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The meaning of "do not judge or you will be judged" has been twisted

Good morning! Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
This one statement has caused havoc in the world today. This includes churches being apart of the world it is suppose to be separated from by faith in our Lord, God and Savior. He separates us by His gift of Himself that lives inside us who truly believe with His gift of faith He died for us. He died for all and He lives in all people but those that are blind by their darkness are not aware of him living inside them. The mystery of their lost soul being saved by His light has not been solved yet, they are still searching for all the answers and ways that complete them. 

Still many are being deceived by the great liar, Satan, without them realizing it and some of the reason they are deceived is because of this one statement he has twisted the meaning to his advantage. Those He has revealed His truth to need to wake up and let His light of truth be known. This is a bible study that will reveal His truth about His judgment becoming ours.

Let us look at our Savior in who he is that is what we are all suppose to do in faith in Him revealing His truth to us. We say he is the only one that can judge us. This statement is true and I hope everyone understands this. He truly is the only one that can judge any man. A natural man cannot judge himself or judge others. Although many think they can judge what is right and what is wrong in them but we have no good in us to be able to judge ourselves or others naturally. This is the truth and if you have truly received our Savior you know in comparison to Him there is nothing in us that can save us. 

We all have a sinful nature we were born into which God does not hold us responsible for having, it is a fact he created so we would know the difference from His Holy nature we were created for and sinful nature we were created to denounce in us. But only  when we are touched by His presence are these two natures revealed. We have a freewill to choose which nature we want, and he does want all to choose His Holy nature. He does hold us responsible for receiving His Holy nature through His Son and continue having faith in Him creating us with the love he gives us through His one and Holy Spirit.

With this said if you do not know the difference in you from the Holy Spirit of Christ and your sinful nature which is your natural human nature within you, I beg you to  go to cross now and receive Him as your Savior, your soul is in great need of Him to live now and for eternity. Call on Him and tell Him to reveal the difference in you so you can beware of His holiness he wants to give you.If you do not know that need of needing he gives us to be saved He has not found you and you have not found Him. 

Call to Him now so you can know the difference in your natural love, joy, peace, or the difference in your shame, guilt and condemnation you may not be aware of yourself having until the mystery of yourself is solved and revealed. He is the only person that can solve that mystery in you.

Now if you have received Him He will reveal His judgement to you by the gift of Himself which gives you a new heart to lead your soul. You have accepted His righteous judgment and are willing for Him to change you because he reveals to you he knows what is best for you and you know he knows because of who He is by His presence you have received. His Spirit reveals all things about God to you and you know His judgment is true and right for you so you are willingly for Him to judge any part of you so you can get rid of what is not Him in you and let Him have His right to yourself with a free path to your soul to work in.

You find out quickly He is a jealous God and does not want to share your soul with anyone above Him. He cannot and will not work in you until you are totally His to work in. Depending on how poor you are depends on how rich he will be in you. This is His judgement of yourself you are welcoming and very thankful to Him for it. Any challenge to test your faith in Him you will welcome because His power in you will be revealed through that challenge. So the question now is do you want to be judged by God? Do you want to be instructed by God? Do you want for Him to tell you what is not Him in you? Do you want Him to make a right judgment so you can rightly be related to Him? Do you want Him to tell you how you  are to be inside out? Do you want Him to tell you who you are and how you are suppose to live?

Only the wicked or the lost do not want to be judged by God He tells us this many times a man that lacks judgement is a lost soul.
Psalm 1v5 Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous. For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but he way of the wicked will perish. 

With this said do you want to be judged by God? Do you care what He thinks of you? Do you care if your life is pleasing to Him? This is God's judgement that comes when the Holy Spirit comes and lives in us, he judges every step we take so we can be instructed correctly and be molded to his image. So yes, I want to be judged by God every minute of everyday so I can please Him and  be a better son to Him than I was yesterday. I want to die off what is not Him in me everyday and everyday he will test me and judge my test. Do I have His faith, His nature guiding me and molding me into His image everyday or am I going my own way, choosing what I want to do, making my own god and loving who I want to love the way I want to love them?

Psalm 7v8 let the LORD judge the peoples. Judge me, O Lord according to my righteousness, according to my integrity, O Most High. O righteous God, who searches minds and hearts, bring to an end the wicked and make the righteous secure.

Of course we know when we accept our Lord and Savior in faith he fulfills all our righteousness through His gift of the Holy Spirit; the true and real person of God living in us is our righteousness, our heart is new and that renews our soul! He renews our wicked nature by giving us His Holy Spirit!

I hope we have decided we do want God's judgment which is the conviction of the Holy Spirit within us that leads us the right way from our natural human nature always. It is not easy when you start to leave yourself behind because you can't see where God is taking you. Your eyes are different and are seeing broken spirits and needy souls crying out to Him as you use to be. He now has filled you with His presence and molded you to be used the way He wants you too and you are willingly accepting all His choices, all His judgement, desires and authority He has given you with the gift of Himself living in you with His righteousness not your own right way and right doing any longer. He is living well in your soul!

Our Lord always asked people why they were angry at Him for healing the whole person His way and not their way. He tells them to make a right judgment. John 7v24 Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgment.
This does not mean we cannot judge by appearances but not only by appearances, we have to make a right judgment by judging the whole man. If they judged Jesus through the Holy Spirit of Jesus then they would have seen Jesus and who He was as a whole man and a whole God. They would have seen the God in Him healed the man and made Him whole from the inside out, just as God does in everyone. When we have His eyes to see we see God doing this in everyone! We know the grace of God healed us and if His grace can heal us it can heal any man. At that time they could not see has he sees only when He was glorified for doing His Fathers will could we be glorified receiving His eyes through His Spirit.

Since he is now living in us, what happens with His judgment? Does it continue to live through us after He has worked it in us? Do we not work out what He puts in us? Does he start judging others through us for their benefit just like he judged us for our benefit not to condemn  us but to convict us and save us from evil all around us.Does he put us in the world where he can work through us for others in building their faith in Him up through his righteous judgment of truth or does he put us where he does not work because we want to go our own way and do what we want to do.

John  6v30 By myself I can do nothing. I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.

What kind of authority did God give His first Son?

Matthew 28v19 Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me."

When we receive Him within ourselves what kind of authority do we have living in us, guiding us and doing His will?

Colossians 2v9 For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form and you have been given fullness of Christ, who is the head over every power and authority.

Has he grows in you he will also grow through you. This is each of our test daily as our faith grows with His love guarding our hearts so He will grow to live through us for others. He will begin speaking through us for His purpose to help those around us revealing His truth. 

Many of us are being deceived by these words  "do not judge or you will be judged" and  are not growing with His presence. If our only interest is our souls and not the souls in the world, He will stop working in us as long as we put other works, ourselves and people before Him. His truth has to go past ourselves daily this is His purpose of coming in us so He can live through us with his judgment for ourselves and then through us for others.

 If Christ was only interested in his soul and in himself where we would we be today? If Christ only judged Himself and did not worry about any other souls, He would not be continuing to do His Father's will through us and he would not have done his Father's will then and died for us. Our Lord was about His Fathers business and His Fathers business was lost souls, living in sin and being separated from God which means separated from His Holy Spirit only Christ can give us.

 Are we making our business His business? God gives all of us opportunities to prove who He is within us, and throughout our lives for others to know Him in word and deed. Do we care about the souls around us enough to sacrifice ourselves for them? To sacrifice our "Holy" reputation, our standing with others, and our standing with ourselves. Would we rather sacrifice losing our faith in our relationship with God we can't see, than sacrificing our relationship with others we can see. Are we seeing through His eyes what He wants us to see in what others truly need of Himself or are we blind to what others need because of fear of losing what we can see. Do we hear the lost through his ears for His purpose and not our own. 

This word "judge" Satan has used to destroy the true people of God. Those of us that have received His understanding of His judgment for ourselves and then he uses for others, need to step up and tell His truth by the gifts of himself He gives us to use.

Matthew 10v26 "So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs. Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

 Do you want to be judged by God, I hope so, and if you do he will make you into His instrument he can work through for others passing His right and true judgment of the heart as He continues to in you and now through you to help other hearts to fully surrender. You will no longer be the closed blinded leading the closed minded, but you will truly be seeing leading the blind to a full and opened mind through His Holy Spirit for our God and Savior!

Many deceivers are in the world, are you being deceived?

Good morning! Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Today we are discussing deception. Mathew 24v4 Jesus answered: Watch out that no one devices you.

 The devil is always going to try to deceive us as long as we are living in this world some fall into His deceiving power and become his deceivers without realizing it. Others hold on to the faith in our Lord God and Savior in what He tells them that reveals His truth and gifts of Himself that  we receive that overcomes the lies.

(2 John 7 Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the Antichrist. Watch out that you do not loose what you have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully.) 

Jesus also says they will be among us, 

( Matthew 7v15 "Watch out for false prophets, They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly the are ferocious wolves.)  

That is why we need each other to remind ourselves of Satan's deceiving power and God gives us the power to recognize the lies within ourselves or to recognize it in others that are being deceived for both of our benefits.

 It is up to them if they hear the truth of our Lord or not but His love compels us to always speak His truth no matter their response. We receive more of Him each time was are obedient by faith we receive in pleasing Him for the building up of His Kingdom. 

These are some He has revealed to me through circumstances and relationships in my own life for my and your benefit which his love compels us to share.  Please feel free to share yours with me and others so we all can learn more of His truths to grow more in faith in Him being all we need for this life he has so graciously given us. He has proven these truths in His word, within me and all around me through my own circumstances and relationships which He has given me more faith through each one in a very short time compared to most. You can learn the truths as quickly as you deny the lies and receive more faith in Him. He will always prove His truth and give you circumstances to prove it, let His love always guide you into knowing who He is he would much rather you not to suffer needlessly.

Lie- Wisdom comes with age.
Truth- True wisdom comes through the Holy Spirit when you deny your natural wisdom being foolish compared to His at your own self denying age.
(Scripture Job 32v8  and 1 Timothy 4v12)

Lie- We need to save money for our retirement.
Truth- We need to give our surplus today to help others. We store up our  provisions in Heaven by giving to others out of the faith and grace giving our Father has given us. He provides for us as we provide for others always. That is what FAITH in believing in His grace is.
(Scripture Luke 12v13-21, Matthew 6v25-14, Ecclesiastes 5v19, Corinthians  9v6-14)

Lie-Work to make money
Truth- We will commit all work to Him as if we were working for Him from the love we receive.  Money is only a resource to use for His glory not something we rely on. When we commit our work to Him we will always be blessed in our work so we can be generous to everyone.
(Scripture Colossians 3v23, Proverbs 16v3, Deuteronomy 8v17-20)

Lie-Love only people who love you.
Truth- When God's love and grace touches you through the faith He gives you His love is enough to love the whole world through you, you will see the whole world differently through His eyes and will be able to love your enemies and bless them. So He will be known as our Lord and God that loves the whole world and everyone will worship Him.
(Scripture Matthew 5v43-47, Romans 12v14)

Lie- Only care about yourself. If everyone took care of themselves no one would have to worry about each other.
Truth- God's interest in the world around you will become your interest in the world around you. God is interested in every living soul.
(Scripture Philippians 2v19-23, 2 Corinthians 5v20, Matthew 28v19-20, John 21v16)

Lie-Have faith only in your natural self and only trust your own natural mind. 
Truth-Never trust your natural flesh the good or the bad. Both are self-seeking wanting to lift you up instead of lifting God up. Trust only in God and your relationship to Him so He can guide you and reveal the true path He has created for you to follow.
(Scripture 1 Corinthians 3v19, Proverbs 3v5-6, John 15v5, Philippians 3v1-11)

Lie- You have the natural power to control your own circumstances and relationships.
Truth- Learn to listen to Him. You have given Him the right to make your choices for you. When you do listen let His faith give you the confidence to know He has control of your circumstances and relationships. They will no longer have the power to control you, you have the power through Christ to control yourself through them which gives Him the power to change each one. He works through you and all around you to prove He is who He says He is within you for the world to see.
(Scripture Romans 8v6, Mathew 26v29, Romans 8v28-39)

Lie-Working for God is what you do for Him.
Truth- Working for God comes from what you are to Him through your own relationship. He works through you as an instrument of service not from your own mind, for your own purpose,  and choice of work you are comfortable doing naturally. His work always takes you beyond yourself, he constantly changes you through it and changes his work through you as your relationship grows. He works through you the more you are invisible the more He works and completes His purpose in your life and the more complete you are within yourself. He always gets the glory for the work He does through you not you or others.
(Scripture 1 Peter 4v11, Galatians 2v20-21, 1 Corinthians 15v10-11, Acts 17v25-28, 2 Thess 1v11-12)

Lie-The more people that boast about you and you boast about, the more you are loved.
Truth- The more faith you have in God's love for you the more you are fulfilled in His acceptance and what people may say will not have an effect on you in longer. Although he will confirm his truth through them for you it will only confirm what He has revealed to you now or will if you are relying only on His words speaking through them. It will always reveal His truth not yours or theirs but His through them.
(Scripture 2 Corinthians 6v11-18, John 15v20, Mathew 5v10, 2 Timothy 3v12, Luke 10v16-24)

Lie-If people do not love you, you are not being Christ like. 
Truth-They will always be people who will persecute His righteousness in you and your faith in Jesus Christ our God and Savior, it isn't you they dislike it is His conviction they are disliking because He reveals the truth always and sometimes His truth will create a division.
(Scripture 2 Corinthians 6v11-18, John 15v20, Mathew v10, 2 Timothy 3v12)

Lie-Avoid His truth, it may hurt someone's feelings or they may reject you. 
Truth-If you are close to our God and denied any flesh having power over you, with a growing relationship He will always use you to bring others close to Him that are not. He never puts you in a place He cannot work through you when you have fully surrendered to Him. This may be in your own family, church, community or around the world. If He is revealing you a lie someone is living you must put pleasing Him over pleasing them for both of your benefits. It hurts both of you more with your relationship with Him for not telling and hurts them because you have kept them from not hearing His truth from them so they could benefit in knowing Him more. God will find someone else you will never stop His work to tell them for their benefit, but you have to grow by telling if He has asked you too and He has given you the opportunity by revealing the lie in the first place. If you are not seeing this lie and someone does and is obedient in telling this soul this should reveal God is not growing in you as He should be, you maybe putting people and others before Him. Their response is not our concern that is up to them and God with their own relationship but yours will be secure because you will pray for them and continue blessing them. There is no bitterness only love received by our Father. It is up to each soul if they accept His love or not.
(Scripture Galatians 1v10 John 3v21, John 4v23, James 1v18)

Lie-We have to wait to be separated from sin and suffering as a part of our lives, we can never overcome it and win victory over it. We have to wait until we get to Heaven before we are separated from it.
Truth- He takes us to Heaven now through His Holy Spirit it is us that keep ourselves connected to the world we live in by our own sinful nature not being fully crucified holding power over us. There is always going to be temptations that hold us by its gravity pulling us down to the fallen world but take heart our Savior has overcome the fallen world now this minute, hour and day.
We will always have trouble but it will not effect us any more He lifts us above it by the faith we receive and the power to remove it. Our feet may be on earth but our Spirit is in Heaven and we are made into His image now this day everyday we are decreasing as He increases in us with His immeasurable power that can make the impossible possible.
(Scripture 1 John 3v7-10, Hebrews 12v1-17, 1 Peter 1, 2 Thessalonians 3v3)

Lie- We are not made Holy now we have to wit until we get to Heaven to be made Holy.
Truth- We are made Holy more and more everyday as our relationship with Him grows by His gift of faith and His gifts given and the love we share.Not that we have attained all that we are going to be but I would not ever tell Him what He cannot and can accomplish in me always holding on to His Spirit guiding me each day and creating me into His image.
(Scripture 1 Peter 1, Matthew 5 1-16, Colossians 2v9-12)

Lie-What we receive from our genealogies in behavior and heath controls our own future in health and behavior. 
Truth-God gift of faith in receiving His grace that is living and empowering us is sufficient enough to over power any behavior or any heath geologies.
(Scripture 1 Timothy 1v3-7, Titus 3v9)

Lie-Your own love is enough for you, your family and others.
Truth-Your natural own love is only self seeking and your love for others will come back and crush you. God's love never leaves you and always loves you and others in the most acceptable and most excellent way. It always grows and never fails us, and it is always without fear.
(Scripture Romans 3v9-19, 1 Corinthians 13, 1 John 4v19)

There is plenty of scripture that reveals all of these truths and they are many more He reveals daily so keep telling and proclaiming His truths He gives you so others will not keep living in deception if they are unaware they are and are willing to follow His truth, so all of us can experience the life He has created for them.
Peace and love always  with many prayers, Vicki Gann




A revelation about Christ being our example we are to follow!

Good morning! Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Father in Heaven gave me a wonderful revelation I have to share with you. We often get confused with following the example of Jesus on our own and it creates in us our own way but not realizing  it is us working out our own salvation. He shows us example we are to follow makes it seam like we follow on our own, we choose the work, and how we are to complete His purpose for our  lives. Jesus did this so I am suppose to do it, Jesus felt this way so I must make myself feel this way. It brings me back to the bracelet that was so popular, "What did Jesus do". Many self made disciples today do what He did but never truly receiving His gifts and works within them that leads them to truly follow Him. Most of the self-made disciples today do not realize they are self-made until their heart is troubled and their natural human nature will emerge. Sinful natural spirits will be exposed, pride, quick to anger, self-pity,  and self seeking glory will emerge. This is not God's plan in how we are made HIS disciples. When Jesus gives us an example to follow, He is showing us when we have faith in Him it will become one of our desires within our redeemed nature, His Holy Spirit. Let us see how he gives us an example of our redeemed nature when we have faith in Him giving us His nature. Let us look at our first example. He tells us unless we become like little children we will never see the Kingdom of God. This does not mean we obey His commands by a duty because He is our Father. It means we will become someone that obeys His commands by His gift of grace.( Matthew 18v3 And he said "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.v 4 Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.) This does not have anything to do with age, the Holy Spirit can give a young person the gifts of God as long as they know they have to die to self to receive Him and and because you are older does not mean you are a mature Christian. We do not make ourselves His child by following His commands, by making ourselves have joy, by putting on a false face of happiness, and false humility that looks good on the outside but on the end side has no true grace and gifts from God that enables Him to work through them for others. His love and mercy given to us is why we know Him and through the Holy Spirit that reveals Him in us, we will want to follow His commands out of the love we have for Him. Until we get out of ourselves all that is not Him in us by faith we will never be used by Him to work through. We will be missing out on our true life and our true path we are suppose to be following by our new desires leading us. We will never change and receive a new heart with new desires to follow. We do not change ourselves we have faith in Him changing us each day while we give more to Him of ourselves to change, and He will do it! It is His greatest desire for us to be full of faith in Him and full of His Spirit in us giving Him the glory everyday of our lives and it will also be our greatest desire!  We have to know the difference in His voice and His desires to fight the good fight so He can keep the old man in us away, the world and Satan through His power in us and in His living word He gives us. Another desire He gives us is if someone sins against God we will have a desire to tell Him His faults out of the love He gives us for their souls. When Jesus tells us to go and show Him his faults, this is through the Holy Spirit, He again is giving us a desire we will follow not by our natural selves but by His grace given to us. Mathew 18v15. Everything Jesus says for us to do, or a command to follow, it will be in our hearts, it will be a desire we will have through the Holy Spirit, this is how we follow Him by completing His new desires He gives us. When we have given Him our will, He then will give us His because we believe in Him being our Savior, Lord and Father because we need to be saved from our natural selves and receive our new birth of Himself that makes us and molds us into His children, the complete and whole person we are created to be!

Which man do you have faith in being like, Adam, A natural man, or Jesus Christ our LOrd and Savior?

Today God gave me a revelation I must share. Please meditate on these words He has given me from the Holy Sprit and His word. This is His wisdom given to me from His heart that he has placed in me through His gift of grace for all to know and believe. This is written for all to know January 21, 2014 at 1:15 p.m.
I was praying to my Father one day about Adam and Eve, and for those that do not know me and how I write, I write that Adam and Eve are both man. So when I write man I mean both, not in physical purpose but in spiritual sense, both were created in His image. This is revealed to us in (Genesis 1v27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.) I asked God to explain to me the differences between Adam, the natural man and  Christ our Lord and Savior. This is what He told me, so I wrote down everything. All of this is proven in His word, but today I am writing you what He gave me through the Holy Spirit. One day I will add his word, in the mean time you will find most of it in Genesis and through out his word. Those of you that know the Bible know this is true. I began to write the differences of Adam, the natural man and Christ. Always remember when you read about the fall of man, man had no knowledge of good and evil. God knew His creation was good but did Adam and Eve know? I believe they thought only what God said, this is why they were so easily deceived because they had never heard of another voice to follow until Satan came along. Have you ever asked God the question why He allowed Satan in the garden? This tells us that God never thought Eden was a perfect place, He also knew the relationship between Adam and Eve was not what he intended all along, He was planning on a new earth and a new Heaven from the beginning of time, His purpose all along so we could be Holy like Him and give Him all the glory and the praise for making us who we are! So we could truly know love by truly knowing who He is and Adam was only the beginning of our journey of why we had to leave not the "getting back too". God wanted a better relationship than he had with Adam.
  Was made out of dirt from the earth
   life giving breath
   Unspiritual- had a spirit but not Holy
   No wisdom
   No knowledge
   Did not know favor
   Did not know what offering meant
   No discernment
   No judgment
   He could name things that God brought Him and ask Him to name
   God said He had dominion over the earth, He said He could rule over it
   easily deceived because he had no knowledge of what was good or bad
   Sinned-but had no knowledge of sinning until the command came and he gave in.
   No fear
   No direction
   work the garden because He was told
   work the ground because He was told
   God placed him in the garden
   He was blessed by God meaning God loves him
   multiply because He was told
   did not know what good was
   did not know what evil was
   The image of man that copies the image of God is (mind, body and spirit)
   Adam had a spirit and a mind but he had no knowledge of how to use them
   Adam could not help God reign
   Adam did not know to worship God
   Adam could not have a intimate personal relationship with out knowledge of who God was
   Adam could be around God without God turning a way from Him but could he know the
     true meaning of the love of God and who God was?
You ask me how do we know this? If we look at all of what God created, God said it was very good. We automatically think in our own minds all was good and knew they were  good. We have to go beyond ourselves in our own imagination and receive the understanding from God what it would be like to not have the knowledge of good and evil.  Imagine not knowing good or evil then you will understand the mind and spirit of Adam, although God knew how amazing man was Adam had no idea, he could not have, he had no knowledge of good or evil. God said it was good but Adam said nothing.The tree of  knowledge was the knowledge of good and evil. So Adam had no knowledge of  the good that was in Him or the evil that was within him. He knew he could rule over the animals and had all the plants to eat from, but what do you think rule meant to Adam? We know He could name things but to rule, he had to have a vocabulary, but what kind? What kind of vocabulary could you have if you had no knowledge of good and evil. We know He had no fear of lions, snakes, or anything else, so that would be how He ruled, with no fear. He walked around the garden among the animals with no fear that is how he ruled but the animals were not fearful because they did not know or  see the fear or evil in man. Ruling would be easy with no evil, no judgment. If you can think of some more examples of who Adam was or was not please feel free to comment, I would love to add to my knowledge if I am missing something I need to delete or add. This is food for all of us to meditate on to receive more of Him in us so others may know the truth about our God and His plan of salvation made for His purpose. The next man we are going to describe is the natural man, the man that came from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
The natural man
He at first did not understand evil or good until he ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
At first man had no law, and pride in his own way soon took over because we are very strong in going after what we believe is true for our own purpose, God created our wills to be strong, the evidence of why is not plain to see in this time period for these people, Noah and his family was the only natural man at that time that turned to God for guidance and listened to his instructions we ourselves has a human race not been equipped to be what He wants us to be God used Noah has an example.
natural wisdom
natural knowledge
natural love
need of help
natural gentleness
natural humility
natural joy
natural faithfulness
natural patience
natural forgiveness
good natural spirit- this could be our best but not God's best in us that He creates through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior a new person the Holy Spirit, that goes way beyond what we can create.
sinful natural spirit-it will always take over and lead you away from God and deceive you.
No true knowledge of what a sin is so the sinful nature always takes over in the natural man
faith in himself 
hope in himself
The the law was given for us to recognize sin and to follow the law given by God to try and bring control of a much needed and guided human race at the time. Although God knew we were never going to be Holy and true to the law, until His plan was finished through the coming of himself through His Son Jesus Christ.
Although God chose natural men to use as His prophets by giving them the Holy Spirit for a short time so they could tell the truth about who He was only a few believed and followed their advisement and did what they said, and even those could not keep the whole  law there was no change brought within them to sustain them into Holy living. Everyone falls short of the glory of God but God himself.
Jesus Christ
100% God and100% human made in mans natural form born in the flesh through the Holy Spirit
God's first and only son born of Him that brought the one truth about who God is
God's faith
God's hope
God's love for himself and others
God's forgiveness
God's faithfulness
God's gentleness
God's self-control
God's patience
God's will
A blood sacrifice for the natural man
God's gift of himself to the natural man that finishes His plan for human kind to be like Him.
tempted by sin
never sinned
delivers us from evil
redeems our soul
gives us a life giving Spirit
weeps for others because of they do not believe in Him 
amazed at people's lack of faith or amazed in how much faith people have
overcomes every temptation, or trial
heart is not troubled for more than a few seconds
He does not worry
tired but always regains His strength
No retaliation
No guilt
No shame
No fear
has an on going relationship with His Father, He never leaves Him
prays alone with His Father often
poor in his human spirit
His word is dwelling in Him
hates sin
knows the sinful natural spirit and the Holy Spirit
knows the devil and His schemes
God's peace
God's grace
God's mercy
God's authority
All knowledge of God
All understanding of God
All wisdom of God
As before please feel free to add more of who Jesus is. We all can always use more truth of who He is.  From the creation of man and the statement made by the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, in Genesis tells us that it was in God's plan for the fall of man to happen, so we could be like him and know the knowledge of good and evil. (Genesis 3v22 And the LORD God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil.) He willed it and used our choices  to accomplish it. He did give us free will from the start, we can eat from any tree in the garden, BUT...... now He says you can choose any god in the world BUT if you do not choose faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you will surely die. Now he has given us all we need to know the truth and not be deceived by Satan, we have been given the gift of himself within us to guide us and stay close to by the Holy Sprit and the new desires He gives us. If you have faith in Him, He will gives you all He desires. He still gives us a choice but when you truly know His love for you that lives within you, you will never turn from Him for very long if at all. After you receive Him living in you and growing in His image everyday, He will complete you and guide you to your abundant life receiving more of himself guiding you all the way! Which man do you want to be..... here are your choices.

Who is saving you?

My dear and faithful friends that have faith in Jesus Christ being their Lord and Savior. I am giving you are warning today because so many are being deceived into having faith in saving themselves through the "self-help" deceiving information overflowing today. There are very successful "self-help" business men that have made faith in ourselves a business. As Paul told Timothy there is a time when people will not longer put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear, they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. Paul tells Timothy continue to fight the good fight of keeping the faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and to use all of His gifts He has given Him. (2 Timothy 4) Today we have to be careful who we follow. There are great stories that seam right but if we are close to the Lord and He is not acknowledged as being the only one who saves, no matter how popular or successful the person may appear through the eyes of the world, He is not a workman approved by God. The "self-help" industry has gotten a new voice that sounds a lot like the principles of Christ but it is given to those that believe they can save their selves. It sounds good but the truth of Him being the only way, the only truth and the only life we live, is no where in their message. This is an example of their principles. We only have one to follow and it is to have faith in Jesus Christ being our Lord and Savior and all is freely given to us, all the credit of the giving is given to Him for making us who we are, not ourselves. This new voice of the "self-help" industry says we can do this own our own..
1) He says we can free our own heart from hatred- we can forgive.
He does not mention Jesus Christ being our Savior by His sacrificing himself for us by Him dying for us and taking our sins for us, is the only way we are forgiven and know how to forgive, is not mentioned. You will never receive your forgiveness for your sins if He is not in your plan for your salvation, He is the only way, truth and life giving plan for salvation. You will still fall short of what God has planned for you now and for eternity. You will not experience grace, joy, and true Christ giving peace, if you think you can forgive without His forgiveness you are being deceived.
2) He says we can train our own minds to be free from worries-Most never happens. 
We go through life knowing this ourselves, that most things we worry about never happens, but some do, but we will never not worry without the grace of God given to us that gives us His self-control, patience and perseverance to endure so He can overcome, and our faith be proven genuine. He gives us faithfulness to keep us faithful as long as we remain in faith in Him, we receive His peace. His peace goes beyond any peace we can understand without faith in Him. Christ gives us a peace we can have even when things around us seam the worst, freely gives it to us, we do not have to work for it only have faith in it!
3)He says we can train our minds on our own to live simple and appreciate what we have. Again, we can train our minds but there will be no true peace or comfort there will be a time we are so tired of trying to keep ourselves strong we will fall internally and externally from exhaustion in making ourselves be "this self-help person"!
4)He says we can give more on our own.
This to me is the most deceiving, giving to others will always make us feel good, lift ourselves up, the "look at me" being all I can be self-help person, look at all the people I help, look at all the people who love me, I feel great about myself until I can't help, or until I do help. When we give, we give freely from a cheerful heart of Christ, their may be times we are suppose to receive and not give, what happens to those that have trained themselves to always give more, you will fall apart as a failure and start all over again. With giving yourself to Christ you will never have to start over, or give more because it is a "duty to give" because it makes you feel good to give, or because it has become your out lit of guilt. Christ is your only outlet of guilt, He is the only one that can take away what ever is missing in your life, giving is a way to express your love for Him for others. He gives through you not you give for yourself!
5) He says we can train our own mind to expect less from people but more from ourselves.
Christ says we are to give to everyone and do not expect payment. We are suppose to think others are higher than ourselves. We are to love our enemies, those who hate us and don't help us, so maybe they will see His love in us, and reach out to Him and He will heal them. We will only be able to be this person, this identity through receiving His grace. When we go on our own with this principle we always expect more from ourselves, but we will always be less of ourselves always seeking more, more and more never experiencing the peace and love from God once again that guards our hearts from ourselves. We will be like a hamster in a spinning wheel never getting any where from within ourselves. We are His humble children is why He exalts us to be His utmost for His highest, not our highest for Him. His highest created in us. Our highest on our own digging ourselves out of the pit of despair or failure, will never measure up to his digging us out of our failure or despair . We often are deceived by thinking we know ourselves better than He knows us, and fall into the "self-help" philosophy drawing us close instead of the Love of God drawing us close. It sounds great but no truth is in the self-help philosophy of today or any day to come. This was written for you so you can be very careful who you listen to today and all the days ahead. There are a lot of people going their own way and it sounds good so be very careful you are not deceived. The Holy Bible, and the Holy Spirit of truth go together, they form His wisdom that gives us the mind to fear Him and wanting to please only Him. So train your ears for His word by reading it and meditating on it by having faith in Him revealing to you who He is, our Savior Jesus Christ our God and the power of understanding it will come to you from Him, you can not and will not ever understand it on your own, it comes through faith in Him being your Savior and Lord before you receive all that He wants to give you to become His child and live a life of faith in Him guiding you by His love! His love is what renews your mind to follow Him by faith! If you follow these principles without having faith in our Savior you may be doing the right thing but He will not know you and you will not know Him, everything you are accomplishing means nothing. Right believing in our Savior creates right doing! Right believing in yourself creates nothing that truly means anything to Him for you to be with Him now and for eternity. You might have success here but your life and my life does not last long on earth as long as they last in eternity! The choice is always yours to mediate on this message deep into your heart and receive Him as your Lord and Savior by faith in Him being your Savior through His sacrifice for you, or you can walk your own walk into a place today with out true love, peace and joy for today and every day for eternity. You can also pass this message on to someone else that is following another way for completing their purpose for their lives when you have found your true one!

1st study of the parables of Jesus Christ, "The lamp on the Stand"

Good afternoon, we are starting a blog today on the parables of Jesus! This is a good way for all of us to share our different levels of knowledge we have in Him. Some of us will read a parable one day and the next day get a deeper revelation from it, the more we read the Bible the more deeper His revelations are revealed to us, it is a relationship that keeps on giving as we get closer to Him personally through prayer and meditation on His word. This is a great time to share what He has given us because his parables have secret meanings for us who know Him!  ( Luke 8v10 He said, "The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, "though seeing, they may not see; through hearing, they may not understand.) Why do you think God would want to keep His knowledge away from anyone? That is what some people ask when they read this particular word, why would he want to keep His knowledge and the secrets  of the kingdom away from anyone? The truth is He doesn't we do by unbelief, the ones that believe in Him will always get the understanding and the secrets of Him revealed to them, it can happen in one second or a life time, depending when you are ready to surrender yourself to Him. This means all things go behind Him, all new things of Him are given to you and are a head of you. When we do surrender we receive Him and then He begins to use us for His purpose, this is where a lot of us fall away and discontinue His use of working through us. Those of us who have much will be given more and the ones that have what they think they have even that will be taken away, which leads us to our first parable we are going to talk about today. Luke 8v16-18 No one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, he puts it on a stand, so that those who came in can see the light. v17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. v18 Therefore consider carefully how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken from him. The first question I had when I first read this is, what will be brought out in the open and for what purpose? I understood the light not wanting to be hid under a bed or in a jar. The words, so those that come in can see the light, after the first several times reading it began to take a deep meaning. What does so those that come in, come in where, at first it meant in my house the first couple of times I read it, but my house took on another meaning, meaning what lives in me. Then it meant inside me, for the ones that come in and see where I live in side can see what is inside me living, which for us who believe in our Lord and Savior have the Holy Spirit of Him living inside us, the new person that shines the light in us. This light is not our own, it is a light we have never seen or felt the warmth from the love it gives  off before. A love that goes way beyond our self in our own understanding of the word. It goes past ourselves into Him loving others through us for His purpose of making Himself known, not condemning anyone but loving others enough to see what they are lacking for His purpose of giving them His knowledge of who He is, the truth and His light to shine in them. This light has His own light and shines when He wants to which should be all the time so all will be exposed, nothing will be hidden or concealed from his light. So this incredible light we do not have any consciousness of it shinning in us but the Holy Spirit gives us the knowledge of what He has given us with His gifts and teaches us all things. At first we do not want to see all the suffering He gives us in others, we have to face rejection and sacrificing ourselves for reference to Him on all different levels. The homosexual for instance, tells us a long with others that do not except the truth of God. God loves us the way we are is true but the whole truth is He loves us in your sin enough to send his Son  to receive our sin so you do not have to live in it any longer. He delivers us from evil, he does not love us in sin and stop there or Christ died for nothing.They take the first part of the truth and destroy the last part, the most glorious part that He died for, our sins, and all will be exposed to us in ourselves, then in others so He can lead others to the light through us. But remember the darkness will not except the light because their deeds will be exposed. For us that want our deeds to be exposed because we all are sinners, and I am one of the worst, are those that want to change and want Him to change us so we stand firm in the faith in Him making us who we are. He then gives us His light to shine so others we meet that are living in darkness will be exposed so He can save them through His love, and warmth from His light shinning within, with His words of truth and His deeds He gives us to glorify who He is in our lives. Those that come in where he is will see Him, some will run and others will stay and receive His light for themselves. So today do not hide your light in fear, under a bed or in a jar, but let it shine for His purpose of exposing everything that is not himself so other people can glorify with you the light of men, which is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!! Be thankful that He is exposing what needs to be exposed in you so His light can shine through the darkness! Then we who have the light will receive more because we were obedient letting Him use us the way He wants to growing in faith in Him everyday making us who we are so He can work through us in every opportunity He gives us. I hope this gives you a better understanding of this parable, He sure did give me a new revelation from it and I had to share it with you. Woe is me if I do not tell you what He reveals to me for you, I have to let His light shine or His light will grown dim and so will I because of it! I want His love to always shine bright in me for you, for your benefit of knowing His truth in saving you from all of what is not Him in you, He wants you to know Him and His love for you above anything else in your life and because He does I do!

I am a member

I am a member of the Body of Christ
My membership is signed by His blood and sealed by His wounds.
I have stepped over the world into a new life of living by Faith in Him.
I won't look behind me, put out the Spirit's fire in me by slowing down, I will not compromise
or look the other way, and I will stand firm in faith where ever He places me.
My past is gone, I have been redeemed, my present is full of peace and my future is where He puts me.
I no longer need prosperity, position, promotions, applause, or popularity. I do not have to be right, first, the best, recognized, praised, regarded, or rewarded. I now live by faith. I lean on Christ for all I need and He out of the love He has for me gives  me everything I need.
I love with patience, live by faith in prayer, and I am willing to give myself to Him each day to work through anyway He wants. His will is my own, I am no longer living as I want but He is living through me and giving me a life worthy of Him.
My face is set on His at all times due to the Holy Spirit interceding for me, He lets me know when it is not.  Some times I run, walk or am still in his presence depending on the speed He wants me to travel but it is always forward. My road is narrow, my way is smooth even though it is hard, my companions are few wanting more and more each day to go with me, my mission is very clear.
I cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, lured away, turned back, or delayed although many have tried. I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of adversity, or continue to argue in the presence of my enemy.
I will never give up, shut up, let up or slow up until I have stayed up and then stay up still, and when I do drop only because my body has given out I will move on to continue in my permanent home with my Lord and Savior.
If He returns before my body gives out for those that are his, I will not have any trouble knowing who He is because I will be like Him. He will know me and I will know Him because we are already one. My membership is clear I am a member of His body, My Lord Jesus Christ.

By faith instructions God gives us to follow

The instructions we embrace, through faith in Jesus Christ making us who we are, are given to us in Mathew 10. We are called His disciples, his brothers, his sisters, and friends when we have given ourselves or to our Lord and Savior we will be doing and living through His authority and become children of God made in the image of Christ. We will be God's to use the same way He used Christ, we will be continuing His work because He is working through us. Freely we give and freely we receive all He wants to give. We freely give him all we are, He freely gives us all of himself to live the life we were all destined and made for. Here are the steps by faith in Him we will be following if we have given ourselves to Him. Mathew 10 v5 These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions:
The first step He creates for us to accomplish is we have to receive  his authority to accomplish His instructions. His will is for everyone to be sanctified and made whole physically and spiritually and he has given us his authority to do this by faith not by works. We also will always have opposition when we are trying to accomplish his will. Their will always be doubters among us. Satan will always be working in the circumstance trying to tie us up.
1) by faith we will be able to heal the sick - this means sick spiritually and physically, Jesus has also told us there is no difference in saying your sins are forgiven and pick up your mat and walk. This same authority He has to say this he has given to us. Our sins are forgiven through Jesus Christ and so is our physically body when we believe in His authority He has given us. (Mark 2 v1-
2) by faith we will be able to raise the dead- this means we can raise the dead when we have faith in His authority He has given us. This means the lost that are dead in themselves and have not been made alive through God's grace given to them on the cross. This also means we are able to have his authority by faith in bringing the dead physically back to life. We do not know if He will choose to complete these miracles but by faith we will always believe in His authority he has given us to accomplish it. Every opportunity he gives us we have to have faith in His authority, but today we do not have faith in his authority He so desperately want to give all of us.
3) by faith we will be able to cleanse those who have physically hurt their bodies because of sin in their lives. By faith in his authority given to us we are able to do this also.
4)We are able to drive out demons, any evil spirit that has taken over anyone. We are able because we have faith in his authority He has given us to accomplish what he has asked of us.
4)By faith He is doing all these amazing miracles through us, we do not  need anything, he will provide all we need while we are accomplishing His will in our lives.
5) By faith we will search for someone who is worthy to receive us. That knows they need a Savior, for me that is everyone, but all do not know they need Him. If they do not receive your authority to save them then shake the dust off your feet and go to the next person.
His grace is sufficient enough to take care of your discouragement, you are blessed when you keep going through precautions, pray for them while you are dusting your feet off. Remember he told you there will be persecution but you will be blessed when you keep going! This can be anywhere he puts you, no place is exempt for Him to use you. The darkness of Satan is everywhere, do not put the Spirit's fire out, He will make His light brighter in you!
6)By faith we are being sent out like sheep among wolves. He will only use you where He is needed. If you are idle, fearful, or doubt he is not using you. The fire in Him will continue to burn as long as you let it burn, do not put it out by fear, idleness or doubt, the devil will always tell you are not worthy for Him to use you in this manner, he will always ask you, "Who are you to do God's work?" Do not listen, God has chosen you and given you what you need to accomplish all He ask. His love, His patience, and self-control, stay close to Him and His truth of who you are. We true disciples of Christ by faith  worship in Spirit and truth, not by the lies of Satan.
7) By faith we will always be on our guard against evil in men, they will want to take us away and stop you. Jesus tells us here not worry what to say when people do try to stop us, look to the Holy Spirit in you and He will guide your words, God's own words will be speaking through you! Words that break strongholds. (2 Corinthians 10v4 The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.)
8)by faith when we are persecuted in one place flee to another, their is always people that need to know the Lord He will always lead you to them.
9) By faith we will remember to be humble knowing none of what I give you is from yourself and you will never put yourself above me. He tells us he will always be our teacher and we will never be above Him, but we has students will be like Him, our  teacher and the servant will be like his master because the master is working through the servant and the teacher is teaching through the student. He tells us again we have nothing to fear from people because we have been given the same authority he has through faith.
10) Next instruction by faith He gives us, is not to be afraid of people or the evil that is in people, they cannot harm us. He tells us to be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell which is God our Father. As long as we are doing His will, like he says, not one sparrow falls to the ground apart from his will, we surely will not fall, we are much more use to him and worth more then many sparrows.
11) What ever he tells us in secret by faith we are to proclaim it from the roof tops, I promise you, you will not be able to keep quiet, the fire burning within you will compel you to proclaim it! (Acts 2v3 They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.) The Holy Spirit enables us to speak what He wants us to speak.
12) By faith whoever acknowledges him before men, he will acknowledge them before our Father in Heaven. This we know and are daily driven to proclaim from the roof tops through the Holy Spirit of truth.
13) Next he tells us he did not come to bring peace on earth but division. This is where most of us stop receiving His instructions, we would rather have peace from men then have peace from God. He tells us he wants to give us a different kind of peace, not the same peace the world gives, His peace is all together a different kind of peace. (John 14v27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.) Most of us make him to be another kind of Jesus here. We do not want to put our children, friends, church, jobs, community and ourselves and the life we want on earth above Him. This is where most disciples turn back and He quits using them. He goes on and tells us who ever finds his life he wants and is not willing to loose it for Him because of what He did for them on the cross,  they are not worthy to be used by Him, to be called by him to be his disciples. He does go on and say whoever loses his own life, his wisdom, his teachings of what they want, their own love for others, their own happiness that fades, if they are willing to loose it all for His sake we will find our true lives to be used by Him for His purpose in all that we do and be living a blessed life and living who we truly are. Most of us do not find our true life because we are not willing to give up our false life for Him. Most of us are living lives we think are right but we are being deceived.(Matthew 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.)
14)Our last instruction He tells us is whoever receives us receives Him, and whoever receives Him receives the one who sent Him which is our Father. We also can say this, who ever receives us receives Him and the Father who sent us through Him. And last but certainly not least because when we have completed all these instructions He calls us His disciples. Whoever gives us even a cup of water because we are his disciples they will certainly not loose their reward. Many of us do not understand this because we think if we give water for any reason we have a reward. We can give someone a drink of water for many reasons, because we love them, because we feel sorry for them, because they are asking,  to make ourselves feel better, or out of duty. Jesus says if anyone gives us water because we are his disciples then they will receive a reward because they will be receiving Him!
These are a lot of instructions from our Lord and Savior but by faith in the Holy Spirit God will be able to make us into His disciples. We will crave His word, we will crave being with others to encourage and keep us remaining in His teachings and His narrow path. We will be untied with other disciples going through the same persecution we experience in the mission field where ever our Lord has placed us. Our field can be our families, our churches, our communities, our jobs and our whole world. I hope this helps you to understand our instructions, we can accomplish what He has given us by faith in doing all that He has instructed us to do and He will do it, he is faithful and wants to save the whole world through us.... so today by faith turn to Him and receive all He has for you at the cross! He will create you to be who you truly are and you will live the life you were destined for! It will be a perfect fit  for you!

I want to know those that know you

Dear Father,
Today I want to thank you for your teachings, and commands that you have put in my heart. Without them I would remain discouraged, and thank you for the people that love you as I do. I am  perplexed why I do not know more of them. Please Father, send more my way when I go into your house of worship, bring more in my path that will encourage me and lift me up instead of put me down because I am pleasing you and not them. I want to know those that do not let your love and your faithfulness  leave them because you are in their hearts. I want to know those that do your will and not their own. I want to know those that hate sin as you do and glorify your grace in all that are willing to know you. I want to know those that want to please you and not men. I want to know those that truly love people and want to tell them something they need that would benefit them. I want to know people that tell people what they need to hear not what they want to hear. I want to know people that bring a message of true conviction not false fiction. I want to know people that have your light because darkness shows up when you are around.  I want to know those that get persecuted because they love you so much, you have made them separate from the world. I want to know those that have your love in them, that they love people so much they see there sin but know it is not the truth in who they are. I want to know those that see your grace over power any sin that are in them and others, as did your grace over power the sin that is in  me. I want to know others that tell others about your grace and show your grace in all that they do! Father where are they, is anyone else getting persecuted? Is anyone else walking as you walked? Is anyone doing what you did because they have faith in you making them into your  true image? I want to know people that go through your suffering; where are they Father, where are they? I feel sometimes I am all alone like your Son was all alone. Where are they Father, where are they? I want to know people that have given you the right to themselves, the ones that have surrendered their own rights to you, so you can work through them and guide them the way they should go. I want to know those that live out your plans and with your future because you created us, you know what is best for us. I want to know more of your people. Please Father, send me more of your children, my brothers and sisters that I can worship and love you with. Please Father, I want to know those that truly know you!

To the Homosexuals that do not know they are lost

     For those that do not know, I have a son that is a homosexual. He is thirty one years old. He did not live most of his life as a homosexual. He went to a private Christian college, he grew up raised by His grandparents with  his own parents, his father and me doing the best we could not knowing our best was far off from being the best for him. I have learned through life not to make excuses for myself the truth  has become a part of me through my Savior Jesus Christ. You can find the truth about yourself through all kinds of different ways but only through Jesus Christ can you truly be changed into knowing the love and peace you were made to receive. I have someone greater than myself and the world living in me and I have given Him full access to myself and He has created in me who I am suppose to be.  This message is for those that think they are on the right path in life but are being deceived, and for those that have found grace and have embraced it, I know the gift of grace has changed you. Praise our Father for our one and only gift of grace we receive through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!
     We go through life trying to find the love that completes us, we are all born into a family of identities  that complete our coming into the world. Today it has become a village of many identities that start of our lives with many temptations of completing ourselves. Our families have become foster parents, adoptive parents, no parents in an orphanage, divorced parents, single parents, other family members being parents and same sex parents. For my son, it was me taking care of him until he was two, then His grand parents, back to me and a new step father sharing custody with his father, back to his father
 and a new step mom, then back to his grand parents. Does it sound like he was loved by his parents or grand parents? Not knowing all the damage this was causing our son, we thought at the time, no matter how stupid we were at the time, we were doing the right thing. This is called being deceived!! The devil loves this kind of situation. First He has gotten the parents, and the grandparents. As long as we continue to please him by pleasing ourselves the devil will have the child and all who are connected to him also! Well, that is what exactly happened! After my son got out of college, got married, had two boys, he announced to the world he was gay. About a year before he made this announcement I surrendered my whole body, spirit and soul to my Lord and Savior! I did not say anything judgmental to him in a condemning way, only through discernment of knowing the truth about what is right and wrong in God's eyes, not my own, did I tell him that a man loving another man or a women loving another women this way was not the natural relationship God created man and women for. He knew the Holy Bible, God's word, very well. He had studied it in school, he is very knowledgeable in the word study of it, not the spiritual receiving power from it. He has the knowledge of it but not God's knowledge of it and God through Jesus Christ has not given Him the understanding of it. He has an excuse and his own opinion for everything that is written pertaining to his life style. God has revealed to me many things about himself through His word, as most of you know, and I was one of the worst sinners in the world's eyes, so if He can change me to being His servant to work through,God's grace can change anyone to know the truth of who they are; ANYONE! You can be the most stubborn, the most educated, the most opinionated and the the most prideful; He will still change you. You can be caring the most hurt, the most guilt, and the most shame, it will not make any difference to Him. He will save you where ever you are and what ever you are doing or have done or will do. He can change the hurt into His grace! He can change your unbelief into His believing! He can change your sorrows into His joy. Are you the type like my son that has no patience, He can change your patience into His patience!!! He changes your attitude to be His attitude so you can love others enough for Him to work through so He can continue to change others through you. Do you realize how many people He could change through you, by His grace working through you?  Do you realize how many Christ could change through you? Do you realize how many dead lives he can change through you, into truly living lives, for Him! A more abundant life, so all of you can live forever praising His never ending love that surpasses all understanding!!  With a live of one blessing after another! A life of His comfort through troubles, a life of His undisturbed peace.They are living their lives pleasing their sinful nature because they are being deceived into thinking they are living a life that was made for them. So many people live a life think there way is good and pleasing when they truly have no idea what they are missing! So today, what have you got to loose, deny yourself truly, and give all you have to Him, so He can give all He has to you, the grace that is sufficient enough for all of us to live a life of one blessing after another. Give up your unnatural relationship for the most natural one we can receive through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! Get down on your knees and ask Him to forgive you, receive what He has for you, and live an abundant life with many blessings while He works through you to save others! Stop and look what you have to loose compared to what you have to gain. Your true self living forever with continued blessings after another being healed made into a complete person. Your body healed, soul healed and a new person to live all eternity with, the Holy Spirit. There is no comparison, take the step of faith and receive God's grace that gives you all you need! This is for all the lost that think they are living the right path that only a few will live throughout their life. I missed a lot of years living my own way, but I know the rest are His, because His way is the only way!
Many prayers,
Vicki Gann
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