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The spirit of truth and the spirit of false hood

Good morning to all grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is the "season" man has chosen to celebrate our Lord's birth.  There is much talk about the "spirit" of Christmas, the "spirit" of the holidays, the "spirit" of the Grinch and the "spirit" of Scrooge. For some reason man notices these "spirits" more this time of year than any other. Have you ever wondered why?  Why doesn't it matter to them all during the year about the different spirits that are walking around in us, hovering  all around us, and keep us in bondage?  Like I said before, "It is because this is the "season" man as chosen.  Man will notice certain things when man or the world is involved, but what about God, doesn't he remind us everyday to be aware of the spirit of falsehood, and the spirit of truth through His Spirit of Christ that is within us everyday?  Why is it that only this time of the year is when some of us notice?  A man might have to be reminded to give to others, love and have joy, but a Christian is always reminded everyday provided he is listening to his Savior everyday and not just certain times of the year. This leads me to think they are living through a spirit of falsehood if they only are reminded by the season man as created to celebrate his birth.  This giving, love, and joy will come easy enough with the season, and leave as quickly as the season passes.  This is  not living trough the true Spirit of truth, if it is so easily pushed a side. This is living through the spirit of the world, and not of Christ.  Many are being deceived today by the spirit of falsehood.

1 John 4::4-6 You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.  They are from the world and therefore speak from the view point of the world, and the world listens to them.  We are from God, and whoever knows God listens to us; but whoever is not from God does not listen to us.  This is how we recognize the Spirit of truth, and the spirit of falsehood.

Do not get me wrong; I love Christmas, the gifts, the family time, the tree, lights and decorations, BUT that is not the only day I give to others through Christ, have family time through Christ, and celebrate my Savior's birth through Christ as his reborn child.  That is not only the days I recognize him, his birth, his life or death.  I do all those things in him, and recognize his presence living in me everyday, and also confess his presence as my Lord, and his gift of grace daily in the world.  What I am saying is the spirit of false hood, and the spirit of truth is lived out everyday, not just during a season man has created.  There is the "spirit" of the Grinch and the "spirit" of the Scrooge walking, hovering, and tying us up  every day, and if we are truly in Christ he is revealing those false spirits within each of us that HIS grace, gifts, and love overcomes as quickly as they hover to tempt us.  

The spirit of Scrooge represents greed, selfishness, pride in ourselves, our own accomplishments and success above God.  The spirit of the Grinch represents misery, self-pity, unworthiness, wanting to rob, and destroy all what God is revealing to us through his Son.   Both of these spirits represent the spirit of falsehood, and they can grab us the minute the "season" man has created is over.  It is easy for us to be like Christ among others that are like him during this "season" of celebrating because everyone else is, but what about the days when no one else is, those are the days the truth is revealed in you if you truly are living through the spirit of truth or the spirit of false hood.  It is when the world is not looking that the truth is revealed.  It is when the world is not listening or watching is when the true Spirit of God is revealed in you.

If he is above all in us, and around us, he will defeat them by all he gives us. If we are only a "Christian" celebrating his birth only during this time I do not think he will think we are living through the Spirit of truth, when we only live it a season out of the year because  we join the world.  That truly is not living, or sacrificing our lives for him as his child. This truly is not living through his commands out of the love he has given us.  He does not only give us his gift of His Son during a "season."  His gift is offered as a life gift, and is accepted as a gift for life,  as long as we live accepting the gift, the gift will continually give.  Our lives are made up of moments given by God for his purpose and plan; our lives are not made up of seasons chosen by men or the world.

Today look at the cross, the mirror of truth, and see if you are denying yourself, the world, and Satan daily, and caring your cross by all he gives you everyday. If you are truly HIS this "Christmas" day men have chosen to celebrate his birth, then this day will not be any different than any other day. You may have decorations, lights, a tree, and family you may not see altogether at one time, but your heart, mind, and soul has no different love for him, nor his love for others through you.  Although his love may grow because he becomes more important than the decorations, family, and gifts.

If you see through the cross, the mirror of truth, that you have not truly lived denying yourself, the world, or Satan, above him, then receive his gift now, by you giving him the only gift you have, yourself, and he  will begin giving you himself to celebrate with everyday, and no day in your mind, heart, and soul will be any different in HIM.  His joy will be complete in you, his grace, and love will never leave you, and his love through you for others will bring others to knowing his birth in you, and them in a whole new way. It will be celebrated faithfully, and boldly everyday!

His peace, and grace always and everyday!!

Dear Editor

   I found myself struggling to respond to the editorial "Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus,"  on Fridays December 24th edition of the Newnan Times Herald.  As you can see my confidence from Christ helped me with my struggles by guiding me to write for the right reasons.
   I too was an eight year old little girl devastated by finding out there was no Santa Claus.  When I had my own daughter and raised her into believing in Santa Claus she too was devastated by finding out there was no Santa Claus.
   I began to ask myself, what are we doing?  Do we have to create fantasy to bring giving and goodness into the world?  Way was Santa Claus invented and why do we still have him?  I began to do some research.  I know he was a Saint so I started there. Like most Saints, he gave his life to Christ.  I found out he is adored as the patron saint of several classes of people. The sailors on ships worshiped his guidance in Rome.  There is a legend with three poor children he helped by giving money and gifts to save their lives.  He is said to have helped prisoners and captives.  Many miracles of intervention by him have been recorded.  The  popularity of Saint Nicholas is found in Russia, Saint Andrew the Apostle and Saint Nicholas both are patrons of the Nation of Russia.  Saint Nicholas is also for Greece, Apulia, Sicily and Lorraine.  
   The Secular world, that's right, I said, the secular world, created Santa Claus.  The meaning of secularism means exclusion of religion. Secular means not sacred.  Here we are suppose to be a "God First" country and we all bought in to the idea we had to create goodness in a man in a red suit to represent goodness and the power of giving.   Don't get up set, I was one of those who bought into it too!  Not only did I buy into it by lying to my children I bought into it spending money that I didn't have!! You know how our Government loves for us to spend money.  I believe that is why Americans created Santa Claus is because it gave us a reason to spend money.  
   With all of this said, it bothered me more and more about the article you ran from the September 21, 1987 editorial of the New York Sun. "Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus".
You said the editorial was the most reprinted editorial.  This amazed me; I started asking myself questions I had never asked myself before.  I know now Christ was making me ask myself these questions, that is what He does when He gets to be the most loving in your life.  Is Christ not enough?  What Christ did for us, His life, His death and His Resurrection; is He not enough reason alone for us to celebrate His birthday? We say He is the reason.  We put signs in our yards say He is the reason for the season.  Then we have rain deer and a sleigh lit up right be side Him! Some people say we can have both. Ask yourself; we can have a lie and the truth.  What do they have in common?  Does Christ inspire; give and show devotion, love, generosity and faith the only way we can truly receive it?  It is true, like the 1987 article states, the most real things in the world are things man cannot see, but Santa Claus my dear friends, is not one of them!  The Santa Claus the secular world has created is based on fantasy, a lie we tell our children.  A tradition that has been created by men; not by God.  The birth of Jesus is something that can cause us to have rebirth in our selves through the giving and love from Christ not from Santa Claus.  Santa Claus is based on a lie we tell our children to create something we have already been given through Jesus Christ.  The truth we keep getting away from as a nation.  It is faith, hope and love we get from Christ not from anyone else, He is the light to a new way of living and the truth.  He is the only one that can teach us how to truly have faith, hope and love one another.
   In the 1987 article a veil was mentioned. It said we have put a veil over our hearts and minds. This is so true, our hearts have been clouded and hardened.  They have become less receptive of what is true.  Our minds have been directed elsewhere.  We have cultured our minds so much we can't receive the truth anymore.  The veil cannot be lifted by fantasy and poetry like the article suggest, these are things man creates.  God is the main creator of all that is beautiful.  He can create beautiful things through us that represent good.  The secular world created something that is not real; we do not need Santa Claus for our children to be good.  We need to raise our childn in knowing Christ the Son of God and the Holy Spirit; these are real!! They have been here since time began, in the past, present and the future.  We need to teach our Children Jesus Christ gives children a pure heart and pure joy.  With Christ in your life he will continue to give your heart pure joy through adult hood even through death.  His joy will grow within you as you get older, He will never leave you no matter how old you are or what cirucmstance you are in.  Not only was He a real person, He is still real within you. This is the truth, as as a town, country and world we are getting away from.  Push back the viel for your self and ask him to reveal Himself to you, experience ther true joy of a child yourself, now and forever though Jesus Christ!  
   You are the media;you have the power to change the minds of our town, country and world.  Help God by making our minds more receptive to Him and His traditions and not traditions the world creates. Do you ask yourself,"How can I help God?" or "How can God use me today for His purpose?" "What does God have planned for me today?" Get out of the Media rut.  Stop printing what people think they need, print what they need to think.
   Please let me know what you think about this editorial that was sent to a newspaper, of course they did not print it. I have changed how I see Christmas in my house and we have learned through Christ what Christmas really means.  Want you try to help me help others see the truth through the eyes of Christ.  If you would like a copy of the article "Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus please contact me on my contact page and let me know.
Many prayers,
Vicki Gann

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