teaching this class. All of us that want to share, know and learn more about receiving His love. God's love and how it can change us everyday into a right believing heart that makes us aware of all the lies He does not speak. When He has worked out all of what not of Him in us, our souls are stripped clean of what does not belong, He will put a huge desire in us to reveal what the others are lacking, He will begin to work through us for others. Just has He has done with this amazing Author and many, many more who have fully surrendered to Christ. We have been given the same mind, and Heart that knows His love. This does not mean we are perfect, this means He has done a perfect work in us, and He is perfect. We will mess up but we know when we mess up because of His love that is in our hearts guards us and lets us know when we do. We desperately want to please Him and there is no way we could ever say no to Him now when He has asked us to let Him speak through us for others  benefit of knowing more about Him and who He is within them. As we know faith comes from hearing. When you hear me say His words that He has given me to say out of the love He has given me for these incredible women that I love deeply, I want you to know these words did not come to me without a price. Giving up all that I loved before Him was not easy, but through His love He gave me in receiving Him in faith as my Lord, Savior, Father and God,  out weighed any love the whole world could give me and it is endless and limitless filling me up each and everyday, I could not loose it but often Satan tempted me through my relationships and circumstances and He still does. I know the only way my children are going to receive His love is my love for Him  has to be above them. I have been envied, persecuted, and eyes rolled at me over and over again for many years. It use to hurt me when He first gave me His words to write and say to other women and men that I loved and He loved through me, would hurt me for no reason. I continue to be perplexed about others that claim to know Him but speak and act as if they do not have His behavior which is His fruit revealed in words and actions. We do have to be mature enough in our mind to die for Him. I do not think we can know how to die for Him at a early age therefore we cannot receive all of Him in faith being our Savior, Lord and Father for lack of our natural understanding of who He is. I have cried to him many times not because they hurt me but because they did not know His love for them that I was only proclaiming for His benefit and theirs. I am nothing and was nothing in this world,  and I was still loved by God but did and could  not not know how much until I received Him and His love of forgiveness and mercy which is His grace. Then I was and am and will continue to be redeemed as long as I remain in Him and his love and fulling His desires for me and my love for Him receiving more of the gifts of himself daily. God does not forgive us because He loves us, He forgives us because of what His Son did for us, and He loved us enough to give us His Son to die for us. The reason He gives me so much of himself is not because I am special or any different than anyone else, if anything I am  one of the worst sinners. There is no favoritism with God we both know that, it is because I need Him and truly love Him more than I love anyone or anything in this world. Those who are forgiven much love much. He knows what ever he ask me to do I will do it, so He gives me Himself  so He can do as He pleases through me for His glory of being known, I am invisible. People who do not know Him cannot see Him, they are only looking at me and what He has given me. That will always create a division God does not want but is needed, so others will know He is not within them. Jesus Christ brought a sword, to divide His people for His purpose, for those that believe their eyes would be opened. For those that do not believe, they may believe by hearing and seeing His love change someone else, their eyes and ears would in turn be opened. With all this said I wanted to clear up a few lies that were told yesterday that were not addressed because we do not have time to discuss all that Christ wants us too during a  45 minute a week Bible study for however many women or men are in there. There is not enough questions and answers given.This is proof we do not talk enough about Him and His word with each other. Forty five minutes a week in a class is not what Paul or Jesus did and this is what we are doing and accepting and the proof we need Him more is proven in the lives we are living. With this said, these are some of the statements that were made in Sunday school we did not have time to discuss.
We are only human, how can we be what God wants us to be all the time, we are not perfect, and we are all at different levels.Take a look at these statements that are said many times during our class. These are all true but it is only the first part of every statement God makes that we often believe, and do not receive His finished truth at the end of the statements therefore we believe what we here in the first part but we do not hear the end of the statement.  This is how Satan keeps us from growing and receiving more of God. We often know we are going to have trouble in the world and accept our trouble but we forget the finished work of Christ in that statement, take heart I have overcome the world. With all of this said I would like to show you God's finished work of truth in these statements.1) We are only human- This is true but the finished work of Christ has given us a new birth John 1v10-13 He was in the world, and through the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. v11 He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. v12 Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. v13 children born not of natural decent, nor of human decision, or a husband's will, but born of God. and 1 Corinthians 3v3 You are still worldly, For since there is jealousy and quarreling among you, are you not worldly? Are you not acting like mere men? Paul tells us when we put others or things before Him we are acting like mere men, not reborn of God.When we tell God we are only human that hurts Him, because you are not relying on His power to sustain you, He is our immortal God, and by our rebirth we are immortal through the gift of  Himself, no longer "only human", when we have received Him how can we even speak that we are "only human" any more when we have been touched by His power of love, His forgiveness that wipes out every sin we have ever committed, how can we say "we are only human" after we have received Him in our heart, we no longer have a heart of stone, we know Him and our new heart we are made whole and complete in Him, we are redeemed!! 2) We are not perfect- This is true but this is one of Satan's favorite  he has used for many, many, years. This statement is what kept me from receiving Him most of my life. We think He is not perfect enough to change our imperfectness. We think he is not big enough to save our guilt, shame and unworthiness. We focus on the first statement and do not look at Christ's finished work in the last part of the statement. We only see the statement all fall short of the glory of God and do not believe or receive God came and saved us from our unworthiness through His Son.  Not realizing we are so small compared to His great heart and "Big arms" He created us and knows us better than we know ourselves! Of course we do not realize this naturally, only when His love touches our heart do we know who He is and what He is capable of. The Israelites' did not know this as well.  Numbers 11v23 The LORD answered Moses, "Is the LORD's arm to short? You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you. I love it when God tells me I will see whether or not what He says is true or not, but I believe not because He has shown me through circumstances but true of what He has given me of himself. Through Jesus Christ, who God is within us, He will always come true for us who believe in Him. He is perfect so He too can work a perfect work of himself through us for others. He creates us to be Holy because He is Holy. Through walking as He walked by faith we too will walk as He walked through our lives, He has done all the work for us on the cross we only have to believe in Him. We make it difficult for Him by keeping in us what is not Him. If we keep saying we are not perfect through Jesus Christ, are we true Christians following Him showing we have faith in His saving arms being big enough to save us, God has made me who I am by God's grace, I would never tell Him He is not making me more perfect everyday with a endless thankful heart,. If I were to tell Him I am not being made perfect, it tells Him what He has done for me was not worth a perfect work in me. These are some scriptures that support His truth over Satan's lies of Him not being able to bring us to not lacking anything of himself in us. This does not mean we are done growing in Him it means we are receiving more and more of Him. James 1v4 (KJV) But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. (NIV) Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.  Hevrews 10v14 (KJV) because by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy. (KJV) For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified. Jesus also told us through the Holy Spirit we are not going to love others like the unbelievers do. We are going to love people that do not love us, and we are going to cause our love to shine on the unrighteous as well as the righteous. They may not accept it but we are going to be loving them anyway because our Father has given us His love for others through His Son.  Mathew 5v48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. James 1v16 Do not be deceived my dear brothers. v17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadow. v18 He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of first fruits of all he created. If we are receiving Him and His perfect gifts within us are we not being made more perfect everyday to do His will and walk in faith more and more everyday?3) We are all at different levels- This is another truth that turns into a lie if we let it, it keeps us from receiving all He has for us if we compare ourselves in a negative way with someone else. Knowledge puffs up but love builds up. We are all at different levels but we who are strong in faith in Him being all in all, want and desire for everyone in the whole world to know Him and His love as we do, always lifting them higher through His word of truth and His Spirit within us giving them encouragement not to accept where they are, building them up always moving forward with His love He has for them, asking for forgiveness when we mess up and receiving more grace to keep moving in His right direction. Pride and humbleness are required from each of us in this lie to be turned into His truth. The weak have to admit they are weak, and the strong have to bare with the weak. Our faith is given to us out of our own relationship we have with Him, in His measure do to our humbleness in knowing His love and gifts are greater than any love or treasures we can ever receive from anyone or thing, it completes us. His love is not given to us alone it is given to everyone who truly believes in Him and His love being what we are missing within ourselves but receive through the Holy Spirit. So there can be no boasting on our part because we do not have anything that He has not given to us. If the weak are not humble and are prideful and cannot accept the truth  they will always be defensive and reject our rebuke. If you are strong in faith, we have to remember where our faith comes from and by denying ourselves we have paid the same price Christ paid and those that are weak will know this as well if they are truly in Christ. They will know we are telling them for God's benefit for them, we only boast in the cross of Christ because through faith in Him we received all things and through faith in Him everyone can receive what we have. Galatians 6v14 May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me and I to the world. v15 Neither circumcision nor circumcision means anything; what counts is a new creation. I am so sorry this is so long but I wanted to get out all of what God put in. He has given me the time to be His poured out wine for His purpose. You too have been given time to be His poured out wine, just remember we are all given His gifts to use for His purpose each season in life, be patient with Him working His miracle seen through your waiting on Him. Long or short it does not matter to us, all we know is we receive more and more through each challenge in our relationships and circumstances, so I am thankful for each challenge because I see His work of miracles, signs and wonders in me and all around me! Praise Him our God, Father, Lord and Savior for all He has done in  the past, present and future! I love you and I love everyone in the class and seeing God work through all of us to reveal who He is more and more! 
The next day after I sent my e-mail I was reading my Bible and meditating on His words for all
 on his word for all of us in Psalm 25, 26 and 27. This I know now was not a coincidence. After I read my Bible I began writing a devotional titled, "Who, then, is the man that fears the Lord?" This was not a coincidence either! The phone rang and I answered it, it was my new Pastor. I have been going to this church for about five months and as you know had been attending an amazing class with wonderful women that I thought wanted to know God and His truth. He said, "I know you have been attending Julie's class (His wife) and I know you have strong opinions and are full of faith but some of the women in this class feel like they are being attacked. I said, "What, that is not my Lord's intentions or mine, we are discussing the lies we believe and the truth that sets us free." I told him I sent Julie (His wife) a e-mail yesterday and he told me he knew about it and he read it. I said I was helping these women by using God's word this was not my strong opinion it was His and He speaks through me for His purpose. He said, " I do not     want to argue with you, I think it is best if you go and worship at another church." We were planning on a wonderful women retreat, I had already given them 100.00 dollars to go, I was very excited to talk about my Lord with these wonderful women for a whole weekend, I could not wait!! He told me he would send my money back and I was not invited to go. This hurt me but God came quickly to my rescue, he had already prepared me for this phone call and this circumstance by giving me my devotional I had already written this morning. What a wonderful God we have that truly does save and rescue those that love Him and have been called for His purpose. So today I do not want you to focus on the prosecution I want you to focus on Him and His word that will always rescue us from any heartache. Please pray for those that do not know Him and percecute us, bless them because they know not what they do. God will work through the seeds we plant when we pray for those that reject them. Love and peace to everyone with many prayers, Vicki Gann

What is Our Daily Bread?

                              WHAT IS YOUR DAILY BREAD?

   I was eating lunch at the hospital Tuesday of this week in the court yard. It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shinning with puffy white clouds against the brilliant blue of the sky showing through the mirror windows on the side of the hospital. It looked like a building size painting God had sent me. I was just sitting their reading my bible and couldn't help but thank Him for this opportunity to be able to do this out side on such a beautiful day.  I thanked him for giving me the desire to want to read by Bible.  While I was thanking Him and filling so full of His presence I could not help but over hear three women that was sitting two tables across from me.  They had a very pleasant laugh and  beautiful smiles.  They were having a great time together sharing their conversation with each other. I could not help hearing what they were talking about, we were the only people in the court yard. They were talking about what gives them pleasure and how they cope with their daily problems they face.  I began to realize God wanted me to hear this and learn something He was teaching me from it and share it with others.  One of the women talked about how she loved couponing.  She talked about how she didn't do it to save money but she did it because it consumed her.  She would get into a concentrating, focused moment where it would over come  her thoughts about her problems.  She would be only  thinking about what she was doing, couponing. She had become so organized and detailed,  storing up products in a small room, she was beginning to out grow, couponing had comsumed her life.  It took over all of her spare time and she liked it, she was addicted.  It had taken over her life, she didn't have to think of her family problems as long as she was couponing.  Now we all know as soon as she was finished her problems would still be there, wanting her to face them. She would want to do it more and more. Couponing had become her daily bread. The other woman was talking about how cleaning helped her get away and not face her problems. She could clean for hours, sometimes at night when she couldn't sleep and everyone else was in bed a sleep in another part of the house.  She would be accomplishing a lot by a clean house and still not have to face her problems while she was doing it.  She was very proud of herself for this therapy she had created for herself.  We also know her problems were still there after she was done. She began wanting to do it more and more.  Cleaning had become her daily bread. The other woman talked about her great desire to dive into a romance novel.  She could read for hours about someone elses problems and live through their life and not have to face her life for hours and hours.  Again, we know her problems were still there after she would read. She began reading more and more.  Reading fiction romance novels had turned into her daily bread. This conversation was very interesting to me.  I realized I use to have something I did when I would feel overwhelmed with problems.  I would watch T.V. and clean.  I could watch T.V. for a whole day, watching movie after movie.  I also cleaned my house when I wanted to escape the world and all the problems I had to face. It was not a solution but it would help me cover things up until they  re-serviced again and again.  That was my life; work, clean, take care of my family, watch T.V. go to church every now and then, over and over and over and over.! The more problems I had the more cleaning and watching T.V. I did. Watching T.V. and cleaning became my daily bread.
   While I was sitting there thinking about all God was trying to teach me I began to get tears in my eyes, thinking to myself how far He had brought me and how many women did not know how far He could bring them. I know watching T.V., couponing, reading romance novels are not sins, but if you let them consume you and take over your life, they are. If you are one of these women like I was for many years, turn to our savior Jesus Christ, let him be your daily bread.  If you accept Him as your savior He will save you.  Your time will be spent in a more complete way, the way you were created to spend your time. Let Him plan your day and your hours.  God does not give you a overcoming life that has no problems but He does give you everything you need to overcome them. The more you read his word, worship his presence or pray for His guidance in your life and others He will reveal a part of you that has been hidden; His overcoming Spirit!  You will be a more glorious person, filled with all of His gifts just for you.The one our Heavenly Father created before time began. Without knowing Jesus, you will never know your true self.  I pray this for all women,men and children. I hope this story opened your eyes and heart a little more to receive his presence within each one of us.  Many prayers, Vicki Gann  
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